Monday, September 11, 2023

Quarterdeck Cottage ~ September Snippets


Here at Quarterdeck Cottage we keep things simple.

I am in my casual cottage cooking gear...
White Tee
Black Yoga pants
Bare feet (with red polish)

It is a cloudy Monday morning so 
I baked the sourdough boule
made a Frittata

Today's Frittata Recipe

 7 large eggs beaten
1/3 cup milk (or cream)
1/3 cup chopped pitted black olives 
1 small green pepper diced 
10 cherry tomatoes cut in half 
cup of grated white cheddar cheese
salt and pepper

Place in shallow ovenproof quiche pan
Bake at 350 for approximately 35 minutes.

We brought some green tomatoes with us...
I fried them up for breakfast and served them with worchestershire sauce.

we invited some of the neighbours from the nearby cottages over for a Happy Hour.

It was so lovely that we sat on the deck...
chatting away and laughing
nibbling on the charcuterie offerings
sipping our beverages
time passed and before long it was getting chilly.
We packed up just after 7pm

I finally finished knitting the Miriam sweater...
it is at home and I need to block it before I can wear it.
But I never like to be without my knitting so I went shopping last week!

I started knitting a shawl "River's Wrap"
 in this gorgeous Japanese Noro Akari Yarn
from The Beehive in Victoria.

The yarn is wonderfully soft and so soothing to work with...
silk, cotton, viscose, mohair and wool.

In other shopping news...
Found a wee crystal vessel at the thrift shop in Sidney on Friday 
before we caught the ferry....

There's a bit of magic in the way the light reflects
 in the crisp cut design of a crystal piece.

I foraged some wild dried flowers...
they look so pretty in the vase.

Am smitten with the light!!
The glow is so warm, and it does feel like magic.

On my walk to day I went to Bricky Bay.
In the early 1900's a brick making crew used this area and the beach.
They shipped the bricks off island from the bay, there are remnants of the dock.

Bits of bricks cover the beach and many have worn down and are soft shapes.
Some are small round shapes like marbles...

I managed to find a couple of pieces of sea glass but not much.

I sat on a log and listened to the call of the ravens and the swish of the waves.
Watched a few boats cruise past before pulling myself away from this idyllic spot.

I spied this sunny painted rock.
People paint rocks and leave them on the beaches here...
I usually don't take the rocks, just snap a picture to share on Instagram.

Before I close 
I must share with you a totally unexpected gift from a dear reader Rosemarie, 
who resides in Vancouver.
Rosemarie and I correspond regularly via email
we've met several times for lunch and tea when she visited Victoria
Last time I was in Vancouver we met for a glass of wine and some nibbles at The Cactus Club.

Look at this beautiful kimono style wrap!
She knows me so well...
It will be a welcome addition to my wardrobe.

You are such a generous person.

(I am going to find something to send Rosemarie)

Well I must close for now and go outside with my knitting.
The views are stunning!

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


Anonymous said...

That frittata looks lovely. Rosemarie is such a kind person. Enjoy your week. Joanne

Patricia said...

Life looks lovely in your part of the world. The kimono wrap is absolutely gorgeous, and a wonderful gift. It is always of interest what you find by the sea - whoever thought of bits of brick all smoothed off like that. The painted stone speaks of the artistic community of Victoria, and the Japanese Yarn will make the most beautiful wrap for the coming Winter. Would love a slice of your Frittata!

Sheila said...

What a soothing and calming post, Leslie! Your frittata looks yummy, and that's a lovely crystal vase (Sidney has the best thrift shops!). Enjoy your week!

Jeannine said...

What a lovely post! I love your apron with the chickens. Your food all looks delicious. I look forward to seeing both your sweater and your next knitting project. What a wonderful gift that kimono is. Such a relaxing, inviting post to read. We are off to the UK today - overnight flight. Both England and Scotland, just over 2 weeks.

christy said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful views, lovely kimono and frittata. What more can we ask for in life!

Anonymous said...

Your little vase is lovely! You have inspired me to go poking around the thrift shops on this rainy day.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Patricia ~ Things are pretty relaxed here at the cottage! We have been more social than usual...I enjoy pottering in the kitchen so it has been fun for me. The frittata is a good one! A nice mix of flavours.
How is your Spring shaping up?

Sheila ~ I am in awe of the thrift shops in Sidney...they seem to get the best donations! I have noticed that the prices are climbing up everything else. You find the best clothes and jewelry in your travels.

Jeannine ~ Have a fabulous trip! I look forward to hearing more :-))

Christy ~ The little things add so much to our daily lives...I savour them as they make such a difference.

Anonymous ~ Good luck at the thrift shops!!! said...

That frittata looks excellent. I make them often and sometimes a quiche. Your boule looks good too. I'm making a sourdough rye right now, we'll see. Rye is hard to get right. Your home on the water does look beautiful. You are very lucky to have that. I just got a pattern for a kimono. I have a japanese one I bought years and years ago that is made from japanese indigo cloth. I'm glad I didnt declutter it when I went thru my decluttering stage.

the veg artist said...

Your getaways at the cottage always look wonderful. As does your food!

Anonymous said...

Loved this post! Will try making the frittata. What a great gift from Rosemarie! Your pictures on your post are always so calming, thank you for taking the time to show your garden, your area, and your home!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Tahoegirl ~ Rye is tricky with sourdough boules...I haven't tried it yet but have heard that it is also excellent to feed the starter. The cottage that is on the water is shared and we have 3 couples as partners. We use it once every 3 weeks for a week then 2 consecutive weeks in the summer. It's a wonderful getaway! Kimonos are a great accessory :-))

the veg artist ~ I enjoy making meals and food to share with family and friends. I made banana bread today as there were some very ripe bananas in the fruit basket attracting fruit flies!

Anonymous ~ Thank you...feel free to sign your name at the end of your comment so we can get to "know" each other :-))