Saturday, June 29, 2024

Summer Snippets...gardening and some new clothes!


Welcome to The Humble Bungalow Blog!

Everyday life has been getting in the way of me sitting down at the computer...
I am still here!

Gosh where does the time go?

Roses in The Humble Bungalow Garden are BLOOMING.
I LOVE when the roses are in full flush of flower...
Picking roses for a bouquet is a perk 
especially when one grows and tends 30 of these fabulous plants.

Fragrance is a MUST for me when I grow a rose.

I've tried to find a rose perfume that is similar to the heady scents 
that the David Austin varieties are famous for...
I enjoy the intoxicating fragrances as they waft about in the garden.

How has your June been?

Ours has been very busy and flew by so fast...
we were actively working in the garden and created a big new perennial bed.
We shopped for the right plants and then planted them...and shopped again!!

Two new black Adirondack chairs are a welcome addition to the back yard...
a place to sit with a cup of tea or a refreshing cold beverage.

We headed over to the cottage for a week of rest...
I read three books!

Ann Patchett has written another delightful book...Tom Lake.
I loved her book The Dutch House and this one was lovely too.

I stayed up late way past my usual bedtime to finish the book...
that is what I do when a book is exceptional :-))

I mentioned on Instagram that I prefer to wear dresses over shorts...
this new dress from Pokoloko is a wonderful warm weather option.

Woven waffle weave cotton, the slit up the front is another cooling affect!
It is a loose style which allows the air to move.

The black hat is by an Australian company called Kooringal.

I recently consigned 7 garments...most were dresses.

I don't like to have too many things in my tiny closet...
I actually find the decision making process stressful if I have too many choices.
So in an effort to reduce any unwanted stress I keep it simple.

I bought this new linen jacket in about 15 minutes...
it's true.

Hubby and I were on our way to lunch and I stopped in at Glam and Fame 
on Government Street to look at their European Linens...

Apparently it is the largest linen clothing shop in Canada?

Love the pocket detail...
abalone buttons.

Perfect with the Hong Kong Pearls.

I was offered a free scarf in exchange for an online Google rating...
how easy was that?

I want to got back and peruse leisurely...
think it could be my new go to linen location.

~ Thrifted Belt ~

Leather and chrome

Sparkly beads

Dressy and stretchy...
not bad for a thrifted find.

Do you shop in Thrift Stores?

My daily weight training sessions on YouTube are paying off...
my hands feel stronger.
I am able to open jars and grip things better.

20 minutes every morning is really easy to add to my routine.

I am also noticing that my upper arms are not as jiggly :-))
there is more definition...and it has only been 5 weeks since I started.
Hopefully it will help build bone with my recent diagnosis of osteoporosis.
In other news I am not aware of any negative side effects from the Prolia injection.

Fingers crossed this will continue is a positive way...
two shots a year.
The costs are quite high but my doctor says it is the easiest way to get stronger bones.

Do you have osteoporosis?
What are you doing to help improve your bone health?

I almost forgot to mention the vest...
50% off sale 
I've been eyeing these men's wear vests for a few months.
Thinking of Diane Keaton's wardrobe in Annie Hall...
a great layering piece.
Versatile too.

Pink Dogwood in bloom at the cottage.
Such a vibrant shade of pink.

Loads of blooms on the small tree.
Makes such a BOLD statement.

Am so glad that I bought this blue and white transferware platter.
It was a find at Kay's Korner in the Cook Street Village.
I have had it about 6 months now...

I hadn't realized that the cottage was already showcasing BLUES...
we don't have any blue pieces in The Humble Bungalow.

So this blue and white colour pallette 
fills me with gladness and I am truly happy that I have a few 
BLUE and WHITE things 
in the cottage that are vintage.

Little things that elevate the way we feel about our space is pure JOY.

~ Sea Glass ~ 

My ankle continues to improve...
I take my walking stick when I go to the beach as the shore is uneven
Am very comfortable walking with it...think it has a beachy vibe!
It also has become a conversation starter!!!

~ Sweet Peas ~

We grow them and the best thing is...
their fragrance
they produce more flowers IF you pick them regularly!

Most recent Thrift Shop Find...
it may just look like an old piece of wood and it is just that!!

I have plans for this board...
it will be a great base for cheese and crackers

I saw many antique French boards when I was in the quaint French villages...
Aix en Provence had a huge variety of these boards.
I loved the brocantes...

Wanted to buy some things when we were there but I was travelling with a carry on
 so I could not really justify the added weight!

Was very excited to find this gem...
old and distressed with genuine wood worm holes.

Well I think that is all the news I have for now...
More gardening is on the horizon...

Hope that you are enjoying your summer.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

12 comments: said...

As usual, an interesting potpourri of topics and photos. I especially like the one of you and Mr. HB. The new dress is a wonderful find.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hostess. What YouTube weight video do you watch? Good
to know you’re seeing results

Jeannine said...

What a delightful post, as usual! I'm impressed with your weight program and the differences you're noticing. Well done!

Jean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hostess of the humble bungalow said... ~ Thank you...I love the dress and of course my husband is the BEST :-))

Anonymous ~ Laren of Senior Strength Fitness seated 10 minute arm workout...I do two in a row! 20 minutes every morning...before my coffee.

Jeannine ~ I am pleased that my hands are stronger too...can open jars with ease and there are muscels visible on my arms! WIN WIN

Jean ~ I have read ALL the negative effects and did not go into the treatment with my eyes closed...I already have a fractured spinal disc...
lost 1 inch in my height and am willing to take a chance...I am not a medical expert and have to place some faith in my doctor's my age lots of things are ankle took 3 months to heal and so I am grateful to be able to return to my daily walks. We all know people who have passed away from cancer and I am under no illusions as to my future.
One day at a time...

christy said...

I always like to see pictures of your beautiful flowers and am glad to read that you are using weights to help with your bones. We have to keep going with this body maintenance as I call it if we want to keep doing what we are doing. Pleased to hear that the ankle is on the mend as well. There will soon be no stopping you.

Kathryn P said...

There was a variety of subjects in your post - which gave me plenty to read and photos to look at while I had my afternoon cup of tea today - thank you. You are clearly enjoying having your husband home in his retirement. And completing joint projects to both your benefit. Getting your garden ready for being part of a charity garden tour must be a very pleasant goal to work towards. Those sweet peas are a gorgeous color. All the best from NZ.

Ann said...

SO happy to hear your ankle is healing! I am making slow progress on my wrist...started therapy and do exercises at home. Found your arm workout and hoping to start that soon, too. You found great buys - love the dress and a free scarf is amazing. Your roses are just gorgeous. Miss having a garden, but enjoy the roses in our community on our walks. VERY HOT here in PA, heading to the pool to take a dip and then read. I loved Tom Lake...probably because I love Our Town. I hope to post a new blog post soon...can finally type !!! Glad to hear you are doing well with Prolia. I have an appointment with a specialist in October to see what to do about osteoporosis. Enjoy your summer !

Anonymous said...

Leslie, regarding perfume that harks to the David Austin roses, there is an Austin rose named ‘Evelyn’, which was named after Crabtree & Evelyn, who used it in their range of rose perfumes. It is a pretty kind of soft apricot and needs at least Zone 6, which you probably are in your area. I love the Austin roses, too, and have about 30 of them. I keep trying to find more places to plant them in my garden, which is large but has a fair amount of shade. Linda

Anonymous said...

I have been taking Prolia for 2 years with no side effects and my bones have improved. I am 82 years old.

Sonya said...

Thank you for the reading recommendations that you share! Earlier, you recommended the Thursday Murder Club series which I really enjoyed so I am going to recommend a series to you.
Iona Whishaw is a Canadian author who lives in and sets her 1940s series in British Columbia. Her character, Lane Winslow, was involved in the English war effort, modelled after the author's own mother.
I hope that you enjoy these reads as much as I do!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Christy ~ My ankle is now behaving as it should! Feeling so grateful to be out and about again :-))
Thank you so much for your kind words.

Kathryn P ~ We are seeing a bit of Auckland on the series My Life Is Murder on Acorn TV...beautiful scenery...our son in law is from NZ and we get to see pictures from their visits. Glad to hear that you enjoy the blog!

Ann ~ I must look up your blog...hope you are feeling stronger now and are able to do some more things. It seems to take a lot longer to mend these bones as we age. Take care.

Linda ~ I must see if I can find Evelyn Rose! I love a classic rose fragrance. Hope you are enjoying your 30 roses!!

Elaine ~ Good to hear that Prolia works for you! Thank you for your support!

Sonya ~ I saw those books written by Iona at Ivy's Books...when I finish my current book stack I will get one! Good to hear that you enjoyed the Thursday Murder Club books!