Friday, June 1, 2018


I've been wearing white jeans and white linen pants these past few weeks and mixing them with denim shirts, chambray tops and here with a thrifted denim jean jacket.

NYDJ white jeans
Marks Work Warehouse white top
Guess silver sneakers
No Name denim jacket
(the tag was cut out)

I am at Marshall's looking for a new top to wear with my dressy white UP pants.

You can see my messy hair...
it's growing 
but not as fast as I would like it to!
I have to persevere and be patient until the short layers are longer.

I found a top and some birthday gifts for our darling granddaughter Isla 
who is turning 8 in June!
Where does the time go?
She is growing up just so fast!

The top is striped in blue and white
the silhouette is flattering as it camouflages some of my wobbly bits!

The garden is keeping me quite busy these days...
watering all the potted plants
 dead heading the roses

I just get "caught up" in one section and then I have to start all over again!

I love being able to pop outside and pick our roses 
 bring them inside and arrange a bouquet
or as in this case give them to a friend
who hosted a celebration of life for a former colleague 
who died unexpectedly
at the age of 70.

Which reminds us all that we need to live each day to the fullest.

Carpe Diem ~ seize the day!

We paid tribute to our dear friend and colleague Ray 
in a beautiful garden 
where we used to have our year end staff parties.

His wife attended and there were lots of hugs, tears, a toast and many stories were told.
She was very fragile 
but was so glad that she was there 
as she realized how much he meant to all of us 
 we were able to tell her about the kind things that he did for so many 
 students and the staff.

Here are two David Austin Graham Thomas roses.
They are heavily scented large sunny yellow blooms.

If you grow many roses as I do you'll come to realize

That they require attention and TLC
like offspring
if they are to thrive and grow.

I only choose varieties that are fragrant, hardy and are repeat bloomers.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.
Hope your weekend has some fun packed into it.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Love your silver sneakers. So chic.

    I know what you mean about the garden, it's like the Golden Gate bridge, you finish at one end and by then the other end needs attention. It is definitely never completely perfect.

    1. That's a great example of what it is like here in the garden!

  2. Hi,

    I left you a comment yesterday and it didn't appear so I am going to try again...

    I love your silver sneakers. Very chic.

    I agree with you about the garden, it is rather like the Golden State bridge as you start painting one end and by the time you are done the first end needs painting again. Work on a garden is constant, but so rewarding. Your garden looks lovely.

    1. I have moderation turned on for the comments so I was just a wee bit late publishing your comment...I apologize.

  3. How I enjoy your blog. You seem practical and to enjoy the work it takes to delight your family & make a cozy home.
    I laughed at "the wobbly bits" - I have them too despite my daily efforts.
    Thank you for your generous spirit

    1. Thank you!
      Those wobbly bits have a mind of their English friend refers to loose skin on the upper arms as bingo wings!

  4. White jeans/trousers are elegant and they always elevate the look (especially with the silver sneakers)
    And the roses are beautiful!

    1. We are really enjoying the roses right now...they are at their peak in the summer months and we wait all year for their display.

  5. It's always a treat to view your gorgeous David Austin roses in bloom. How very thoughtful and kind to commemorate a friend and colleague. It's nice to know that although he's gone but not forgotten. Your hair is showing the new length. I like it. Love the sneakers too. Amelia

    1. We are a very close knit group of former co-workers...more like a family than a regular staff at school. My hairdresser is liking the shape and tidied up the bottom at the back and told me to come back and see her in 2 months...maybe it will be another inch longer by can hope!

  6. Love your outfit. I especially like the cut and length of your denim jacket. What a find!
    Also enjoyed the kindness and thoughtfulness of celebrating your friend's life with his family and friends.
    Charlene H

    1. The denim jacket was hardly worn when I spied it in the thrift it cost less than a Starbucks latte! Love being able to stretch the clothing budget with good used guilt either when buying used clothes!

  7. Your OOTD is casually elegant. I think I'll shop my wardrobe inspired by your outfit. Thank you (again) for the beautiful floral photography. Gwen

    1. Most of us have some denim pieces in our closets and they just get better with age...I love how they soften after many washes.

  8. You look great and summery. I like your hair messy, I think it's young and fun. Gorgeous roses as always. You really have a green thumb!

    1. I think the clay soil is responsible for the roses...that and the quality, hardy stocked varieties of David Austin roses. Their reputation for roses is top notch, they win gold medals at The Chelsea Flower Show over and over...and keep coming up with new and exciting roses!

  9. It's always been my dream to have a rose garden and to be able to have enough to cut and bring into the house. Yours are so beautiful!

  10. Loving your silver sneakers, Leslie!
    The tribute to Ray looked beautiful <3