Thursday, June 25, 2020

Roses on repeat...

I am finding it a challenge to write my blog during Covid.
There's not a lot of excitement here in The Humble Bungalow.

We are maintaining our small bubble of people to stay safe and not entertaining much...we have our closest couple over for social distancing happy hours in the garden but that is about it. We have not been "out" for a meal but have done take out about 4 times since early March.

I managed to get an appointment with my hairdresser...
the first one since mid December!

It feels so much better!

Voyage d' Hermes Arlesienne by L'Occitane and Figue Amour by Bastide.

I've been wearing perfume every day and pearls most days 
even if I am wearing jeans and a simple Tee shirt.

These "little things" help to keep me focused on the "positive."

Dressing up occasionally 
but mostly wearing casual walking and gardening attire.

I've tried harder to keep my FitBit steps up.

My weight is up 7 pounds.
 My doctor reduced my daily Thyroid medication last Fall.
He said that I would really have to amp up my activity 
drastically cut avoid gaining weight!

I am not happy about the number on the scale
but I will not perserverate on it right now...

I need comfort and less stress during the pandemic.
As we are constantly bombarded with grim news I turn off the TV and radio...
self preservation is a must.

I turn to the garden...
so inspired by the beauty of our glorious roses.

Graham Thomas

Claire Austin

Constance Spry

Jude the Obscure

Paul's Lemon Pillar

Taking Tea 
a daily ritual ~ so soothing.

Have you read this wonderful publication by Sharon Santoni and her team?

My French Country Home magazine is filled with beautiful homes, gardens, recipes from France. You can use this link to the website.

I also enjoy the subscription boxes
they are such a luxury.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Your hair looks very pretty, but I must admit I miss your lovely curls. I know what you mean about keeping your spirits up, it is so difficult and the county I live in has the highest number of corona virus cases in the US - it is very daunting.

    I had awful technology problems last week so it is nice to be back and be able to read your blog. The roses are beautiful.

    1. Oh I had no idea that your county had so many cases of Covid! You are wise to take precautions and stay safe.
      Tech problems drive me crazy! You must feel so much relieved that you are back online.
      I can still scrunch my hair with the diffuser but lately I have been putting it in an updo and using a clip to secure it. Great for days spent in the garden and cooking.
      Take care Adrienne

  2. Your haircut is great! I just had mine cut as well—such a treat! As are your roses, thank you!

    1. Your haircut looks fabulous mater...and good for you dealing with that dentalwork.
      Hope you are enjoying these sunny days and keeping well.

  3. I think your hair looks nice especially the grey highlights.Your roses are lovely. Yes, I've gained 5lbs as the scale at my oncologists office registered. Well, I'll worry about that another day. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful area.

    1. Sounds like you are dealing with something more serious than weight gain so putting that on the back burner is wise. Keeping things in perspective is so important for our mental well being.
      Sending you positive thoughts as you move forward.

  4. I love your hair cut! I have my hair done every 3 months. Cut & highlights. I was fortunate to have my appointment just before things like salons shut down and then when they reopened it was almost time for my next cut & highlights. :-) My hair is normally curly, but I prefer it straight. So depending on the weather, I have to go with the flow! my best to you!

    1. I forgot my flat iron and we are at the cottage this week so I am letting it do its own thing! Wavy hair, pony tails and updo's with straw hats are my go to right now.
      Hope that you are staying safe.
      Take care Linda

  5. I've been having a hard time writing too. There's not much to say that hasn't been said before. I've started tracking my food again. I would really like to get off blood pressure medication. It's fun to be able to wear hair straight or curly. Lovely details and small pleasures are in order right now. I go out and count my tomatoes every day. I'm reading The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek. It's really interesting. Women were hired in the Depression to visit people who lived in the mountains of Kentucky to take them books and to read to them. I'd never heard of this before. I had a distanced book club meeting with 9 other ladies in a park. It was fun. We just need to enjoy our days as much as we can.

    1. Your book club meeting must have been fun! We all need to be creative while we navigate this Covid Crisis. We are currently at the cottage and had a happy hour last night here on the deck with a few other couples and we set the chairs up in pairs and arranged them far enough apart...I had hand sanitizer on the table and appetizers that could be reached without getting too close to others. It felt quite "normal" and was a good opportunity to catch up on what others have been doing since the original March lockdown.
      Take care and good luck with the food tracking!

  6. Your roses, as always, are a treat for the eyes. Jude the Obscure is divine, and I am very partial to a yellow rose. Ours had died off, but we have recently invested in a new yellow, and it has four buds :) It is reassuring to read that you are keeping safe at home, and we are doing much the same. Our State has managed very well, but people are flouting rules now, and a flare up down south in Victoria shows just what could happen. Your hair looks gorgeous - I have not had a cut since February, and no plans at this stage. I wanted to grow it a bit anyway. We had someone here for tea today, first one in months! Be safe, take care.

    1. Tea time with a guest sounds lovely! We are keeping our bubble small but have enjoyed some outdoor visits with friends...all safely distanced. We are at the cottage this week and people are very respectful of each others' spaces.
      We had a meal out on the patio of a local bistro...they have been granted extra areas in which to move the outdoor seating to a much larger space.
      It was nice not to have to cook for a change!
      Stay safe Patricia

  7. Your hair looks great! Your roses are just beautiful.

  8. Those roses are so beautiful. I cannot grow them where I live so am envious. Your hair looks lovely for its trim but I miss the curls. Life is very strange right now and it must be difficult to find things to write about when the days tend to blur into one another. comparatively safe place.

    1. My hair is wavy this week at the cottage as I forgit the flat iron!
      Writing continues to be a challenge...I follow the Gardener's Cottage blog written by Janet and she has not been posting as much and I dearly miss her posts. Life seems so unusual these days and i am craving "normal" but I am unwilling to take risks that would jeopardize my health or the health of others.
      Stay safe Christy

  9. My hair is very similar to yours at the moment - mine is maybe an inch or so longer plus I have bangs. My haircut is booked for next Thursday the 2nd with all sort son rules and regs to follow - which is fine with me. With the heat and humidity I've been wearing it in a ponytail or a bun - and believe me, neither is a good look! :-)

    Your garden is amazing and those roses are just spectacular - thanking for posting he photos - it gives the rest of us something to look forward to.

    The museum and the art gallery have just started to open but the first few weeks are for members only and you have to book your time - I have a membership to both so may take advantage. If I feel that there are too many people then I would simply leave. We'll see.

    1. I have a pony tail and an updo on occasion too and I am not sure that they are flattering but they keep the hair out of my face when I am in the garden and cooking.
      Having the art galleries and museums open must be delightful! I would love to peruse a gallery...safely of course but what a great treat it would be! I hope that you enjoy the displays.
      Take care Margie

  10. I always look forward to your rose photos. A treat for the eyes!

    1. Glad to hear that you enjoy, especially roses, help to brighten my days.

  11. Isn't it a treat to get to the hair dressers? My friend has her business out of her home, and I was one of her first clients lined up for a cut. I have made the big decision not to get a colour and let the grey roots shine! It will look odd for a few more months, but I may get a very short cut in August to get rid of the light brown coloured ends. We'll see!

    I also love magazines, and am a bit disappointed with my usual subscriptions since they are vert thin this month! I have also bought Woman & home, a UK publication which i really enjoy. I will have a look for the above one at my local news/magazine shop.

    Love the roses, as usual!

    1. Oh my yes! Our hairstylists can work wonders! Good for you to grow in your grey hair...its quite liberating not having to spend hours at the salon getting highlights or hair dye.
      I am getting a pedicure today and have been looking forward to this treat for months! It feels like such a gift to be able to have this done.
      Take care Michelle

  12. I got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago - it felt so great! I love your hair. Our bubble has expanded due to losing our friend - we had to hug. We're still being cautious with distancing, though, and I hosted some of the gals the other night.

    My weight is up as well - stress eating for me. Be kind to yourself.

    I love seeing your roses - they are just beautiful, very calming.

    1. Great that you got to see your stylist! Dr Bonnie Henry missed her stylist Lindsay a lot too! She used to go to Shampoo Hair Bar where i go but I never saw her there.
      My most recent bloodwork showed that my thyroid levels were only several points higher than the "lowest range!" That makes it really difficult losing weight. If WW had classes in person as I think I would return to that program as I need more support than the online tracking tools.
      Take care and enjoy Canada Day!


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