Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Gardening, Roses, Walking, and changes to my Instagram


~ Constance Spry Rose ~


Welcome to The Humble Bungalow Garden

One of the 30 roses we grow in the garden.

 ~ Graham Thomas ~
 a fragrant repeat blooming climbing rose 

When purchasing a new rose I am VERY fussy...
they must be repeat bloomers, be fragrant, disease resistant and hardy.

Here is the newest rose...
found at The Demitasse in Oak Bay.

If you live in Victoria, 
The Demitasse serves coffee, snacks and casual meals.
They have a wonderful carefully curated garden centre attached to the cafe...
well worth the visit.

~ North Patio Area ~ 

The bistro set from Kay's Korner in the Cook Street Village Shop 
has been painted black...

I love black accent pieces in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

Now I need to invite some friends over for tea...or a glass of bubbly.

The new bed that I dug has been planted.
Foxgloves, nepetas, lupins, yarrow, candlestick primula, alliums, 
iris, and more...
they will grow taller and fill in the spaces.

In the Big pot we have a yellow flowering Solidago.

We purchased two new Adirondack chairs in black, of course!
Mr. HB made us a table using scrap wood he had leftover from another project.
He painted it black to match the chairs.
Thank you darling.

We have been SUPER busy in the garden...
time to take a break and sit in the chairs and sip a Cold beverage.

Have you tried Corona Zero alcohol yet?
a thirst quencher without the buzz.

In other news...

I have had people ask me about my Instagram account and why I have gone private...

The simple answer is that I was inundated with so many strange accounts.
Not sure why all of a sudden I would have a deluge of these?

Have any of you experienced this issue?

Instagram sent me a message saying validate these accounts!

When I looked at them I noticed thousands of men following...


My account is really rather pedestrian 
I post about food, fashion, gardening and life at 69 years old!
What do masses of men want with those topics?

I have nothing against men...but they all seem similar.
Doctors from the army

So for the time being I am opting for a private account...
maybe the trolls and the bots will forget about my Instagram :-))

If you want to follow you'll need a current active Instagram account and have something in your profile picture to identify yourself.

It might be asking a lot, but for safety reasons, 
 I am going to keep things secure.

I've been for a walk this afternoon!!!
My ankle is doing better.

Am feeling so grateful...it has been a very long 3 months.

I used my bamboo walking stick and walked along the compact sand near the shoreline.

Found a few pieces of sea glass and enjoyed watching the children frolic in the sand.

Oodles of people were sunbathing...
some of the young women's swimsuits were quite skimpy!

Reminds me of my teen years when we used baby oil instead of sunscreen 
wore very tiny bikinis.

Love this wee blue ground cover...
(forget the name)
The flowers look like they are smiling.
So cheerful.

I must close for now as I have a sourdough boule ready to come out of the oven and dinner needs to get made.

I will post again soon...
I took 7 garments to the consignment shop last week...
(then I went shopping) 
Will be sharing some of the things that I bought so stay tuned.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


Sheila said...

Lesley, those doctors/men are fake accounts. They target women and they try to make you fall in love them and transfer them money. Here's an RCMP article about it - they are called "romance scams."


You should delete or decline all such requests and do not EVER respond to them.

Your roses are gorgeous! My mom and I are going to Government House this week to see the roses - I'm so excited. :)

Kathryn P said...

The Margaret Merrill rose has a lovely fragrance. I had one in a previous garden. I have my eye on the David Austin rose, Roald Dahl. My garden is in pots at the moment - until we find our next home. Looking forward to your next post and seeing what you've brought. Best wishes.

Susan D said...

Thank you for explaining why your instagram account is now private. Unfortunately I don’t have an active instagram account so will be unable to follow you. I’m going to miss you and hope you are soon able to open up your account again.
Susan D

Laura J said...

Beautiful garden additions and happy to see Constance spry in bloom.

Kelly L McKenzie said...

I quite understand going private on Instagram. Good on ya. Who needs the plethora of orthopedic surgeons, pilots, Keanu Reeves, Elon Musks, etc ...? On to more pleasant things - your garden is heavenly. Such a tonic. And your ankle is better! Hooray! I've got a few things to drop off for consignment - thanks for the nudge.

longtimereader said...

thanks for the information I was puzzled about your Insta account ... I see more and more ads

Laura J said...

Just a hint …you can tap Instagram in the upper left and usually a drop down menu shows…choose following and you will (mostly) be shown folks you really do follow…

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Sheila ~ I obviously was unaware of the 2000 followers that were scam accounts!! I deleted all the scammers and am now hovering around 590 genuine accounts! Thank you for the info...I am not a likely target for romance as I am happy in my marriage...we will be celebrating our 50th this July :-))

Kathryn P ~ I might have mentioned that we have 3 large roses in pots...make sure the potted roses do not dry out and feed them and they should be happy until you move to your new home!!

Susan D ~ I understand that you might not want to start an account with Instagram...I am going to see how the activity of the scammers account requests are before I go public so please let's hope it doesn't take long before my account falls off their radar!!

Laura J ~ Gardeners are always changing up some things...we lost a lot of plants in the winter freeze so we had a real excuse to buy more...then we are planning to be a garden for the Hospice tour next year so are getting ready ahead of time!

Kelly McKenzie ~ Oh yes I did forget to mention Elon Musk and Keanau Reeves...and Prince Harry!!! New consignment shops are popping up all over our city...
I went to see what 2 local consignment shops were offering yesterday when I went to the beach...lots of great bargains...looks like a sunny morning here...hope you have a lovely day !

Maria said...

I am so sorry you have to handle the inconvenience of so many scammers! I have an instagram account but never use it, so I will miss your postings. Here's hoping you can remedy this quickly & painlessly ��

Ann said...

Oh, your roses are amazing! How beautiful they all are! So very glad you are walking and your ankle is better...continued good thoughts for you. Thank you so much for your concern of my wrist - went to the doctor last week and he was very pleased. Healing nicely and bone growing - he is very young and stoic...he was so pleased with the results that my husband said he almost smiled. Now will start PT and go back in a few weeks. Feels so good to have the brace off - advised to still wear it when out walking or in a crowd until completely healed. Can't wait to see your shopping finds...and glad you can walk on the beach. Here in PA it is HOT - have to walk very early in the AM. YES - I was getting the same kind of thing on my Instagram account. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful roses and your black bistro set looks very inviting.
I too will have to wait while you hopefully get the “ men” gone since I don’t have an account.
I will continue to follow your blog. You have always been my favorite!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Maria ~ If you don't use your account I am curious... How do you see Instagram posts?

Ann ~ Good news from your doctor...definitely worth smiling about :-))
I wear my brace at night on my ankle so I do not re-injure the healing ankle bone...I would think that the clever techs at Instagram would be able to silence the scammers...I know a few friends who gave up Instagram all together because of this tedious nonsense. Hope you are able to stay cool in the heat...hydrate!! It was 23 here this afternoon and I had a zero alcohol Corona while sitting in one of the new Adirondack chairs!

Laura J ~ I have that feature on the upper left hand side too...it shows who I regularly follow and so I can avoid other accounts but often one discovers a lovely account by accident :-))

Joan ~ I hope to be able to return to a public account at some point...I am getting "requests to follow" from these odd accounts but only about 10 a day so far...much better than the scammers automatically following...

Jeannine said...

Hi Leslie, I do not have anything in Instagram that identifies me as I only follow others - I don't do any posting. Uh oh. I sure understand why you've decided to go private. My name is jb4cats on instagram. - Jeannine

francesray.substack.com said...

Your roses are my inspiration for ordering my first David Austin climbing rose "Malvern Hills" which I planted as a bare root in April and now, to my delight, has tiny yellow buds. Thanks you, Leslie.

And about Instagram, ach, I have published only a handful of flower photos and there are so many many following me. I never follow back. When "Kenau Reeves" became a follower it was ridiculous.

Colleen said...

Hi Leslie, so thankful I can read your blog. I need to get my nieces help with opening an Instagram a/c. Great news your ankle is healing so well. Your garden is flourishing x

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Jeannine ~ Thank you for the info...you are following!

FrancesRay.substack.com ~ I will look for your Instagram...I had "Prince Harry" following mw at one point!!!!

Colleen ~ My ankle is doing SO MUCH better :-))

I am heading back to a public Instagram as the scamming interest has died down...if it amps up again I know to immediately delete the accounts.

Kathryn P said...

Hi Lesley. The garden centre had 30% off and I folded. I brought the David Austin rose 'Desdemona'. Now I (foolishly) have two roses to tend to in pots until we find our next home. My husband says he's not touching them to move them when we shift - so I may have created a problem for myself :-).
I've read a 45cm terracotta pot, or a 50 litre pot is best for roses. As your three are thriving in pots - can you recall what sized pot you have them in, please?.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Kathryn P ~ I am such a fan of roses I don't believe that you can ever have too many!! 30% off is a great incentive to buy another one :-))
My roses are in large black fibreglass pots...quite light if you have a moving "dolly" where there is a will there is a way!! Good luck.

La Contessa said...

You dug that patch for flowers?Im impressed!It will be STRIKING to see all the growth and color!
As for instagram yes get rid of those military men not REAL.
Good job going private!
Happy to hear you found more beach glass!!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

La Contessa ~ Hello Elizabeth! Nice to have your name pop up here on the blog!! I am back in action as a public Instagram account after deleting those thousand military men!!! Lots more beach glass now that i am back walking properly on my mended ankle...such great news about your new treatment for the migraines and eye episodes!! Love your new haircut too :-))