Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Peeking Inside the Humble Bungalow...Summer 2014.

I was inspired this Monday by Dani BP Mop Philosopher's post...
Dani purchased a chevet after a 2 year search and it is the perfect piece for her bathroom.

We have been collecting arts and crafts quarter sawn oak furniture for the past 32 years and it took quite some time to find. We had to consider the size and scale of each piece as our Humble Bungalow is small and we were mindful  of our limited budget as we were undertaking restoration projects from the very beginning of our ownership.

We still need to do our master bedroom and there are new front stairs and an exterior paint job on the do list...
it is a labour of love being stewards of a heritage designated home.

With the glorious and bright summer sunshine and riotous blooms in the garden it has been easy to forget that we live in a dark and cozy heritage home.

You can plainly see our front stairs are in dire need of repair and the paint on the exterior is peeling.
Having said that, heritage homes are always in need of maintenance.
Thank goodness ours is not as vast as Chatsworth or Highclere Castle!

Our Humble Bungalow is filled with dark arts and crafts oak furnishings...
many have been reupholstered at a local shop which is considerably more expensive than buying new reproduction pieces.
Wendy has blogged about this recently too...

We like to add a few bits and bobs to perk up the space.
You can see that we have kept our Christmas fairy lights strung up along the beams near the ceiling...
nothing like plugging them in when we entertain for a twinkle effect and more lighting!

Rugs underfoot are a must as our 1912 bungalow can be frightfully cold and draughty in winter.

Runner rugs and area rugs add a punch of colour...
we purchased these new at Chintz and Co.

Original art hung on Bradbury and Bradbury hand made period wallpaper.

We have art in our bathroom too..

Our dear friend Cheryl Fortier gave us this one that she painted when she was in France.

Arts and crafts book shelf re purposed for towels.

Our bathroom renovation was done by a contractor friend and designed by Mr. HB
It has in floor heating and I love the results...

The standing lamps in the living room were purchased new through Sager's Furniture and they are from California. They are oak and of a scale that suits the rest of the furniture.

The lights in the rest of our bungalow were made at Waterglass Studio in town.

Mr. HB designed the kitchen and many people think it is the original one which we take as quite the compliment!
(please overlook the tea towel left casually on top of the granite countertop...)

I hope you've enjoyed the tour today...

It's such fun when other bloggers fuel and inspire a response...
 to one that they have posted.

Be Well and Be Kind.


  1. Lovely, Hostess and your additions are so true to the Arts and Crafts tradition. We live very near the Stickley Factory and Store and some of our furnishings have come from their. Our bungalow is not a historic one and previous owners did some "modernizing" unfortunately. But each time we take on a project, it is with an eye toward the original design. We have restored the wood floors and retained the built in hutch in the kitchen. Most of the woodwork in the main rooms is original, but the back of the house has painted woodwork because of damage. I do love bungalows and enjoy seeing how others have recaptured this period of architecture.

    1. I meant there- I hate when I publish before proofing.

  2. You have a stunning period home! We don't have many of this type of cottage over here do this was a real treat!

  3. Your home is gorgeous and exactly the type of look and feel I'd like to one day find myself in. I have a friend of a close friend who lives in an Arts & Crafts bungalow here in Chicago and the husband is an architect and they also did a masterful job of restoring to former grandeur. I just love the scale and intimacy of these bungalows and they are a big thing here with tax credits offered for reno projects. I have always been a big fan of copper and love those floor lamps which work perfectly in your home.
    This was a treat Hostess!

  4. Wonderful! Thanks so much for this generous peek into a beautifully decorated home.

  5. You have a beautiful home and deserve to enjoy it. I look at your blog most days and it is obvious that you work hard to maintain your bungalow's character. Thanks for letting us share.

  6. Hostess thanks for the kind mention! I really loved this tour of your home, it looks so cozy and every detail is perfectly fitting, you and MrHB clearly have a real talent for finding the perfect thing in tone and scale. The kitchen is amazing and looks completely original! I have to tell you I love the piece of furniture in your bathroom holding the towels. I find the look of oak so appealing, it's warm, toasty and solid... very comforting in that it will stand the test of time.
    Very generous treat you've given your readers today!

  7. Thanks for the look inside your cozy bungalow. I love all the beautiful wood and the floors are gorgeous.

  8. A lovely glimpse inside your heritage home. You've stayed true to the style and the result is cohesive and warm.

  9. Thank you for the tour of your Humble Bungalow. My husband and I love Arts & Craft homes. Our son has a very small one (1010 sq. ft.) with not as much detail as yours, but the same cozy feeling. So glad you have chosen to stay true to the style in your restoration and projects.

  10. I enjoy seeing photos of your lovely home. Thank you for sharing them!

  11. All your attention to detail - but more important, your love for your house - make for a gorgeous setting!

  12. Your home is beautiful; your dedication to restore and furnish it has really paid off. Thank you so much for adding my new URL to your blog ! A fresh start (ex Silver Bunny) xxx

  13. This was a real treat. What a gorgeous, welcoming home you have. I love this style - especially when it is as thoughtfully and lovingly presented as you have done here! Such a difference from show houses but a truly lovely Home.

  14. Your home is lovely. My Vancouver home is a 1920 Craftsman cottage and recently I had to have the floors replaced, (flood, and it broke my heart), with old, reclaimed wood and exactly to the original Craftsman design. But now that they are beautiful and golden, I can't make myself bring the rugs back! I know what you mean about drafty though, so we'll have to wait and see. :D

  15. beautiful pictures of a beautiful home. I love your bungalow and you have decorated it perfectly!

  16. What a beautiful place. That's gorgeous! I love the arts and crafts style and you've done it perfectly.

  17. You have done an exquisite and perfectly tasteful restoration of your home ~ it is so warm and charming. You can tell it was all accomplished with love.

  18. I love your home! It is American Bungalow feature worthy! (That's my goal for our house :-))

  19. Thank you for sharing your home with us. What a treat. The love and care to each detail is apparent from the exquisitely preserved wood work to your decorating. You have made it a warm, inviting and tasteful home.

  20. Well, Dear Hostess, I have to say that there's nothing remotely humble about your bungalow. It has been so considerately handled and a delight to see when so much home decoration is bland and white and lacking in individual character. (And I do love a nosey poke around other people's houses!)

  21. Thanks for the tour! So much attention to detail! Nice job.