Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring Fling ~ a gossamer floral scarf and The Humble Bungalow Garden

It is officially Springtime in Victoria!

Ah...a long awaited breath of fresh air...
and there are beautiful flowers in our midst.

I went to the Avenue to run some errands today and I spied this gorgeous gossamer soft floral scarf and knew immediately that it was just the thing I needed to inject a wee bit of Spring into my wardrobe.

When I wear this scarf 
I will feel the energy that Spring Flowers can impart...

The sunny shades of yellow and orange cannot help but cheer us...

Such delicate and intricate details in this Hellebore

I do love Hellebores in the Humble Bungalow Garden 
 (there is always room for more)

Over the past weekend my husband dug up and reworked 
an area near our asparagus bed.
The ideas for the design were mine but he made it happen.

He dug up our rhubarb and garlic bed and lay exposed aggregate pavers.
We went to the garden center and chose some new pots and found three healthy hellebores to plant inside them.
We have ordered a few Mondo Grass plants...
Now we need to buy a few smaller black pots in which to plant them.

Here is the view from above...
rains are forecast for the next few days so the new plants will get plenty of water.

I was laid up in bed for a few days with Vertigo and have a middle ear infection.
The doctor prescribed antibiotics and I am currently staying away from the pool.
(I think that the germs must have come from the Recreation Center.)

The cats have been marvelous and keeping me company.
I've sipped many many cups of tea
dined on healthy salads and soups.

The Woman in Cabin 10 was a true page turner...
I read it in one day.
I can highly recommend it...
hope that you like it too.

Thank you for all your comments on the previous post...
I enjoyed reading them and there were quite a few good ideas.

Take care and Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Sorry about the ear infection and vertigo - hope it clears up quickly! I've been meaning to pick up that book so good to know that it's a page turner! I am currently reading Louise Penny's "Glass Houses" and "Paper" by Kurlansky (he writes non fiction and I've already read his books about "Salt" and "Cod") - his books are about a single object but how it weaves it's way through human history - really interesting.
    I am very envious of your Spring weather and flowers! Temperatures are going up to about +4C during the afternoon but drop back down to about -10C at night - and if you aren't in the sunlight, or the wind picks up, then it is still very, very chilly! It's supposed to stay like this for at least the next two weeks!

    1. The Vertigo has gone but my ears still feel a bit plugged...shouldn't be long before they clear up.
      Oh how I envy you reading Louise Penny...I have read everything that she has written and am hoping that she has another one coming out this summer.
      There was a cool wind today coming off the ocean when I went for my walk but the sun was shining and it was gorgeous...the daffodils look amazing.
      Hope that you stay cozy and warm...

  2. Beautiful scarf, love your new garden additions and Ruth Ware's books are real page turners. Her new one "The Lying Game" was great.

    1. Good to know...I have seen both of these books at the booksellers but have so many books that I need to read before I add to the stack!

  3. Having suffered from vertigo I know how you are feeling and you have my sympathy. It may not work for you but I went to see a physiotherapist, on my doctor's recommendation, who showed me the Epley manouever and I use that every time it starts to come on.

    That scarf will definitely help to put a spring in your step and those hellebores are just gorgeous.

    1. The vertigo has gone for now...it must be related to the infection like the doctor suggested...hope he's right! I have seen the Epley manoeuver...many people use it with great success.
      I wore the new scarf all day today and it felt cozy and the colours are very uplifting.

  4. Vertigo is the worse. Definitely try the Eply manoever..you can watch videos online. It really helped my husband.

    That scarf is divine...is it from Nicholas Randall?

    1. Actually you might think the scarf was from Nicholas Randall as they carry such lovely scarves but this one was at the pharmasave...near the magazine section!

    2. They also have some lovely ones
      I almost caved and spent 50.00 on unneeded skin care to get a free one. Still rather tempted.
      Glad the vertigo is gone.

    3. This scarf was not expensive...Proving that One can find lovely scarves at discount rather than designer prices! 💐 if I had known about the promotion I am certain I could have loaded up on my cleanser and Micellar water...they last a long time. I buy my moisturizer at Derma Spa now that my rosacea has been acting up.
      Hope you enjoyed the sunshine ☀️ today!

  5. Your garden looks lovely and spring has just sprung! So much clean-up is needed in my gardens and it hasn't been started. It seems I need to force myself to be more "hardy" and get out there and get busy - regardless of the weather (which hasn't been very springlike as of yet).

    1. I think your weather is much colder than ours...I would not want to "rush the season" by getting out too soon...perhaps wait until it warms up more!

  6. We change our time on the weekend and eventually hope for warmer days; it's been a long, cold and very damp winter.
    I am sorry you had vertigo, it is awful and very debilitating!
    The scarf is very pretty - as you mention, yellow brings life and energy, and I love the colour, unfortunately yellow does not suit me.
    Greetings Maria x

  7. Really beautiful scarf,a spirit lifter indeed.
    I'm glad that you're feeling better and can enjoy your garden

  8. Oh dear, ear infections are awful! Hope you are on the mend. Your pretty floral scarf will lift the spirit, and so will the gorgeous matching tea cup. The Hellebores are lovely; I have never seen them growing in Australia. Enjoy the Springtime.

  9. LOVE THE FLORAL SCARF!I have one I wore to HAWAII and have kept wearing even if we have A DOWN POUR!!!!!!!!THE RAIN IS NON STOP.
    SORRY to hear you are down.....................your companion will assist YOU in Lots of cuddles!

  10. I love the scarf. I am a victim of the ice here and I unbelievably gained weight in the hospital! Vestibulitis and vertigo are miserable and I hope you recover soon. We are still under snow here so I especially love your flowers!


  11. So sorry to hear about your ear infection - yes, pools can cause this, unfortunately. I've had vertigo once, it's awful, makes you feel awful.
    The scarf is beautiful! I'd not have passed that by, either! and I love your hellebores in pots. We bought a new hellebore at the garden centre at the weekend, I think they are gorgeous plants.
    I like the sound of the book - might I recommend the latest Jacqueline Winspear (I think the 14th in her series about investigator/psychologist, Maisie Dobbs) and also the latest Rachel Hore entitled The Last Letter.
    Margaret P