Monday, August 11, 2014

Limelight Hydrangeas...and my OOTD

Limelight hydrangeas are in full bloom and are looking radiant...
our Humble Bungalow has 4 growing in the front yard and 2 in the back garden.

I went a bit overboard when I first discovered them a few years ago and just HAD to buy the last remaining plants in stock at the nursery!

They make a lovely statement with their large floppy moppy heads...
and when they get wet they bow their heads low to the ground.
That's when I took my handy secateurs outside and cut a few blooms before they got muddy in the soil.

With such pretty flowers one needn't use a fussy vase...
a simple white ironstone jug is more than adequate.

A reader recently asked if I had any of my paintings on display in our Humble Bungalow...
If you look at the top left of this image you can see one sitting on the plate rail above our arts and crafts trestle table in the kitchen.

They even look good outside on the deck...

Lime has snuck into my wardrobe too and my OOTD goes with the theme of this post.

Tribal ribbon top.

I wore this top with a mocha coloured skirt and some sandals...
(no picture was taken as I was late and running out the door to meet a friend)
Punctuality is very high on my priority list.

I have joined Instagram and hope that you might like to follow me at HostessofTheHumbleBungalow...
I will try to figure out how to link it on my sidebar.
I still haven't linked my Pinterest on the blog and am feeling very much like I could use a techy on staff here.

In the meantime I will plod along and hope to catch up...

Chester has been nibbling the planter on the deck...

Sleep will not come easy tonight as I went out for dinner with a few gals I knew from school and we chatted for three hours over dinner and after a couple of glasses of wine I was sipping several cups of tea, 
(which were not decaf)
so I know that I am in for an evening of tossing and turning in bed.
 I decided to work on this blog post instead of disturbing Mr. HB who has to get up early in the morning and go off to work.

Two new grand babies have been born into our circle of friends 
They are first time grand mothers so it is a joyful event.
One of the things on my do list this week will be finding gifts for these two boys.

"For happiness one needs security, but joy can spring like a flower even from the cliffs of despair."

~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh ~

 Thank you for stopping by and spending a few minutes here in The Humble Bungalow.
Take care as you go about your business this week.



  1. I know exactly what you feel about techy staff. I am thinking of "employing" someone I know for a few hours to show me the necessary tricks for revamping my blog, doing photo collages, etc .. But I think we're already not doing too bad for ladies our age; we have left some others of our generation behind, believe me. xoxo ex-Silver Bunny

  2. Punctuality is also very high on my priority list! :-) Emily

  3. Love the Lime Ribbon piece with the soft chocolaty skirt . . .
    Liked catching a glimpse of your art . . .

  4. Hope you slept well when you got there, finally! I love your interior shot with the hydrangeas in the white pitcher.

  5. In my family, punctuality is almost a curse. We all arrive 15 minutes early. I really like Tribal tops and yours is a beautiful colour. I don't sleep as well when I have had wine but a little trick I have is I tune in to BBC 4 radio, choose a 15 minute drama episode (preferably classic) and I am lulled to sleep and able to listen the next day when I am more awake. I think that you do a wonderful job with the visual elements of your blog. Your artist's eye is ever present.

  6. So much lovely lime-ness here! I love hydrangeas of any shade but the lime is just so vibrant and happy. It may be my favorite!

  7. A nice floral lime has been growing on me of late too. The hydrangeas do look wonderful in the white jug and perfect next to those wicker porch chairs....I'm sure Chester would agree.

  8. I love the hydrangeas! We have the endless summer variety in our backyard. You have inspired me to cut a few blooms and bring the in the house.

  9. The way you take inspiration from nature and incorporate into your outfit is lovely.

  10. Those hydrangeas look simply lovely in the white vase. Wish I was punctual, such a courtesy to others. I am always running late.

  11. Funny...I met some girl friends from Mt. Doug days too this week!! Next week I'm going for lunch with girlfriends from my Elementary School days!! So glad for all my girlfriends :)

  12. I don't know why, but your post started me thinking about the dishwasher! Go figure that! Hahaha! I guess may be it was because of the 'get togethers' (which means lots of dishes to wash afterwards, etc . . . ). Do you use the dishwasher on a daily basis when you are just cooking for two? Emily

  13. I do use the dishwasher.
    Often it is full after one day so I'll put it on...if it is half full I'll wait until it is full.
    When we entertain it usually means two loads worth of dishes plus some hand washing required...I like doing the washing up so it is not a hardship.

  14. The limelights are gorgeous. I will have to start planning the garden in the new/old house - there isn't much there. Looking at your deck, and thinking of my wicker furniture, I guess we'll need to think about a deck too!
    I hope you're able to catch up on your sleep with a teensy nap in the rain today.