Sunday, March 4, 2018

Cooking lesson with Julie...Aglio e Olio

Our friend Julie came over to visit at Quarter Deck Cottage on Pender Island.

We went for a walk, tootled around the island, saw the sights, went out for lunch, and we visited the antique shop.

I found a Lalique piece of glass at the antique shop.
Which I planned to use as a candle holder 
it was quickly re purposed as a wine coaster!

The Rioja Spanish wine was Julie's suggestion...
I had never tasted it before and it's really a nice wine.

Julie is a friend, whom I consider to be a real  "foodie" 
she is passionate about cooking.
I would call her a gourmet cook. 

She has a catering business...
if you have been a long time reader of my blog you may remember that she catered my 60th birthday party.

So when we perused what was fresh at the grocery store we had many options...
but I was swayed when she described the simple pasta dish Aglio e Olio 
which she described as Italian Fast Food!
I was already salivating!

Here is the link to Chef John's version of the dish.

Thinly sliced garlic cloves cooking very gently in a good quality olive oil.
The pasta water is already boiling on the back burner.

We pounded the chicken breast quite flat, 
coated it in flour 
seasoned it lightly with salt and pepper
before sauteing it in a small amount of oil.

(The pasta is added to the pot of boiling water so that everything will be done at the same time.)

We flipped the chicken breast after it was golden brown...
cooked it on the other side
then added it to the sheet pan with the roasted cherry tomatoes.

We drained the pasta and popped in on top of a platter
added a generous handful of arugula 
sliced the chicken breast
and added it
squeezed a half a lemon over top 
drizzled the entire plate with a wee bit of balsamic vinegar.

Here is our tasty dinner.
Thank you to Julie!

Hope you try this recipe and if you do, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. That looks delicious. Simple food can be so satisfying. The gently sauteed garlic makes all the difference -- it's such a complex flavor.

    1. Oh and this pasta dish was so flavourful...I'll be making it regularly from now on!

  2. Looks heavenly; I'll be making this very soon. You had me at the garlic!

  3. Am so envious of your Lalique purchase. What a lovely shape and design. It will look beautiful with a candle. I wonder if that was the original purpose it was created for? I would be clumsy and chip it with the wine bottle resting in it. Your meal looks delicious. How nice to have a friend who is a great cook as well as good company!

    1. I must look it up and see if I can find any info on the seems like a sturdy piece of glass not really vulnerable to chipping. Friends who share their time and talents are such a gift!

  4. A feast for the eyes and palate! So easy to make, too. On my dinner plan for next week.

  5. It looks delicious! Lalique piece of glass-what a find!
    So interesting,to cook together with a "foodie" friend,I like that
    I make Aglio and Olio pasta a lot,as a side dish or as a complete dish if I make it for myself(with or without cherry tomatoes,I may add paper thin slices of pecorino or parmigiano cheese-or not-or parsley,or olives....)
    Simple dishes like that ,with excellent ingredients,are wonderful
    Rioja is a great wine (Spain has some really great wines indeed)

    1. Your idea of adding olives is one I must try...
      I am new to Spanish wines...this particular Rioja was under $15 and had a rich full body, and paired perfectly with this pasta dish.
      Happy cooking Dottoressa!

  6. Yummy! That sounds easy and looks delicious. I used to drink red wine more often but lately I've been drinking white. I enjoy a good Tempranillo and Spanish wine is certainly plentiful now.I'm going to try this recipe.

    1. This might be a quick dinner for you to put together on a work night...not a lot of preparation required and you could slice the garlic and grate the parmigiano cheese ahead...the chicken cooks quickly and the roasted tomatoes soften in a hot oven in about 40 minutes. Hope you like it!

  7. This sounds absolutely wonderful...full of fresh, tasty and healthy ingredients. I must try this right away. Thank you!

    1. Don't you love it when a new easy and tasty dish pops up on the radar?
      I do as I get into cooking ruts every once in awhile...

  8. I am Italian and live in Italy. This is a much easier and classic recipe of "Spaghetti, aglio, olio e peperoncino":
    Only ONE garlic glove (never sliced or chopped) but left whole to slowly simmer in olive oil.
    Add a small red hot chilly pepper.
    Remove garlic glove when it is champagne colour. Garlic is not eaten it is only for flavour.
    When the pasta is drained, add it to the oil pot, stir.
    Dish out the pasta and grate over Parmesan cheese - buon appetito!
    This is an easy and quick dish to do. We make it when we have people over at midnight after movies.
    Greetings Maria x

    1. Thank you for your authentic pasta recipe Maria...I am sure that it is delicious...a midnight feast!

  9. Your Lalique was a great find. I make something similar but just put it over arugula and skip the pasta as we really try not to eat carbs - but it looks so yummy.

    1. I try to limit my carb intake...but once in awhile I HAVE to make a pasta dish!
      My husband loves noodles and pasta...

  10. THAT FAST FOOD PASTA SAUCE without the chicken and arugula is my ITALIAN's FAVORITE!!!With a few dried red peppers added!
    HOW MUCH DID YOU PAY for the LALIQUE!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. We used red pepper flakes as well...I think I got a bargain on the Lalique piece...under $100.
      Oh now I want to know more of what you cook for your Italian...maybe you can share some recipes? My husband loves pasta so much...and I like to cater to his taste in food.

  11. I believe your Lalique piece is a 1924 Ashtray in the Feuilles pattern. Great eye - very versatile item. Barbara in CA, USA

  12. Wow! This was delicious! Thanks for sharing.The hubby loved it.


    1. Good to hear! I've been on Fodd Wishes and found a few other new recipes from Chef John to having some new things to cook for dinner every so keeps me interested in cooking!