Friday, July 24, 2015

Sea Ray Summer ~ Roche Harbour

Roche Harbour is located on San Juan Island in Washington State.
Just south of the 49th parallel across Haro Strait from Sidney, BC awaits a picturesque marina with all the amenities. It's a lovely spot to tie up our SeaRay for a few days.
It also is the permanent home to many US boats.

Modest boats mingle together with vast opulent yachts sharing dock space while the owners are free to enjoy the Resort. Boaters are an extremely friendly lot. It makes little difference that you are cruising on a 70 or 100 foot yacht or a 25 foot are "out there" on the ocean having fun.

We observed two families sharing a "very compact" boat, which was probably about 25 feet...4 adults and 6 children..can you imagine the logistics? The sleeping and cooking arrangements would require immense planning and precision.
They were having a fabulous time and there was lots of laughter and some good natured competition.
Racing on paddle boards, floaty toys, kayaks and a sailing dingy and when they were not having races they were swimming at the pool...I imagine that they were exhausted by the time their heads hit the pillow!

Roche Harbour Resort has a swimming pool, assorted shops, a spa, cafe, bar, restaurant, The Hotel de Haro, beautiful gardens, a church and tennis courts. At sunset the flags are lowered in a precision military fashion accompanied by music.
This is known as the "Colours ceremony."

I snapped a bunch of pictures to share with you...

Here we are tied up on the guest dock in front of the church.

The Hotel is a popular spot for weddings.

The historic Lime Co. building houses the grocery, clothing store, the washrooms, laundry, showers and a post office.

Crab Season opened and many boaters were setting their traps.
The cook pots on the docks were boiling away in no time and people were enjoying their haul.

The Lime Kilns.

The lovely Classic Chris Craft "Paloma" formerly known as Destiny.
She has just been professionally and lovingly restored.
Her new home port will be San Francisco, California.
We met the proud owners who had just taken her out on their maiden voyage and were cruising with their friends aboard the classic beauty "Rialto."
These beautiful Chris Craft wooden boats in "just out of the box" immaculate condition require a lot of hard work, TLC and VERY deep pockets!

The grocery store is well stocked with an assortment of food...
they carry all kinds of things that mariners might have forgotten to pack!

Wines from Washington, Oregon and California as well as imports are available.

White roses

White wedding gowns...

a perfect pairing.

It was hot weather and we needed to make shade on our boat which was quite a challenge.
We used towels and a blanket to help keep the midday sun off our lounge.

I was most surprised to see Starbucks working out of one of the kiosks in the square.
There are many local artists and artisans selling their work out of these kiosks and by the amount of people milling about I think they must do a pretty good business.

The Kayak rentals were always busy.

We took the shuttle into Friday Harbour one day to explore.
Stay tuned...
I'll show you some more of this idyllic destination...
in the next post.

we have had a downpour of rain this morning and we really need more to help douse the forest fires that are raging in our province.
The gardens are parched and there are water restrictions in many municipalities...
I'm praying for rain.

Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. I've been there! It is so gorgeous. Your photos are much prettier than my memories though. I was there on a cloudy, misty day so the views weren't very expansive. I love having friends with boats :) in happy to do snack and cocktail duty while other people handle the real boat stuff!

    1. I love guests that are handy in the galley :-))
      If you ever make it out this way Stephen I hope we can meet up!

  2. So classic NW summer. Always swing by as we cruise north. Love the little gift shop and the bocce ball addition. Great shots!

    1. I forgot to take a picture of the bocce area...what do you cruise on and when do you come north?

  3. This resort looks like so much fun. Thank you for the photos.

    1. It's a vibrant marina and the resort has such great amenities.

  4. What a fun trip! I love the pictures of the water and the sky.

    1. Oh and if I could have captured the heat on film we'd all be perspiring! It was in the high 80's.

  5. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful area. We are also experiencing heatwave conditions in south west France and now have water restrictions. It is so bad that the bed of the Dordogne River is exposed in some parts.Pas normale. Looking forward to seeing the photos of the rest of your trip.

    1. Our friends have mentioned how hot it is in SW France...the Garonne River runs right by their house.
      Hope that you are managing to keep's thunder, lightning and rainy here this afternoon and we are feeling happy that it's wet out!

  6. Enchanting photos Leslie. I can't imagine four adults and six children, sleeping on on that boat!

    1. It was something that I could not have imagined until we saw it with our own eyes! They were a very polite and cohesive group...and it just goes to show that bigger is not necessarily better!

  7. Hello Hostess, I've been reading your posts for a while now, I think your blog is excellent. Roche Harbour looks gorgeous and your photos are great, great weather too, beautiful blue sky.

  8. What a beautiful place! I've been to San Juan Island once and really enjoyed it. It would be an awesome experience to boat there.

    1. Years ago Mother and I stayed in a B&B and spent a long weekend at Friday Harbour...great walking, lots of shopping and eating...wonderful memories too.