Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sea Ray Adventures...and wildfires.

We went out on our SeaRay this past weekend and left the cats at home with a friend.
 The forecast was for record high temperatures...and records were broken, we were glad that we didn't take them along as they would have been miserable in the heat.

OPI : "This colour is making waves."
Polka dot PJ's and our new nautical mat.

A trio of blues...

Breakfast is blue too.

Our wee Galley.

it's Dusk at the Maple Bay Marina...
and we are finally cool.
Keeping hydrated was tough and we had to seek out shade from the mid day sun.

Taconite is the lovely Fantail Cruiser from the 1920's that you can see in the middle of this image
and to the right a tug that has been converted into a live aboard vessel.

Metal wall art on a house boat at the Marina.

In the afternoon...
the water was calm so we went out in our dingy for a ride to explore the cove.

Pretty orange Nasturtiums
I love the variegated leaves.

A wee bit of whimsy...
some one has been busy carving.

We had asparagus with our BBQ steaks, mushrooms and salad.
We went to bed early and had a sound sleep.
When we woke up there was a fire red sun, smoke in the air and ashes all over our boat.

There are quite a few wildfires burning out of control in our province and the wind has carried the ash and spread it all over the lower mainland and the south of Vancouver Island.
It feels very eerie...
there is a red glow in the sky and you can smell the smoke.

We stopped on the way home at Mill Bay Marina and had a bite of lunch.

This family of Canada Geese and a lone seagull greeted us...
you can see the strange colour of the sky.

Ferocious Forest fires have displaced many people who have had to flee from their homes...
it's very alarming and I can imagine how upset they must feel.
Many brave fire fighters are risking their lives to help get these wildfires under control.
Alaska and the Yukon have dispatched experienced firemen to help our Province.

Hope that you are safe and sound where ever you are...


  1. Wildfires are a real danger, and frightening even if you're not in their path. We have fires most years in Southern California, am anticipating a particularly bad year thanks to drought. Hoping you get some rain soon!

  2. You are so fortunate to live near the water and have your lovely boat! Thank you for these photos. I do hope all of you get rain soon. I know how bad a drought can be.

  3. It would have been a perfect weekend out on the water. Love the blue theme. We flew into Victoria last night and could smell the smoke even in the airplane. The sky was such an odd color. I hope the fires are soon brought under control. We badly need rain.

  4. Oh boy, that sky! I speak to Chloe every day and she tells me of the air quality in Van. I must say that I'm a bit worried for my 80yr old mother in the smoke, but she told me she's ok. Scary stuff. I wish I could send some of my Oxford rain back home. Keeping my fingers crossed that the wind will scatter some of the smoke and that rain forecast for Friday will actually manifest.

  5. I am in the Nashville, TN area. One evening last week, the sun appeared as a red ball in a pale gray sky. I learned the next day that the unusual color and appearance was due to Canadian wildfires! It was beautiful to see, but the reason makes me sad. I hope the fires are soon under control.

    Your photos are lovely!

    Laurie S.

  6. Love your photos - the blues so lovely and cool, next to the smoky, ashy sky. I live in Southern California and about eight or so years ago my husband and I went on an anniversary trip to Santa Barbara during wild fire season. Our trip was wonderful, but coming home through the ash, smoke and glowing red sky was like a drive through Hades. I hope your fires will be controlled soon with no loss of life and little loss of property.

  7. So sad seeing the news on the fires. It seems the most beautiful places are always at risk of some natural disaster.
    Enjoy your cruising vacation Leslie! Summer's all too short, here in Canada eh?

  8. I just love all these photos, always lovely to see water scenes. Ah, but the skies, even here in Ottawa the sky has a smoky look and now again we can smell smoke. We are being warned to be on guard for breathing issues. I especially liked the photo with the Fantail Cruiser and other boats.

    Yours is such a gentle blog, everything seems to appeal to me (:

  9. I'll be there in a few hours....

    Honestly, you have created a world that calls to me - a dream vacation might be one spent with you!

    big hug,

  10. I've been reading about the fires! They sound just awful. I love to see your boat excursions...they look fabulous. Funny you should mention Mill Bay. We were just discussing buying a house there.
    Stay safe!