Sunday, February 16, 2020

OOTD ~ Valentine's Day

What to wear for Valentines Day?
I opted for a pop of red...

Jeans ~ Vintage America
Shirt ~ Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes ~ Joesph Seibel

I love these jeans
they fit well and are super soft
the length is perfect for my short frame.

I have another pair of these, in a different style
they are getting really faded and worn in
I've worn them SO MUCH!

I felt like upping my game a bit and purchased a new pair.

The pearls that my husband gave me many years ago on Valentine's Day.

We walked to our local pub in the village for a date night dinner.
A lot of people had the same idea and it was incredibly LOUD.
Hard to hear above the laughter 
with what we considered shouting at the nearby tables...
(some had obviously imbibed a bit too much)

We watched as they made their way to the exit and hoped that they were not driving home impaired.

The food was delicious and we both enjoyed our meal.
It was a lovely treat not to cook dinner.

Ballet flats are comfy to walk in and look great with ankle length jeans.

I am going on Jamie Cat Callan's Paris Tour this coming September and I am so excited to see her again and meet all the other women on the tour.
We all had such fun last time in 2015.

She has a couple of spaces left if you are interested.

Rose Hip with a raindrop...
a pop of colour on a grey day.

I love good chocolate and Pender Island has a wonderful shop.
One can sit and have tea or coffee and a sweet treat.

I'm looking forward to Summer 
when I can use this vintage bag that I bought a few years ago on Ebay.

I must get some things accomplished today so I will close for now...

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~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Wearing red lipstick in my current favourite shade.

Luscious rose hips...



  1. Happy (belated) Valentine's Day. Love the outfit.

  2. How is the color of that lipstick? I sort of want it just because its color name is my daughter's middle name.