Saturday, September 23, 2023

OOTD + Fall Harvest from The Humble Bungalow Garden


It's the first day of Fall Today 
So I am getting ready for cooler weather...

Ready to
Welcome Back
Black and White Fall and Winter Basics

I have tried wearing bold bright colours in the cooler months
 but I keep going back to black.

Here I am dressed in a super casual OOTD for lunch with my sister and cousins.

I wore things that I have had in my closet for years
Black Yoga pants
Old Navy White Shirt
Eileen Fisher black quilted vest
(new this summer)
Tommy Hilfiger Shoes

Black and white is so easy to accessorize...
jewelry, colourful scarves, sweaters.

Think the accessories give this casual OOTD a bit of a lift. 

BIG pearls from Hong Kong and Bold Red Miss Pupa Lipgloss #305

I added my Black Eileen Fisher vest as we were sitting outdoors for our lunch.

We had a yummy lunch at pure Vanilla in Oak Bay.
Food choices are always fresh and there are many healthy options.

There was SO MUCH catching up and chattering 
that it was really HARD to get a word in edgewise!
I hate talking over people so I was rather quiet
I prefer to listen anyways...

My simple style is not fancy, it could not be easier or more basic.
It is honest and works for me.

I own and am attracted to blue denim, chambray and Tencel shirts, dresses and jeans.
Denim played a major role in my teenage wardrobe.
Did it factor into your younger wardrobe too?

If you had told me at 13 that I would still be wearing jeans at 68 
I probably would have laughed, but it is true.
Do you still wear jeans and denim?

I have 3 pairs of jeans, a denim jumper, shirts, a top and a distressed denim jacket.

Keeping a small and simple basic wardrobe makes getting dressed easy.
Too many choices make me dizzy and indecisive.

There are also several LBD's in my closet...
a black and grey tweed skirt 
some black and white tops
black dress pants.

Retirement dressing is very casual...
I wear things for comfort and those that are purpose driven.

When I go to the pool for aquafit classes I wear these same Yoga pants.
A cozy warm top and a jacket or sweater depending on the weather.

Marshalls change room!
I seem to gravitate to this store...
Such good value, I like that, as I am on a pension.

I keep track of ALL my wardrobe and thrifted.

This quilted barn coat is something that I have wanted for several years.
When I spied it hanging on the rack I grabbed it!
Ralph Lauren is known for their detail on their garments.

I like the snaps and the ability to open the hem.
Might come in handy if I plan to leap any tall buildings :-))

The collar is done in a classic corduroy...
the coat is roomy which I wanted especially for layering in the cold weather.

In case you are wondering...
underneath the coat I am wearing a soft faded light blue Tencel dress and capri tights.

I have just swapped out my summer clothes and put them in the guest room closet.
It is raining here today and boy do we ever need the rain!
This past summer has been riddled with drought conditions and forest fires.

Welcome Fall Weather!

Humble Bungalow Front Porch Fall Decor
dried hydrangeas and mini pumpkins.

The swimsuit that I wear to aqua fit class is starting to stretch out and the seams are looking dodgy.
I have ordered this one from Lands" End and hope that it will fit.

The newer one by Alfred Sung that I purchased early in the season 
is a wrap style with a lower neckline 
so not really suitable for the "bouncing" cardio portion of the class!

It is harvest time here...

Liberty Apples 
first harvest shared with the grandchildren.
Sweet, tasty and small enough for school lunches.

Chehalis green apples
I prefer to cook with these.
(I have an apple pie baking in the oven right now!)

I roasted some of these heirloom Italian Mikado tomatoes for sauces in the Winter.

Roasted Tomatoes

Line a baking tray with parchment paper
Cut Tomatoes into smaller chunks
add pepper and garlic
drizzle with olive oil
bake at 375 for about 40 minutes

Spoon into Ziploc bags or plastic containers for the freezer.

Hermes scarf and Saint James striped top
worn here under a casual zip jacket.

What clothes are on your radar for Fall? 
(Or Spring depending where you live)

Do you plan to purchase anything new?

I am in the process of cutting and drying some of the hydrangea blooms.
I've been soaking the flower heads in a bucket of cold water for several hours before tying them into bunches for drying.

I hope this works as I tried a bunch without the soaking 
and they shrivelled right up
(see the porch picture)
far too crispy.

Hope you are keeping well and staying safe.
Covid is making a comeback here.

Think I will start wearing my mask again when I go to the grocery store.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.
Until next time...

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


Julie said...

Yes, I still wear jeans and I’m 75. They’re still comfy. You mentioned having a denim jumper. I’ve been searching for one. Maybe even in black. My plan is to have something simple that I can wear sleeveless or put a t-shirt underneath. I like simple dresses for everyday wear when the weather is hot. Now that things are cooling off, it’s jeans season.

Patricia said...

I am sitting here asking myself why I have never tried wearing pearls with my white linen shirts. You look so chic, and I really must try the look. I always enjoy reading about your wardrobe shopping; you are very good at it. The quilted coat is fantastic for a snowy Winter, and looks very stylish. You do black and white really well, and of course you have white pumpkins! They are gorgeous. The roasted tomatoes look mouth watering, such a good idea. Oh dear, the dreaded Covid does seem to come back in Winter. We have just had it back here for the Winter months, and I am only now leaving off the mask when grocery shopping. I think supermarkets are one place to be very careful re Covid. Have a lovely week.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. I too love my denim. Jeans, jackets and skirts. Gap tshirts are staples in my wardrobe. Have worn since my teens also. Agree COVID on rise especially since grandchildren have returned to school. Something we have to live with like influenza. Enjoying crisp air in southern Ontario.

materfamilias said...

That coat will serve you well! And look smart while doing so!
We haven't picked our Liberty apples yet, but will do that this week -- They've enjoyed all the sunshine this summer. I made pies last week from our Scarlet Sentinel -- they're not the best baking apple, but they grow well in a container and have a columnar shape so don't take up too much space on the terrace (and no ladder required for either variety! ;-)
You've got such a fabulous bounty of tomatoes! Wow!

Brenda N said...

Hi Leslie, I so enjoyed today's inspiring post, wardrobe and Fall apples alike! I'm trying to streamline my wardrobe and black really works for me, as do black and white prints. The bright colors I introduce seem not to get worn much and then head to the goodwill pile. My basics are black knit EF pants or jeans, with a tee or blouse and topped with a cardigan. Black and navy cardigans are a must. I just added a charcoal one too. Jeans are the core of my mental and physical wardrobe and I haven't been without a pair since age 12. That's when we went for our week of 6th grade school camp here in San Diego, a big rite of passage. We even received specific instructions for mom on what jeans to buy (Levi's 501 button fly shrink-to-fit) and how to shrink them. I'm 63 and will never be without a pair of jeans! I have a new pair at the tailor being taken in through the legs right now, ha.

Anonymous said...

Leslie, you are a shopper other a keen sense of style! Your pearls and Hermes scarfs are right at home with your Marshall’s finds! I am about to turn 80 and I still enjoy my jeans, they never go out of style.

Anonymous said...

Contessa here!!!
I loved Marshall’s too when I was out and about!Is that kind of coat called a BARN COAT or did you make that up?
I still have the quilted vest long that I bought in ITALY WHEN THAT LOOK FIRST CAME ON THE SCENE!I can’t toss it!TOO SENTIMENTAL TO ME I WORE IT ALL THE TIME!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Julie ~ I am happy to hear from Jumper is one I purchased in a small local shop here in Victoria called Suzanne's. It is made by a company called Tribal and retailed new not on sale for $80 I wore it a LOT this summer with a white short sleeved Tee and white capri tights. I will add a long sleeved Tee for winter. Jeans will be on rotation here too! I knit a sweater which I finished this summer in a turquoise which I plan to wear with a white tee and jeans. Hope you are enjoying the first days of Fall.

Patricia ~ Oh I hope that you have an opportunity to pull out your pearls and pair them with your white linen shirt...they add an elegance to whatever you choose from your closet. My former neighbour used to garden in her pearls!!! Have fun this Spring and hope you feel safe without your mask. Our medical specialists study the flu and Covid patterns from NZ and Australia to advice us on what to expect this Fall and Winter.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Anonymous ~ Gap has great denim :-)) I have a VERY OLD denim shirt from their line...I tend to wear it as a layering piece over a tank or a tee. It has softened by repeated laundering and so it is very is a "keeper" Sounds like we are both fans of jeans and denim! Have a great week!!

Materfamilias ~ Wow! You have a lot of things growing on your deck! I must have missed that post when you mentioned your fruit trees...Liberty are so tasty. I am not familiar with the Sentinel variety but they sound great for growing in a pot! Hope you have a wonderful trip!!

Brenda N ~ Gosh we are in sync with our fashion ideas! Perhaps we could be "style sisters" I am a fan of Eileen Fisher and have quite a few of her pieces...they last and last and never go out of style, rather like our jeans. Who knew all these years later that they would remain a staple in our closets?

Joan S ~ I think I am a late bloomer in many took me years to figure out what I like to wear...also many fashion faux pas over time and wasted money on items that didn't perform. I like to mix things up with accessories...I do have a weakness for pearls and Hermes scarves. Hope you are enjoying life...80 sounds like a wonderful age to me.

Contessa ~ I did not make up that term BARN COAT!! I am not an equestrian, my sister is though!Ralph Lauren may call it something else but this has all the details of a traditional English Barn Coat.
I saw an English brand "Joules" quilted vest in a khaki green which was very tempting...same details just no sleeves!! I am sure your vest is cozy for cooler days and has obviously got some memories attached to it.

Anonymous said...

ooh - I, too, have a Liberty and a Chehalis apple tree. Tent caterpillars doomed the crop this year but I have high hopes (always!) for next year.

LadyJicky said...

Spring here so looking at my summer wardrobe and thinking what I might need to add or chuck out .
I adore jeans and taking a leaf out of your book .... I am going to do a limited colour in my clothing.
I am thinking black, white, grey and blue. Maybe a touch of red??
Love your big pearl necklace!
Covid is making a comeback here in Australia too.

christy said...

Those tomatoes look super and it's always so good to have these stashes of summer for use in the winter. Always enjoy your style choices as you seem to have a good eye and a good sense of what you need. I still wear jeans and denim in my 70s and will continue to do so. Like you I have a denim shirt that has seen many washings and I still wear.

Sheila said...

Your pearls are gorgeous! I like black and white dressing, even though I don't do it very often. Your style is falling right in the very on-trend "Quiet Luxury" looks in the stores right now.

I have a couple of pairs of jeans, but not regular jeans - white, 50s style cuffed, 90s style wide legs - a couple of denim skirts (both acid-wash 80s vintage), and a denim dress (also acid-wash - it has big shoulder pads!).

Your apples are beautiful - I had a homemade apple crumble at Book Club yesterday and now that's all I want!

Victoria gal said...

You inspired me to visit the Hillside Marshalls and wow! I found the selection really poor last time I was there but yesterday the store was fully stocked with great goodies. I got a gorgeous cashmere sweater, a merino sweater and my fav Lauren Ralph Lauren pajamas. Wasn’t planning on spending so much but you have to get the good stuff when you can!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Anonymous ~ It was a devastating caterpillar season this past summer...we had a similar experience a couple of years ago. Good luck next summer...I understand they are cyclical so it shouldn't be as bad.

Lady Jicky ~ Our daughter and SIL are visiting his family in NZ and Australia. Sounds like the weather is lovely! Have fun getting your wardrobe ready for the spring and summer seasons!

Christy ~ Wearing those soft denim shirts are like a cozy hug! Timeless classics always seem to include jeans in my closet. I think that are very versatile...I haven't got any that are torn or ripped as they just don't feel right on me!! Hope you have a great week!

Sheila ~ Oh "Quiet Luxury" that sounds like a wee bit like last years "Coastal Grandmother" trend...I love how fashion and style have themes...I saw two adorable teens in very "Gothic" attire when I was leaving the pool yesterday...they reminded me of Madonna in her early career with ripped stockings and piercings. They wore lots of black and their hair was streaked bright pink! They could carry it off as they were cute and young and were having fun!

Victoria Gal ~ OOOH you did well at Marshalls! I love hearing positive comments like yours! Hope you enjoy your new things.

Victoria gal said...

Can you tell me more about that gorgeous backpack? I am in the market for one and that one is lovely.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Victoria Gal ~ The leather backpack is from Marshalls at Hillside, it is made by a company called Margot. They had quite a few backpack purses when I purchased mine months ago...perhaps they have more options in stock now? Good Luck!

Victoria gal said...

Thank you! When I dare to go back in there I will keep an eye for one. It looks really nice.