Monday, July 13, 2015

OOTD ~ Boots!

Today I wore boots and the weather is sunny and hot...
boots were required footwear as I spent the better part of the day mucking about in the dirt.

I just finished rinsing them off as they were caked with mud.
Did I mention that I am a really messy gardener?
There is no way I can stay clean...dirt smears on my face and arms.
I wear gloves but I somehow still get dirt under my nails...
I clean up fine afterwards when I come inside.
I often wonder what the neighbours who walk by and stop to chat must think.
They must be amused by my state of dress.

I garden in Yoga Capri's and a Tee shirt.
Socks and Boots!

I worked out front of our Humble Bungalow today...
I was focusing on a bed that has had a massive cull of weeds...
well they are not weeds exactly they are just behaving like weeds.
Invasive euphorbia and dog violets.
Both are on my "naughty list."

This bed is a bit of a mixed bag...
once the weeds were removed and a few random pieces of slate there was a lot of bare spaces.

Original plants are:
Japanese Red Maple planted in a pot
Eryngium (Sea Holly)
Giant Rudbeckia
Boxwood Hedge on one side
Rose (placed on the boulevard for free)
Lady's Mantle
Ground cover the name escapes me
pot filled with spurge and a hosta

New plants:
Blue Fescue grasses
 Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker) with lime green flowers
a variegated spurge
Blue Salvias 
Russian Sage 
Yellow Rudbeckia
Limelight Hydrangea

All of these are reported to be deer resistant plants.


slightly prickly 

The bees love it!

Black Mondo Grass with a lime green rock plant.

Sum and Substance Hosta Boxwood in urn
Hydrangea and Gertrude Jekyll Rose in background.

Lily of the Valley (used as a ground cover)
McCartney Rose (on the left)
Jude the Obscure David Austin Rose (on the right)

Nerine Bowdenii

Limelight hydrangea
on pergola Constance Spry David Austin Rose

Area at head of the gravel driveway
Assorted Grasses
Variegated Iris
Variegated Sedum
Potted Hens and Chicks

Mr. HB printed off a garden plan and we have been discussing some of the options to reduce the time spent toiling in the garden in order to leave some time to actually sit and enjoy the space!
On his list is a green house which we plan to have installed so that we can grow tomatoes and a few veggies.
The overhaul of the lawn is probably the biggest job and will make a huge difference.
We plan to grass in most of the north side yard behind the gate in the back and fill in many of the beds and redo the entire back lawn and remove a few other beds.

Anyways those plans are a bit off in the future.
So I must content myself with small improvements that I can do by myself until I can find a strong garden helper.

I must close for now and prepare dinner...
I've worked up quite an appetite with all the digging and planting today.
We are indulging in a seldom served treat...
BBQ Beef Burgers with coleslaw.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog...
I appreciate you stopping by The Humble Bungalow.


  1. So much work - this is why I don't have a garden, but like to admire others'! Mmm...BBQ beef burgers sound delicious!

  2. I love Russian Sage! What a beautiful world you do have!

    1. Russian Sage is a new plant on my radar and the two plants I bought are smallish but in time will grow and show off a foamy blue spray of flower.

  3. How lovely! I'm a big garden fanatic and so loved seeing photos of your garden. Yesterday Robert and I went to RBG Kew and I'm happy to report that the student gardener's beds as well as the secluded garden borders were full of weeds. The gardeners were out in full force and happily taking their time working at their own speed. :D

    1. I know that weeds are here to stay...I read a quote sometime ago about learning to love and honour weeds and see them as a flower in their own right...I am just not there yet!

  4. What a beautiful garden you have! Thank you for sharing it with us. I can imagine the hours you've spent to keep it looking like that. Laura

  5. Oh, your garden looks amazing! It is quite obvious you spent a good deal of time working it. It is so hot here this week, gardening is out of the question. Just going out to water containers is an ordeal. Enjoy!

    1. Sounds like you are having a heat wave...I like to water early in the morning when it's hot there.

  6. i adore your garden! what you call sea holly is called sea lavender here. :)
    you garden outfit sounds perfect!

    1. It's interesting how plants are known by different names...I use the "common names" most of the time. Many gifted gardeners exclusively use the Latin names...I frequently forget those!

  7. Lovely photos, Hostess, it all looks very good to me! A greenhouse will give you a lot of pleasure, not to mention good things to eat. I'm like you, a grubby gardener with soil on my knees, dirt in my finger nails and clothes that wouldn't sell at a jumble sale - I love it!

    1. My former neighbour used to garden in a dress, her pearl necklace, a straw hat and carried a trug around for her cut flowers! She looked so presentable and I on the other hand...look like a ragamuffin!

  8. My husband ended up in Hastings a+e last bank holiday having unbeknowingly rubbed sap in his eyes whilst cutting back our inherited euphorbia. He was in agony for hours. It can cause blindness.
    We are now back at the house again and during this trip have painstakingly killed the plant and yesterday dug it up and, without remorse, dumped it at the tip.
    We are so relieved to have that cruel plant out of our lives. Please be aware of its danger.

    1. The sap of euphorbia is nasty...if any touches the skin it can burn. But my goodness that was a scare for your husband...and good riddance to that plant!

  9. Sounds like you really get into your gardening as I do. Unfortunately, I do not own lovely gardening boots. Your plants are beautiful and I'm so impressed that you know all their names. I've moved to a new area four years ago so I'm experimenting with new plants that I haven't grown before. A garden journal and sketch pad have helped me in planning my vegetable garden every year. Happy planting!

    1. I've never considered a garden journal but it does sound like a great idea...have fun experimenting with your new plants and garden zone. It must be quite the learning curve...but rather exciting too.

  10. You have a great selection of plants in your garden. I'm eyeing one of my beds and thinking of ways to reduce the chaos to order. It's so easy to let plants get away with growing everywhere. Planning is a great idea and something I need to do more of. Have fun with planting, weeding and planning. At least it's cooler which makes gardening more pleasant!

    1. I'm heading back out there today...I've been having such fun taming the chaos!
      Enjoy your garden time too Lorrie!

  11. Lee Valley Tools have a great gardening journal. My sister-in-law is an avid gardener and has been keeping a journal for a long time - it is interesting to see how times change. I keep a journal at our cottage, keeping track of birds seen and wild flowers in the area. Sadly, I see a great decline in birds and unwanted weeds creeping in.

    Your gardens are lovely. Knowing the names is so impressive. I do have a couple of nice little gardens but don't ask me the names of plants - I choose by height.

    1. I love Lee Valley!
      I recently purchased a cutting mat that you can fold to slide the cut veggies etc right into the pot or bowl...washable and very handy and it comes in green!

  12. Gardening for me is watering a few tubs of annuals on my deck! I love gardens, though, and admire people who make them so beautiful. Those boots sound very practical. Just rinse, and you're done.

    1. The boots are great when using a shovel and traipsing about in the muck and I wear socks to protect my pedicure!!

  13. I admire your interest in gardening, Leslie. I love plants; but have zero knowledge or interest in doing the work myself.
    I'm presently having my gardens revamped at my cottage. I'm keeping it simple and panting Nikko Blue hydrangeas, bordered by boxwood. I'm planning on installing trellises, and need to find a beautiful white climbing rose. if you have a suggestion for one appropriate for Zone 6, I would greatly appreciate it!