Saturday, September 3, 2016

WW pep talk, OOTD, and a few garden snippets.

Hope that you are not getting too bored with the walking and weight watching that is going on here in The Humble Bungalow.
Posting frequently is really helping me to stay on target and sharing seems to be helping some of you, especially those of you who are emailing me behind the scenes.
Keep up the good work and try not to be discouraged...
remember that this is a lifestyle change not a fad or crash diet.
Baby steps...slow and steady...keep your eye on the ball!

Visualize what your target will look like...if it is walking briskly for an hour work up to it...if it is looking at the scale with a specific number in mind...visualize what that will feel like and take note of what you need to do to get there....stay positive and embrace the healthy change.

DKNY light weight puffy hooded vest
transitional piece to wear into the Fall.

Fresh out of the shower with damp hair...

long sleeved Tee
puffy vest
walking shoes

There is nothing glamorous about this OOTD
it is all about function and comfort.
I change out of my shoes and sox and opt for ballet flats after my walk,

~ almost 3 pounds lost ~

Several people have mentioned that they are surprised that I would post my weight on the blog...
they thought it would be so embarrassing
so public!

Well honestly I AM embarrassed
as I have let myself down
by letting the weight creep up on me
by not showing will power and discipline.

Part of the plan is coming to terms with the problem and taking action.

Now let's move on and look at the garden for a bit...

new grass 
"Pennisetum alopecuroides moudry"
planted out front in a  planter
right where the deer love to graze...
wonder if they will munch this one

fuzzy "bottle brush" flowers

variegated grass 
"miscanthus sinesis strictis"
porcupine grass
in another planter by the boxwood hedge

close up of the leaves...
spiky fronds with two tones of green

the city crews came by and poured the concrete this morning
you can see the black plastic casing for the clean out that they installed...
I will be adding some more blue fescue grasses on either side of this clean out 
and now I need to go and find a pretty pot to sit atop the plastic contraption and find some pretty plants to go in it!

New novel which I am enjoying...
I read Alice Hoffman before and had forgotten what a great writer she is 
how she weaves a tale that captures our imagination 
she delves into the most peculiar and unusual of topics.

This one is very curious so far...
I am 80 pages into it but I think it is going to be a very good read indeed.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. You're looking ready for action which always translates into weight loss. I'm just leaving Killarney today and I'm hoping that walking and carrying bags can be my fitness regime.
    Did you read The Dovekeepers? I'm just starting The Irish Country Doctor. I don't seem to have time to write or to read because we are on the road. Perseverance always does pay off
    with WW.

    1. Well at least I am dressing for the part...perhaps that will help me stay focused!
      I have not read the Dove keepers...will see if the library has a copy. Mr. HB has fread quite a few of the Irish themed doctor series...enjoy your holiday!

  2. Oh yes puff a jacket time. Love it. I didn't lose this last week and had been totally on plan so that was disappointing. This week I've had meals out so don't expect a loss. I'm posting my diary on my mutton style blog.

    1. I just got a Lands'End catalogue in the post and they have some really nice coats jackets and vests filled with pretty bright shades too.
      Going to pop over and read your post now...

  3. Love the puffa jacket, it would fit nicely into my wardrobe! My weight loss has stalled, it gets going slowly then pops back up without any reason. Still slowly does it. My yoga classes restart on Wednesday after a month's break so that will help. Movement in the garden at this time if year always increases as the Autumn projects take over from sitting and smelling the roses.

    1. I love Yoga class...have not been for ages but might add it to my fall schedule as there are going to be many days filled with winds and rain coming soon...
      try not to get discouraged about the is really more about making healthier choices.

  4. I love the puff best! I have one very similar which is perfect to walk in. Congrats on the weight loss! It's a battle I'm fighting too.

    1. It seems the older we get the tougher it is to shift the weight...good luck.

  5. Loving those sneakers. Very cool.

    1. I am always looking at the bright coloured ones on other walkers and wondering if my next pair should be bolder...

  6. Three pounds lost is a wonderful result! Congratulations And, I never get tired of your inspirational posts.

    1. Thank you for your kind are always so positive. I like that quality you possess Susan.

    POST FOR ELLIE over on my's a long one!

    1. I was very moved by your post on Ellie....I have tried to write one myself but think that you, SAJ and Heather from Arles have done the finest tributes...

  8. Yes, you are doing great work and you should be very proud ! It's not easy, and I must say that 139 lbs is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about - I would be very very happy if I weighed 139 !

    1. I am very short though so please do not judge yourself too is more about healthy food choices and a bit of exercise...and for me not going back on high blood pressure meds.

  9. three pounds sounds like a lot...good for you! I love your new grasses, they add so much interest to a garden. Your hair is adorable.

    1. The grasses are such fun these many new and beautiful varieties to choose makes just buying a few a challenge!

  10. Good work! I loved The Museum of Extraordinary Things, and passed along the recommendation to a couple of friends who also loved it. It's such a treat when a novel delights as much as its title.

    1. It was a very unusual eloquently written and totally fascinating.

  11. Thanks for the nudge ! My trainer at the local Wellness Centre had a heart attack recently and I have been goofing off with the exercise bit. Racing towards 80 yrs at a great speed, this is not a good thing to do. I need all the encouragement I can get.

    1. It is so easy to goof off...I think that is why I chose walking because I don't need to go to the gym, pay the fees and have others see me sweat! I do it on my time, it is free and I usually sweat after I get in the front door and only the cats see me...

  12. Congrats! Bravo! Numbers start to drop and soon you'll be exactly where you want to be. Personally, I give myself plus or minus 5, to either side of my ideal weight. Your garden is simply spectacular. Everything thrives. Looks like the hydrangeas are okay and the excavation stayed to one side of the bushes. As a gardener, this made my day.

  13. Three pounds is a great start! And your sneakers and puffer vest are cute!!

  14. I think it's incredible that you are open about your weight. Weight is one of those things that we often forget most people also struggle with. It's easy to think it's only "your" problem. Your meaning "my" problem! Thanks for the pep talk. After this very social summer of gatherings I need to get back on the wagon.