Saturday, September 24, 2016

Blooms and walking the walk.

My week has been quite quiet so far...
domestics seem to have worked their way up on my list of things to do.

At the very top of my list is walking.
I need to make it a priority or it does not happen 
too many other things can get in the way. 
After my morning shower I dress in my walking clothes so that I am ready to go.
Sunscreen, sunglasses
House keys and my Iphone in a small hands free cross body bag.
The orthopedic surgeon advised me to swing my arms when I walk.

These beautiful grapes are growing on the boulevard just down the street.
I am surprised that the birds have not been munching on them.

Hydrangeas are still putting on a spectacular display...
more blooms are on their way.

There is a second flush of flowers on the Romneya coulteri...
also known as "the fried egg plant."

I have been busy deadheading the roses and sweeping the porch.
Garden chores never feel finished but thankfully the rewards continue to delight and encourage me until the dreary rains of the winter set in...

Streaky windows, messy cupboards and too many things in my bureau drawers have side tracked me
from relaxing and sitting down
and devouring reading my book.

Why do I succumb to that nagging voice in my head?
I think it was my upbringing...
Work before pleasure.

The story line is quite different from what I usually read 
but I read and enjoyed Garth Steins' book "The Art of Racing in the Rain"
 So when I spied this in our wee library on the Common across the street
I grabbed it...

The wee library is getting a lot of use and the turnover of books is quite amazing.

Many of these small neighbourhood lending libraries are popping up.
There is a website and maps showing where they are located...
ours is on the map!

Hope all is well with you.

The Royal Family are going to be sleeping just a few blocks from Our Humble Bungalow for the next week!
I hope that they love our city as much as we do!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I hope you get a glimpse of the Royal Family while they are in your city!

  2. Good for you for prioritizing your walks, I know how it is too, if I don't go to a yoga class or do my stretching program first thing it doesn't happen, too much else to do.
    I saw the pictures of the Royal Family landing on the west coast, wow they looked so amazing I just adore those kids. So exciting that you're so near, I hope you see them. XO

    1. Kate is so beautiful and keeps herself so fit...the wee ones are adorable.
      I love seeing how they dress them too.

  3. I watched the arrival of the Royals on the CBC last night - and I wondered if you might have been in the crowd! Didn't they all look lovely - and the children are just adorable.
    I'm right there with you when it comes to the walking - I am just about to hit the shower, dress (in my jeans & a sweater - finally!) and then head out. "The Word on the Street" is a big literary festival here in Toronto and this year they have moved down to Harbourfront. It is a beautiful, sunny, crisp Fall day here in Toronto so I am going to get off the streetcar early and walk along the lake for a bit - the weather has finally cooled down and the sun has been out so I'm taking advantage to get out and enjoy it!
    Like you, I can't relax completely if my home is a mess - I've been moving furniture, cleaning and re-orgazing all week - just have to finish off the living room today. Even started switching over the clothes yesterday - I love the Fall!
    My walk yesterday took me to High Park and there is a massive display of colourful Zinnias at the entrance, in all different colours, and the flower shops have umpteen pots of Chrysanthemums out front so Fall has definitely arrived.
    Enjoy your walks this week.

    1. Oh it is exciting seeing the family and I am loving what Kate wears and how she dresses the children...
      Your lake walks must be lovely...the trees here are changing colours and I imagine that they are back east too. Such a wonderful time of year to get out for a crisp walk.

  4. I thought of you yesterday when I was watching the coverage of the arrival. I hope you get a chance to see them close up!

  5. Your hydrangeas still flowering is remarkable to me. Your schedule for walking is impressive. The sometimes daunting pull of "things to do" can disrupt. Sounds like your walking schedule trumps all. It's all good. N.B.: I have a few things on my "to do" list too. Susan

    1. It has been a fabulous summer for the hydrangeas and they are still going strong...the limelights are fading but the mauve-y blue one keeps producing new flowers and looks as fresh as it did months ago.

  6. Everything is looking lovely in your neck of the woods, Hostess, the sun shining and flowers blooming. It's very autumnal back here in Blighty with a high wind today that is keeping me indoors, but only after having taken a bracing half-hour morning walk. Newspapers and television programmes at the moment are full of the benefits of walking, half an hour five times a week is the recommended amount. They seem to regard walking as something new!

    1. Walking just makes sense to gym fees, no time schedules just get out and go when it suits you can do it alone or with a friend or join a walking group. High winds are not my idea of an enjoyable walk...bracing freezing temperatures with icy sidewalks keep me indoors too.

  7. It would be so fun to get a peek at the Royals!! I hope you do.

  8. I found one of these little book exchanges while I was walking my daughter's doggie last week. So timely... Do you have the link for the map of these little boxes around Victoria? I would love to find one in or near my own neighbourhood. Also, a good place to leave books I am done with, so others can enjoy. Always enjoy your posts. Violet.

      I hope this helps you find a lending library close to your home.

  9. Those hydrangeas just keep blooming. I wonder if you will catch a glimpse of the Royals.
    I'll put that book on my reserve list at the library. I've not finished Lizette's List and I have a British mystery that I bought at Waterston's in Camden to read.
    I arrived home Sunday after my four weeks in Ireland and Britain. The flowers in Irish planters and window boxes were spectacular! Unpacking and laundry are in store for me but I shall bathe and walk first, attend the September session of book club at the church and buy a few healthy groceries. Monsieur always has the apartment in order when I return
    so I can take my time. I didn't register for French classes for this week but it is Maman's 85th so the week will be busy. Keep walking!

    1. Welcome back Madame!
      The weather has been quite mild and the sun is shining so you will be able to enjoy walking this week...I have enjoyed your posts of the trip and look forward to more.

  10. I read about the family's visit today and immediately thought of you, Leslie, but had no idea you would be so close to them. We may soon be reading a post about you having invited them round to the HB for tea, or maybe the children round for a sleepover - now, that would be fun!