Saturday, July 31, 2021

Flower Power ~ a cheerful and bright pop of colour and a new murder series to read.

Abraham Darby
David Austin Rose

Fragrant frilly and frothy petalled rose in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

How is your summer going?
Ours has been a hot one with no rain.

We are staying hydrated by drinking lots of homemade lemonade 
reading in the shade of the front porch in the afternoon.

Trying to get our garden chores done early in the morning 
while keeping up with the watering.

Blooming Artichokes
seen on my walk.

These bloom every summer 
they always catch my eye when I walk down the street.

Buttery yellow Roses in the front yard.

Jude the Obscure
another David Austin Rose
citrus fragrance
deep cupped blooms
that are 
repeat blooming.

The sweet peas are growing vigorously this summer.
I cut them each day and the next time I go out there are more flowers!
It must be because of the heat and constant sunshine that we are experiencing.

Angel's Fishing Wand
aka Dierama

We have two clumps of this planted in our front garden.
The hummingbirds like them!

Jude the Obscure 
I almost swoon when I see these blooms.

The limelight hydrangeas are brightening up The Humble Bungalow Garden.
Their chartreuse shade GLOWS!

Verbena Bonariensis
I finally found this in a local nursery after hunting for it for well over a year!
It felt like winning the plant lottery...
I must have been in the right place at the right time.

I discovered a new mystery series by Canadian writer Steven Burrows.
"The Birder Murder Series"
which is set in the UK.

A memorable group of characters and a murder with birds featured in the story.
Steven Burrows is an experienced "birder" and has written for many birding magazines.

This book is the second one in the series...
A Siege of Bitterns is the first book.
I am planning to read it as soon as I finish this one.

Good News...
There are 4 more books
something to look forward to!

Hope that you are keeping well.
Our Covid cases have spiked again...
The delta variant seems to be spreading quickly.

We have had both our vaccinations but are not taking any chances.
Masks indoors and avoiding close contacts.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Lovely photos. And thank you very much for the book recommendation. I love mysteries.

    1. I just finished the book and it was very good. I plan to read the rest of his birder murder series. Hope you'll enjoy the books too!

  2. Oh, I love a sighting of Jude the Obscure, such a gorgeous rose. I adore sweet peas but cannot seem to grow them here. In fact, I never see them grown in our area. My parents grew them, but they lived in a colder place. What good names for mystery novels about birds! I am sorry the Delta has spiked again, it is just taking off here as well. My vaccination is not until 24th August so I will be staying home until then. I just wrote a post that I cannot access my Reading list; hoping someone can help me. Fortunately I can see you on the sidebar of my blog.

    1. Glad to share the Jude rose blooms with you Patricia.
      We grow our sweet peas in pots with a obelisk that they climb up...we can offer them extra water and the flowers need to be cut in order to produce more flowers. So they are a perfect posey for the house! I cannot access my reading list either! I can go to the blogs that I read list and click on the links to open the posts...blogger has quite a few glitches these days.

  3. I actually have the first book in the "Birder" series but haven't read it as yet. The series was recommended by a friend so I am looking forward to getting to it.
    Your garden must be truly amazing - the colours of your flowers are so intense - just lovely!

    1. Oh you have a treat in store Margie!
      The book I just finished was so well written and I love how he weaves his knowledge about birds into the story.
      The garden is at it speak right now...we must enjoy it while we can...thank you for your kind words.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed the book. I agree that they are very well written. Your Jude the Obscure is such a beautiful rose. I love seeing photos of it.

    1. We have had such warm sunny weather that the roses have been amazing this year. The rain this morning is quite lovely...hope the interior will get some rain to help with the wildfires.

  5. Iloved seeing all of your beautiful roses and other flowers. Jude the Obscure is a beauty and I thought the bright ink rose at the beginning was gorgeous , too. Thanks for showing them to us.

    1. I posted a picture of Jude the Obscure on Instagram this morning it is full of blooms!

  6. Your roses are so gorgeous! Thanks for posting.

    1. This summer the roses have put on a brilliant display...we counted 29 rose bushes in our garden! The sunshine and warm weather has made them especially happy.

  7. You haven't posted in a couple of weeks so just checking to ask if everything is ok....

    1. Thank you for checking in on me Margie! We were away up island with our son and the grandchildren and I have been focused on the garden upkeep...will try to post again soon!

  8. Thank you for the book recommendation. I just looked up the author at my local library, and they do have some books on the shelves, so I will add him to my list! Love birds and mysteries, so I'm sure I will enjoy his writing.


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