Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Anniversary of our wedding day from July 20, 1974

July 20, 1974
47 years ago...

We were so young 
but we knew that we were in love 
ready to spend our lives together
as husband and wife.

I have kept my wedding dress, veil and blue garter.
Maybe Isla will want to play "dress up" and wear it someday?

We went out for dinner with our friends on Sunday evening to celebrate.
We went to the Snug at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel and we were waited on by Mom's favourite server.
I had a glass of the wine that Mom always ordered.

If it is not too hot we will sit on the deck and have a cocktail.
I will make my husband his favourite spaghetti dinner and a simple salad.

The sun is shining down on The Humble Bungalow Garden.

on the north side of the bungalow we have a slate patio
that is surrounded by a riot of hydrangeas, 
Limelight and Angelina mixed in with hostas and lady's mantle.

We spent the better part of the weekend in the garden getting caught up on the weeding and the deadheading of the roses.

It feels a little bit cooler today as there is a breeze...
an exterminator is coming by this afternoon to deal with a large wasp nest.

We are planning to buy a new TV and get an upgrade on our viewing subscriptions.

There are so many options and channels that it feels quite daunting trying to decide what to order...

Do you have any suggestions on particularly good channels?

Will close with this pretty sunflower grown from the seeds that dear reader Rosemarie sent to me in memory of my mom.

Thank you for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. On Amazon Prime TV NEW TRICKS, a British series that ran for about 6 seasons. It’s funny, intriguing & binge-worthy. ❤️

  2. Happy Anniversary Leslie! The photos from your wedding day are so wonderful. We will be celebrating our 45th anniversary the last day of this month. My dress was somewhat similar to yours and our daughter in law wore it when she married our younger son seven years ago---so you never know!

  3. If you enjoy vintage movies I would definitely get a package that includes (TCM) Turner Classic Movies. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

  4. Beautiful pictures, especially the first one; it is so sweet. Happy anniversary!

  5. We love Britbox here on our TV. it is $6 a month I think. Can rent channels on Amazon and cancel anytime. We did HBO just to watch Chernobyl and then canceled it. Amazon Prime is great and free if you have Prime.
    Donna in California

  6. Congratulations! Isn't it amazing? 47 years. You were a lovely bride. We have Netflix, which I am not watching as much as I once did. We also have Amazon Prime and the add-on, BritBox. I watch quite a bit that comes through BritBox. I've heard good things about Acorn TV as well (another through Amazon Prime), but I haven't tried it. I think some of the British shows I would also enjoy I am missing due to not having Acorn TV. Good luck with your decision making.

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary, Leslie! We will celebrate our 44th on Friday. We were all so young, but like you said, we knew we were in love.
    It's hard to decide what to watch on television. We find we are watching less and less.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful pictures of a gorgeous young couple. Your dress was very special; so glad you still have it. We are 50 years this year - how the years fly by. We have Netflix and Foxtel, which serves us well for a few new movies and documentaries.

  9. Happy Anniversary - sweet photos!

  10. I echo the recommendations for Amazon Prime and TCM! I love old movies and if you have Prime on your Amazon account, it's free. PBS (In USA offers sooo many treasures!) We will celebrate our 45th Anniversary in October with a trip to Wine Country and the Pacific Coast Highway in California.

  11. You do look so young! I had a similar dress when I married the first time (also in 1974). I'm watching less Netflix these days but I am enjoying Acorn with Amazon Prime. I think that I am going to do the pasta dinner tonight.

  12. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I were also married in 1974. We really like Acorn TV and Britbox. Both have lots of British shows; Acorn has many from New Zealand/Australia which we have also enjoyed. We usually switch between carrying Acorn and Britbox, but in recent (pandemic) months have justified having both since our entertainment has been mostly home-based.

  13. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Happy belated anniversary. Lovely photos.

  15. Happy Anniversary! You were a gorgeous bride!

  16. Congratulations! I think you'll remember that we got married in '74 as well (a very good year ;-). . . But I know I'm a few years older than you, and I know I was a young bride! You were really young, and yet you're still happily together all these years later!

  17. Happy Anniversary, L! Aw, look at you two lovebirds! I love that you still have your dress and veil - I wore my mom's wedding dress when I got married, so maybe one of your relatives will admire it and reuse it (that style is all the rage right now!).

    My husband and I finally got Netflix Canada this past year, and have really enjoyed it. We still have the Crave package of channels through Shaw, which includes HBO, movie channels, AMC and many other good channels. We're able to PVR/record shows through that, so that we can watch newer offerings long before they show up on Netflix.

  18. Happy anniversary! I just wanted to say I loved the photos and that my anniversary is coming up in August! We were married the same year as you, 1974, and also I have my wedding dress and veil still. In fact, my veil looks similar to yours, I had a daisy embroidery along the edges of it. Also love hydrangeas, my Annabelle is doing great this year. It is loaded with blooms right now. It loves it on the north side of our garage. Thank you for your postings, I check here every day and enjoy reading and seeing your flower photos.

  19. Congratulations on your 47th Wedding Anniversary! Love your wedding photos!
    I’m also looking at new TV options. The technology is so different and varied now.
    Charlene H

  20. I love BRITBOX and ACORN which I get through Amazon. They are subscriptions.

  21. I really enjoyed seeing your wedding pictures and seeing your wedding dress and veil. You and your husband were/are a very attractive couple.
    My husband and I were married on September 28, 1974. It seems that there were a lot of us who married in 1974. I don't know if it was just around here in my area, but in just a couple of years after 1974, it seemed like many of the people my husband and I knew, lived together for quite a long while before getting married, if they ever got married
    to each other at all.

  22. Congratulations to you both! What lovely photos and sweet memories.

  23. I enjoy all of your posts so much. I love your combination of gardening, fashion, books, and life on the coast. Thank you for for sharing.