Thursday, August 10, 2017

Veggie Freekeh salad...Weight Watcher style.

Have you ever eaten Freekeh?

Freekeh are roasted green wheat grains that are high in fibre...triple that of brown rice.
The grains are also a good source of potassium and iron.
Once the grains are cooked they taste rather nutty and are a great base for a vegetarian salad.

My fridge had several small containers of leftover veggies that were just waiting to be transformed into something tasty and so I made a big batch of Freekeh salad to use for my lunches.

Here is the recipe for fridge clean out 
Veggie Freekeh salad "Hostess Style."

Chopped squash
cubed beets, 
a handful of shredded carrots, 
6 diced sun dried tomatoes
chopped cilantro
(I use kitchen shears to do this messy job!)
1/2 a small diced onion 
salt and pepper to taste

Feta cheese adds a lovely flavour 
but as I am watching my WW points I left that ingredient out.

3 WW points for half a cup of this salad.
I ate a full cup for a total of 6 WW points.
This stays with me and helps keep me satisfied until dinner time.

Breakfast was yogurt and fruit for 2 points 
which leaves me 18 points for dinner which will include a glass or two of wine.

I am trying very hard to shift the scale without feeling miserable.

You know how that goes...if one feels deprived that sabotages the whole regime.
Thankfully WW knows that and allows for the occasional treat.

Tomorrow I may add a dollop of this salad to my hummus wrap.

The sun is shining and the bees are buzzing and the birds are chirping.

Artichoke flower in bloom in the neighbours garden down the street.

I am off for my walk so I'll say goodbye for now.
Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.


  1. Freekeh. this is a new to me food ..
    very curious. leaving for the grocery
    store in a few minutes; i'll check
    to see if my local market carries it!
    thank you for the tip. your salad
    looks delish. :)

  2. I hope you were able to find the Freekeh at the market...something happened to this post yesterday when I edited it to correct a spelling mistake...I think I forgot to hit the update button!!! It is fixed now.

  3. Loving your roses. So beautiful. Found an author that I can not put down. I think you'd enjoy. Dorothy Whipple. She was suggested to me by Sue of High Hells in the Wilderness. I've read 5 of her books so far. Wish there were more. Give her a try.

    1. Oh thank you for suggesting the new author...I have not read any of her books.
      Will see what I can find at the library.

  4. I've never tried freekeh. I've been eating quinoa a lot lately. I just put whatever is in the fridge with it. 14,000+ steps today and it's only noon. It's keeping those steps up and watching how my sunflower glass of wine (9 oz.) becomes 2. All wine glasses are not created equal. I have a new challenge. New York with my diminutive diner daughter and my friend who has given up drinking wine. It might be half portions and mineral water. It is important to persevere with the eating plan without feeling deprived.

    1. 14,000 steps sounds like a lot and all before noon! You must be very active to have that many...I just walked 9 km with my friend and we stopped for a salad lunch and a Perrier.
      Half portions in the US is usually plenty of food...I can never eat everything on my plate when we go to the states. Mineral water is quite festive and I like to add a wedge of lemon or lime...

  5. Thanks for the inspiration to get better - diet and exercise. My intention is there, but I guess my will is weak! Lovely roses, as usual.

  6. We are all in this together...I have days when I walk and eat wisely and others when I cannot resist the bag of chips....go easy on yourself is what I say. Since Mom passed away I cannot quite get my act together.....hope it will happen someday. Grief puts a crazy slant on life...sleep is affected...stress happens and my resolve is weakened. The roses are my salvation....and the support of my amazing husband who has been my rock!

  7. I have cooked Freekeh and really enjoyed the nutty taste. Like you, I added a ton of veggies and made it into a salad. I have cut way back on carbs but on a Sunday tend to cook up either rice, or cous cous or quinoa and then add various veggies throughout the week. I make a bit too much and then freeze it so after a couple of weeks I have a supply in the freezer all ready to go!

    1. I never considered freezing the salad. Thank you Margie that is a great idea!
      Carbs really have a bad name these days...and yet I still enjoy pasta on occasion.

  8. Your salad looks delectable and WW friendly!

    Today was an absolutely lovely summer day here in Central NY. I participated in a fundraising event for food allergies which my grandson struggles with. The day was perfect for the 1 1/2 mile walk. Everyone was in good spirits and a great deal of money was raised. Now I am relaxing with a glass of Cab Sav reflecting on a wonderful day spent with grandkids and friends while working for a wonderful cause.

    1. Congratulations on your successful fund raising event...I used to love working on silent auctions for the school when I was on the board of directors. It feels great when those campaigns raise a substantial amount of money. You have earned that glass of wine!