Friday, September 10, 2021

Roses and reading...


Golden Celebration 
a beautiful yellow David Austin Rose

This rose has black spot on the leaves 
besides dead heading the roses 
I hand pick the leaves that have black spots on them.

Jude the Obscure Rose
what a stunner!
 Now showing off with a second full flush of blooms 

The fragrance is unbelievable...
a hint of citrus and a deep scent.

Loved this book!
The story is perfect for those of us who love to look at gardens,
work in gardens, plan and dream about gardens.
Set in three different eras all revolving around the British country home and garden.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile 
will know that I absolutely adore Louise Penny's mystery series set in Three Pines Quebec.

I read this one in 3 days...
could not put it down!

Louise is such a gifted and brilliant author.

I understand that there is a series being produced by a UK film studio that will feature her mysteries. It will be streaming on Amazon this coming fall and winter.
I look forward to watching the series with a friend who has Amazon.

Romneya Coulteri
a member of the Poppy Family.

Grows in gravel and looks like a fried egg...
I love the delicate crinkled petals.

Our weekend is going to be super busy...
lots going on here in The Humble Bungalow and Garden.

Hope that you are keeping safe.
The 4th wave of Covid is now infecting the unvaccinated.
We obtained our Vaccination Passports and will be required to show these at restaurants and all venues.

The only exceptions are essential services like grocery shops, medical clinics and such...
Take care and thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I love looking at your roses, and truthfully am a little bit envious. I have tried, believe me, but between our poor, sandy soil, the short growing season, and the looonggg cold winters they just don't thrive. I do have three rugosa roses, Therese Bugnet, rugosa alba, and John Cabot, and they have grown well for several years. I love your book selections and plan on reading both of those books you show, especially Louise Penny's book. I've come to look forward to her new book each year, having read all of her previous ones. Love that Inspector Gamache and the other characters.

    1. Rugosa roses are very hardy and the couple that we grow are fragrant and bloom well into the fall and winter. The rose hips are huge too! Hope that you will enjoy Louise's latest book.

  2. So sorry to read you are having a fourth wave. Due to logistical mix-ups, I have only had my first vax last week, a long way to go. This virus is very, very difficult to eradicate. Your roses are so gorgeous, especially Jude the Obscure, and must bring cheer to your days. I like the look of the book, maybe I should get that one too. Be safe.

    1. I hope that a vaccine for the 11 and under is offered soon...there have been a few cases in the schools which is rather unsettling.
      We are having a rainy day here so i am making soup which I find a very soothing job and the results are rewarding.
      Take care Patricia.

  3. Your roses are always amazing - such an incredible variety of colours!

    I am a bit behind with my Louise Penny reading - all the holds that I've had at the library seem to be coming in all at once so I haven't had the chance to get to the pile of books that I've bought! I had heard that the series was being made into a series and happy to hear that it will be on Amazon as I do have that streaming service. Something to look forward to.

    We are also in the 4th wave here in Ontario but the daily numbers do point out that at least 3/4 of our cases are in the unvaccinated! It is very frustrating given the push that this govt. has made to reach out and to make it as easy as possible to get the shot. We are at about 76% fully vaccinated, which is good, but we need 90% for herd immunity and with schools reopening we have had new outbreaks already - hopefully the younger children will be able to get vaccinated soon. We have never not worn masks and we never went as far as BC in reopening - and I am happy with that. I'd rather take it slowly and keep progressing rather than having to take a step back yet again! Stay safe - hope you get to enjoy your garden for a lot longer. We are seeing the leaves start to turn colour already!

    1. I hope that we can encourage more people to get the vaccinations and hopefully there will be one for the kids under 11 years of age soon.
      I continue to be careful...but we do see our grandchildren who are in school and are all under 11 so they are vulnerable to Covid.
      Take care Margie.

  4. I loved the Julia Kelly book, too.
    Margaret P


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