Saturday, June 23, 2018

Summertime Snippets....from Quarter Deck Cottage

Jude the Obscure 
a David Austin Rose 
my favourite rose.

summertime beach reads
both set in Paris

Perfect for the week at the cottage
I read them both in a couple of days 
so I needed to get to the bookstore asap!

Fortunately I found a fabulous book.
I am halfway through this novel and do not want to put it down!

Friends came by for drinks on the deck...
fresh strawberries from the Farmer's Market
assorted cheeses and crackers, 

I like to keep it simple here at the cottage...
I give myself permission to relax by not making any meals 
that are too labour intensive.

Making more time to read, walk, swim and knit...
or just gaze out at the sea.

The pretty flower baskets hanging by the pool 
are frequented by numerous swallowtail butterflies.
The weather has been hot so the pool has been a great spot to cool off.

Jude is wilting in the heat!

It is cool on the deck after the sun sets.

A great day at the beach...
we found all this sea glass to add to our collection.

The jar is already half full!

Award winning rose from the local Sea Star winery
perfect with a summertime dinner.

grilled lamb chops
fresh carrots from Raven Rock Farms
sweet nugget potatoes with butter and mint leaves

Views of the Salish Sea and the setting sun...

I found a broken oar on the beach...
I plan to distress it a bit more and will keep it at the cottage.
You never know what you'll find on the beach.

I love to explore and keep my eyes open for things washed up on the shore.

I've got some things that I need to tend to here in the Humble Bungalow
deadheading the roses for a start!
so I will close for now.

How is your summer going?
Are you planning a holiday somewhere exotic or do prefer to spend time at a cabin or cottage? 
Perhaps camping or glamping is on your radar...
or a staycation.
Whatever you choose I hope that you will have fun.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Oh, it all sounds so lovely and rejuvenating. The rose looks like a peach in flower form. I imagine it smells as heavenly as it looks.

    1. The cottage is exactly that...a place to rejuvenate and escape from the noise and construction that is ongoing here at home.

  2. Just lovely Leslie...perfect summer views. I like your selection of books, we have been talking about books based in Paris at The Brown Paperbook Club. If you are on facebook, come find us. I am off to Botswana at the end of the week, family safari time. After that it is all summer in New Hampshire for me! Wishing you many happy days ahead! Jeanne :)

    1. I'll check it out...I have never been in a bookclub. Hope you have a wonderful safari holiday! It sounds exciting.

  3. Thank you for taking me on vacation with you. Blessings Hostess.

  4. How lovely! We are tooling our way up the coast and enjoying the cooler weather. We will be on the island early July and in Victoria the second week. So looking forward to it! I’d love to meet for coffee or a cocktail if you’re available.

    1. Please send me an email when you get into town...we have some holiday plans starting in mid July so I hope we can make our meet up happen as that would be fun.

  5. All looks idyllic at the cottage. We are heading off on a coastal winter holiday in our new caravan. Just picked it up a day ago so have had fun packing and making up the bed with fresh new linen bought to match in with the upholstery and colour scheme. I am looking forward to cold walks on the beach with the pooch, finding new wineries to sample, cozy cafe and antique stores and playing cards of an evening in the van. This van came with a TV which I have said can remain at home!! The dog is staying close to me today as I give the house a thorough clean and change linen before we go. He can sense a trip and doesn’t want to be left behind. So enjoying your roses and glimpses of summer down here in the cold! Tonkath x

    1. A caravan holiday sound like an adventure...and a fun new addition which should give you many enjoyable geataways. Happy holidays!

  6. What gorgeous photos - just love them!
    No real plans for this summer - this is the second summer I've had off since I was 15 so it is still a novelty and there is a lot to do in the city at this time of year. I prefer to travel in the Spring or Fall.
    I'm going to check out a couple of those books!

    1. I am sure that there will be no shortage of entertainemnt while you are in town this summer. The Room on Rue Amelie was very reminded me a bit of Kristin Hannah's book The Nightingale.

  7. There's a new podcast about Jude the Obscure (the Thomas Hardy book). Jude the rose is gorgeous.

  8. absolutely beautiful {new to me} rose ♥ ..
    thinking i should see if our local plant nursery
    has one or can order one as i have the perfect
    spot for it. :) ... lately i've been caring for a
    geriatric pooch as well as visiting my geriatric
    father (often). we camped earlier in the month in
    lake tahoe for a week - in our 55 boles. we have
    another boles (also a 55..just smaller) that we're
    rebuilding from the ground up. yesterday i installed
    the flooring. and now? my right hand is in considerable
    discomfort. :/ but oh the floor... ! beautiful.

    1. You could probably find it on the David Austin website...they have amazing roses!
      The trailer sounds like fun...rather like our small boat.
      Maybe take a few days off to rest your hand? I did that once when I was pruning and my hand was not happy...I have also done it painting too...we use muscles that are not regulalry used and the after effects can be painful.
      Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Life is beautiful on the sea cottage!
    I will spend a couple of weeks at the croatian coast,in my apartment. With a prolonged weekend in Vienna (and maybe one surprise in the autumn)-nice summer

    1. I read on Frances' blog that you two met up again...I hope that you had a lovely visit.
      Croatia sounds wonderful....and a coastal holiday will certainly be refreshing.
      Happy holidays D!

  10. Your cottage is absolute perfection. What a great spot. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Suz from Vancouver

    1. Aren't we blessed to be enjoying such sunny warm weather here on the coast?
      It sure makes up for all the grey rainy days of Fall and Winter.

  11. Wonderful place you have there and even more with your personal touch. You have good taste in everything: from your roses, home decor, what you read, the food you eat... your photos are always very beautiful.
    Greetings Maria x

    1. Maria...I like to have things that "speak to me" natural accents and of course roses...they really are my favourite flowers. I am kind of obsessed with them...I am sure that comes as no surprise!

  12. Replies
    1. Oh YES! I read about the engagement must be very busy planning!