Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The French omelet...

When I ate lunch in Paris 
in 2015
I chose either omelets or salads.

Before that visit I had never made a decent omelet...
I made scrambled eggs and added things like cheese or herbs
the reason being
I was quite intimidated by the flipping of the egg mixture.

I am using David's recipe which is a basic one...
adding a few bacon bits, mushrooms, cheese and sliced fresh basil.

The "secret" to making an omelet is to use the freshest eggs
an omelet or a crepe pan!

I purchased this one when I returned from France several years ago and have been able to make omelets ever since!

My friend H turned me onto this tasty curried ketchup
which we found in a deli in Duncan on a recent "road trip."

Omelets are healthy, tasty and low in WW points.
Protein at every meal helps to keep me feeling satisfied.

In between meals I will snack on fresh fruit if I do feel a wee bit peckish.
I am still working at getting back to my WW goal weight.

Eating healthy, 
watching portion sizes, 
walking daily
 are all
lifelong habits.

I've started swimming once a week at the recreation centre
which is helping increase the range of motion 
with my "almost frozen" left shoulder.
The right one froze 2 years ago and it lasted a year.

Massage therapy is helping manage the pain for the most part,
anti inflammatory pills and topical Voltaren round out the rest of the treatment for now...

I really cannot complain too much as I have friends who are currently going through much more serious health issues.

How is your week going?
Do you have a favourite healthy meal or snack?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I love omelets. Sometimes I mix liquid egg whites with one egg to make a lighter omelet. I've walked a lot this week. Tomorrow's the last day before spring break. Time certainly flies.

    1. Enjoy your break Madame...congratulations on the walking too!
      I've been out quite a bit with this sunny feels so good. Now if I could just lose a few pounds!

  2. I lovee omlettes with mushrooms and your omelette looks very good and inviting. I also make a sweet version for dessert, I think they are called crepes, which I fill with fruit jam, ice cream or Nutella. As a snack I eat fruit and if I feel like eating sweeter I nibble on raisins :)
    Greetings Maria x

    1. Your dessert crepes sound really delicious...I am avoiding sweets and desserts as I am determined to lose a few more pounds.

  3. Somewhere I had read that omelettes are better with older eggs.
    There are two tricks to turning them: use plenty of butter and gently push the cooked parts to the center so the uncooked parts run to the sides and get done. Garnish and let it sit a minute, which makes a slightly browned crust, then turn.
    We had omelettes for dinner on Tuesday with the first asparagus of the season. Yum!
    I've been making giant chopped salads for lunch; they usually last a couple of days. Yesterday: grated beets, carrots, cucumber, onion, red pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, plus a can of rinsed/drained lentils and corn--the lentils + corn make a complete protein. Dressed with oil and vinegar, plus a little dried cumin, though I change the herbs and spices each time for variety.

    1. Oh interesting about the older eggs vs. the fresher ones...I rotate the omelet pan as the eggs cook so they are evenily distributed and I serve mine just done not overcooked as they are moister that way like in Paris!
      I love a salad as a meal...they are so healthy and light and using a variety of ingredients makes them more appetizing.

  4. I often make omelettes for dinner, sometimes filled with cut up leftover roasted vegetables. Yes, the key is the right pan. Your lunch looks delicious.

    1. I've never tried making an omelet with roasty veggies and now you have inspired me to try one!
      I love eggs...hard or soft boiled, scrambled, poached and stuffed.
      They are economical and are a great protein...WW friendly too!

    2. If using roasted vegetables, try making the Italian version, a frittata. So good too. It is finished in the oven. Great for dinner. Allows time to make the salad.

  5. I like an omelet for lunch or dinner too. I can make them quite easily if just for myself but if for 2 they are too thick so wind up being more like a frittata. Do you usually make them individually if having lunch with your hubby? Or do you have a trick when making a larger one?
    Thank you
    Suz from Vancouver

    1. I know what you pan is made for just the 2 egg omelet...any more and it would overflow!
      My husband is not a fan of omelets...I only make them for myself.

  6. I love to make omelets but I am not very efficient at it. I really need a good pan like the one you have. Do you recall what brand it is?

    1. The pan is by Lagostina and I think it is a crepe pan but works perfectly for omelets!

  7. I really enjoy omelettes too and make them quite regularly with different fillings. I had lovely ones with mushrooms and spinach last year at a hotel when we visited Sonoma. Consequently I’ve made that quite a few times and I top it with grated Parmesan.
    I remember my mum, rather than flipping them over would hold the pan under a hot grill, where the omelette would rise a little as it cooked. More firmer than making it as Taste of France described but still very tasty!
    I also enjoy making a pastry less quiche, baked in the oven then sliced and served with a mixed salad. This will keep a few days in the ‘fridge so is handy for weekday lunches
    Having a few phone problems so signing in as anonymous:)

    1. Oh I hope that your phone is fixed...I had a glitch with mine yesterday...I texted a friend who is not feeling very well and she never got the text! I worried all afternoon until I called her only to discover that she never received the text!
      Your pastry less quiche is what I refer to as a frittata. I make those too using leftovers...great with a salad.

  8. Thanks for reminding me about omelets. Yours looked perfect-just the right amount of creaminess.
    I took my father's omelet/crepe pan when cleaning out his house but I have not used it (for omelets)in years.
    On Sundays I make breakfast muffins to last me for a week so I don't have to cook on school mornings. They are basically frittatas in muffin tins. All I have to do is microwave for 30 seconds, eat & go. Right now my favorite snack is clementines while they are in season. They are beginning to lose their sweetness so I'm not sure how much longer they will be the perfect ripeness.
    We had another snow day yesterday. I think we will be going to school until nearly July.
    Thanks for your posts. Carol in VT

    1. WW has a recipe on those muffin pan egg breakfasts...Starbucks here have started selling egg bites! I've been eating small mandarin oranges which are incredibly sweet and delicious.
      Oh I hope that Spring is on its way for you soon...its been a snowy winter for you.

  9. Regarding your frozen shoulder; I've had some success with easing shoulder pain using the Back On Track neck brace. It covers the trapezoid muscle and keeps it from getting stiff. I wear it when I sleep. It was bothering me when I wore it on my neck, so I started wearing it on my arm, pushing it up to cover my shoulder. You can find them on Amazon and Back on Track has a website too. Their products were developed for horse and they branched out to people and dog products too.

    1. I've been working out with foam dumbe bells in the pool and building up muscle and resistence training...I am hoping that this will keep my range of motion fluid.
      Do you have a frozen shoulder Denise?
      I am going to look online and check out that brace...thank you.

  10. Your omelet looks delicious and perfect. I do love a good omelet. My problem is that I don't like browned eggs - so it's tricky to get it cooked the way I like it.

    1. Ah well I don't come anywhere close to browning the eggs of the omelet...I like them a wee bit I stand at the stove moving the pan around and keep a close eye on soon as most of the egg mixture at the sides is firming I start rolling it to the middle and then slide it off the pan.
      Good luck.

  11. Since I fractured my foot I've been eating popsicles and today cookies. I don't think these are WW approved. I never eat that stuff. But there's something about this fractured foot, crutches, etc that has just screwed me up. I'm sure I'll get back to healthy eating. Just not yet.

  12. It seems to me to have been an awfully long week, as I prepare to retire.
    I'm glad you enjoy the Curry Ketchup! A good omelette is, according to chefs, the calling card of a good chef. Well done!

  13. OH< I have been into THE FRITOS LATELY!
    Have you ever made a FRITTATA?
    EASY and you just slide it out of the pan into a plate...........just like an OMELETTE but not folded!