Friday, May 26, 2023

Cottage week...Retail and water therapy

I have been thinking about a lot of things this week.
Spending quiet time here at Quarterdeck Cottage is conducive to reflection.

The beautiful scenery fills me with immense gratitude.
Gratitude to be alive and be a witness to this natural majestic beauty.

Beach walks and Sea Glass Collecting go hand~in~hand.
My first marble found in a gorgeous turquoise blue!
I felt quite excited by this discovery...
 a small snippet of Joy.

It's the little things in my daily round that make the most difference.

I wonder if I appreciate these so much more now that I am older?
Years ago I never would have dreamed about the feeling of Joy 
that finding a marble would bring to me.

The pool has been a godsend this week.
I've been "taking to the waters."
My achy and painful joints are responding positively to water therapy.
Moving without stress on my joints while getting exercise is wonderful!

I know now that I need to find a pool at home.
I will probably return to the Athletic Club in the hotel
where I swam when I worked in James Bay.

They have a lovely pool and a hot tub...
offer daytime Aqua Fit Classes
which I can easily add to my schedule.

My 68 year old body is far from a svelte youthful form!
The bathing suit is called a Miracle Suit...
it is comfy and keeps the jiggly bits from flapping too much!

Did you see Martha Stewart on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition?
She's 81 and looks so amazing!

I bet she had lots of fun on the photo shoot.
She's looking better and better these days.
Her skin is radiant and she looks very vibrant and healthy.

Sunshine in the morning makes me feel so happy.
Mornings would not be the same for me without a couple of tasty cups of coffee.
I do love my coffee.
Funny thing is, years ago, I drank tea in the morning...

I make time to savour the mornings.
Starting slowly
Check my socials online, play a few words games, 
perhaps read a chapter or two in my current book.
Think a bit as I gaze around the room...

When I feel ready I
do a quick tidy up in the kitchen
maybe pop a load of laundry in the wash
then I shower and get dressed for the day.

Maybe that's boring for you to read but it was an interesting exercise for me to think about what it is that I do in the morning that takes so long!!

I've been wearing my bangles more...
I took them out and gave them a good old polish.
Most of these are gifts...
mom, my husband, and my darling daughter.
A couple I found at thrift shops.

I popped into the local boutique here on the island.
I usually check out their new stock when they are open.
Well dear reader, it proved fruitful when I was there this week!

Not only did I have a pedicure but I found some comfy sandals.
I do love bows...

I have another pair of shoes by Bueno
they are unbelievably comfortable to wear.
These new "slides" are soft and cozy on my feet.
I haven't had a pair of white shoes in any form for many many years!
I always think white shoes are for car salesmen...
why I think that I haven't the foggiest?

So this casual top caught my eye 
and it wasn't until I tried it on that I knew it had to come home with me!
I have a soft linen skirt in a blue shade that I can pair this with as well as my jeans.
The white jeans have not made their debut yet this season...
they hang waiting in the closet...
now that there are white sandals and this cute top I think it's time.

What are you wearing this season?
Have you found anything new and exciting?

Fashion is fun and I am enjoying shopping more these days.
I think that Covid curtailed a lot of my creativity
especially with views of expanding my basic wardrobe.
As a minimalist, I don't tend to go crazy at the shops
if money and space were no issue who knows what I might be like in a shop?

Would I be rather keen and amass a huge pile at the checkout?
( Have you ever done that?)

I watched movies as a young teen where women need a helper to carry all the boxes and bags after shopping.
Those stores would be situated on an elegant avenue in Paris or New York.
I cannot recall the names of those films but they were rather fun to watch!

Well I have rambled on a bit long
more tidbits and thoughts than I had originally planned...

Oh and just before I close 
Have you been watching the coverage of  The Chelsea Garden Show?
I am totally smitten with the plants and show gardens.
It would be fun to attend in person and wander in The Grand Hall.
Have you ever attended the show?

Thank for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


materfamilias said...

Such a cute top, Leslie! And well done on finding an activity that your arthritis not only tolerates but actually enjoys and gets relief from!
I have the same association with the white shoes -- and long before I ever lived on the island (back in the 70s, I think) we used to call the (menswear) combo of white shoes and white belt "the full Nanaimo." Not sure why, but there were all those car sales lots on the old Island Highway through the city. . .

La Contessa said...

Mr.Thurston comes to mind on Gillian’s Island with the WHITE SHOES!What a nice escape you get going to the cottage!
Love your sterling bangles!
Happy to hear you found relief for your BODY!
The suit looks Great!
Your mornings sound VERY SIMILAR TO MINE‼️Xx

Lorrie said...

The top is very cute, Leslie. Taking time for reflection is a very good thing (as Martha Stewart says). At our age we ponder the years and I'm glad we have time to do that. Slow mornings are a great start to the day.

I associate white shoes with being a little girl and wearing them from Easter onwards, along with a new dress made by my mother.

Have a good weekend.

Ms. Liz said...

I love your new white sandals and the Charlie B top. It is so nice to find things that make us happy and update our wardrobe. I have been loving white footwear in the summer these past few summers. I love the crispness of white. As for Chelsea - I would love to go to it one year. But it is something I would have to do on my own as my DH is not interested. Love your posts!

Sheila said...

I agree with the Contessa - Mr. & Mrs. Howell on Gilligan's Island!

I know that as I get older, I stop and pay more attention to the things around me, and what gives me joy. Finding happiness in the small things, right? I would be ecstatic if I found a marble!

Your bathing suit is awesome and you look great. We are far too hard on ourselves - just be in the water and take care of yourself, as you are doing.

I love my white jeans and white shoes this time of year.

Judith said...

Those sandals look very comfy and are cute as well. I admire how you get on top of taking care of your aging bits, once you know what said bits need!

Anonymous said...

Your posts always make me smile and bring such joy! I always say “me too”!!! As I read your lovely daily rituals.💜💐

“Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose Joy, and keep choosing it every day.”💜💐


Marguerite said...

I love my morning routine. Being retired it seems almost decadent to take as long as I wish instead of cramming in just one more task before heading off to work. Having my 2 large coffees whilst perusing the newspaper and favourite blogs sets me up proper. I never drank coffee until I was 62! Mornings were always tea.
I have never attended Chelsea but I was once travelling home to Totnes on the last day of the show and several people got on the train bearing plants from the show - what fun.
Also when I lived in England I didn't find beach glass but the mot marvelous bits of china so I collected dishes of that.
My white trews come out tomorrow with a red and white top that bears a star. Memorial Day w/e here in the States.

Jeannine said...

I never find what you write about to be boring. I like to hear about how others go about their day - sometimes gives me affirmation, sometimes gives me ideas to try/points to ponder. Love the suit!

Lesley said...

Enjoyed your post Leslie, your mornings sound very like my own. After years of jumping out of bed, getting children and my husband then me out the door for school or work, I feel I have earned my quiet mornings. I don’t have such a beautiful view, but I can look over the valley and see others rushing along, or listen to the birds as they start their day.
Love your white sandals, and your swimsuit. It looks very chic. As I age I realize more more no one is looking or even cares what you look like. Just enjoy the water and feel good.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Materfamilias ~ Oh the idea of the "Full Nanaimo" does sound like a car salesman! BTW I have nothing against the gents who used to sell was a vintage look.
The pool worked its magic and for that I am grateful.
I read on your blog that you are doing much better since your ankle injury. I do so enjoy your What I Wore Posts...hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend.

La Contessa ~ I used to watch Gilligan"s Island when i was young...thought that the characters were so interesting...especially she managed to look so good when shipwrecked on a desert island was beyond me :-))
I enjoyed our phone conversation very much

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Lorrie ~ I wore white shoes, lacy white socks,white gloves and an Easter hat to church when I was young too. Mom was an expert seamstress as well as a nurse and she made my sister and I dresses with the leftover fabric from her new dress pattern.
Such great memories...isn't this warm weather wonderful? The flowers in the gardens are a riot of colour.

Ms Liz ~ White shoes...trainers, Birkenstocks and sandals have been very on trend for a few years now! I am just slow...often I need to see the trend stick around before I commit!!

Sheila ~ I agree with you about feeling and being critical of our bodies..I had a conversation with a friend who regularly visits Italy who mentioned that women of all ages, shapes and sizes wear bikinis on the beaches. I wouldn't feel good in a small suit but a one piece works.
Have a fun weekend!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Judith ~ I think we need to be proactive when it comes to health and wellness...I am not ready to give up anytime soon :-)) Being informed and getting busy working on the problem help make me feel better.

Jeanne ~ I like your positivity! You have a kind and gentle spirit and I know if we lived closer that we would meet up for beach walks and coffee!

Marguerite ~ I imagine those cute red white and blue shoes on your patriotic Memorial Day festivities...hope it is a great holiday celebration!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Jeannine ~ I like to find inspiration on other blogs as well...home decor ideas and recipes are two of my most favourite ideas to copy.
Happy Memorial Day :-))

Anonymous said...

Years ago I was lucky enough to attend the Chelsea flower show and it was wonderful. But it was exceptionally crowded and at times it was impossible to see the exhibits and displays properly. It’s not for the feint-hearted; you need stamina and determination. An interesting alternative might be to visit the shows/sales of your local garden clubs. Support your community without jet lag!!