Thursday, July 16, 2015

Walking and Working...

Walking has taken a back seat to the garden.

The Piano that sits at Turkey Head on the walkway by The Marina in Oak Bay.
On a recent walk, 
Mother and my Sister sat down to play a duet!

I think this is a native plant.

Pretty in Pink.

Here's the wee lending library box on Clare Street.
I walked around the area and loved the friendly greetings that I got from the people in their gardens.
The houses are a mix of old and new and there are lots of patios and porches and beautiful cottage style gardens lining the streets.
It's an old fashioned the kind I grew up in when I was young.

There are only so many hours in the day and I have been consumed...
(probably more accurately "obsessed" with a few of our problem beds.)
The ones in particular where the dog violets have gone from pretty flowering plants with dainty purple blooms to non flowering seed bearing maniacs!
It must be the hot summer that has them thinking reproduce or die!

The first bed has been weeded, dug and covered with the help of a young woman who lives across the street from Our Humble Bungalow...
I am taking a short break from the blog and will be posting on Instagram.


  1. Enjoy your break - and your porch still looks great even though the flowers are misbehaving;).

  2. Loved reading about your walk and more about your beautiful garden. Enjoy your break ... I hope you get some relaxing time on your porch with tea and a book! Take care ....look forward to you returning...I ll continue to look at your instagram.

  3. Your Instagram photos are lovely. The library box and the piano are such a great way of creating community. We are having great debates in Richmond over megahouses owned by absentee owners. Gardens are disappearing as older bungalows and split-levels are bulldozed to be replaced by these large homes. Affordable family housing is non-existant.Fortunately, I live in a park-like setting with a social core and we still have our Steveston community nearby. Victoria has definitely kept its "garden city"charm and walkability. Have a good break and I'll look forward to seeing pictures of your "work in progress"

  4. I think that the plant you showed us is purple loosestrife. Here in Alberta it is considered a noxious weed...chokes out waterways, etc. We are not allowed to grow it in our gardens, though some people remain unaware of that. It really is pretty, isn't it? Enjoy your break...I look forward to your return.

  5. the pink-flowered plant is Fireweed. And, yes, it is indigenous :)

  6. I was going to say Fireweed, too. It's native here and so pretty, I think. Enjoy your break from blogging, but I do hope you'll return. I'm not on Instagram at all and would miss your posts. It's good that things have cooled down a little again - better for working outdoors.

  7. I'll be back...just need some time to get a handle on the garden and those pesky violets...only so much time in a day and I don't want to stray from my current focus. I think the gardeners among us will understand.