Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Power of Colour....

With so much turmoil in our world one doesn't like to add to the load by being a "cranky" so I gave myself a talking to...

Mother would be the first to point this out
her "voice" a gentle reminder which I have taken to heart...

Thanks Mom.

Attitude of Gratitude.

Jude the Obscure is STILL BLOOMING!

Love the tinges of red on the petals...
they are usually all yellow so this is new and I wonder why?
Is it morphing into its former root stock?

Amazing that there are so many buds and blooms and in December!
Another thing to be grateful for...roses.

Can you see the silver Christmas balls hanging from the pergola?
Mr. HB strung up our Christmas lights and hung the baubles.
In the next image you can see the lights on the back deck strung with the climbing Royal Sunset rose.

Jamie sent me her new is an advanced reading copy.
Her books are such fun to read...she is a lovely person too.
I went on her Ooh La La Paris tour a few years ago.
Jamie has that "joie de vive" and she is an inspiration...
I love her positive energy.

Will be posting on this book after reading the book.
I may decide to post an interview with Jamie on the blog.
I think that would be fun!

The weather has been moody and grey this past week.

Dallas Road looks across Juan de Fuca Strait
where we are able observe lots of interesting cloud patterns.

This view is from The Esplanade where Mom and I walked regularly...
 my resolve for not buying anything new was tested
 when I spied these RED 
Josef Seibel flats at 50% off
a great way to add some much needed energy and cheer into these gloomy days.

An icy modernist Tapio Wirkkala vase from the second hand shop
smaller than the vintage Wirkkala Tree of Life vase
that I received for Christmas
a gift from Mr. HB at 17
meant for long stemmed red roses...

Mom did not have a vase tall enough to place the dozen long stemmed roses 
that he gave me on Valentines Day
 we had to cut them down!!

Can you imagine his shock when he saw them cut in half?
Wise move that he gifted a taller vase which I have kept and cherish and am reminded of that snippet from the past whenever I use it!

 This shorter vase will be perfect for tulips.
Perhaps even some red flowers?

Adding some festive touches to our front porch.
Simple green boughs and red Ilex berries make a cheery display.

Red seems to be the colour of the moment here in The Humble Bungalow.
It has certainly perked me up and been a much needed mood shifter.

Thank you for stopping by...

A dear reader sent me an email asking about the sugar cookies that I baked, 
she wanted the recipe.

Here is my friend Bryce's recipe...

I use butter instead of the margarine 
 I dip the cookies into red or green sugar sprinkles gently flattening them just a wee bit before pacing them on the cookie sheet.
My oven is not as hot so I bake the cookies for about 13-15 minutes
but keep an eye on them as they are not meant to brown.

This recipe doubles well too.


~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Beautiful roses
    Amazing shoes-they will bring joy and happiness to your steps!
    Are Ilex berries actually growing in the container or did you just put the branches in?
    I have red Ilex berries with the red Amaryllis (in a tall vase) ,but inside

    1. The berries are on cut branches...they are Ilex and the greenery is balsam.
      Your vase must look lovely with that amaryllis and berries together.

  2. I can't believe roses blooming in December! How lovely! Thanks for the sugar cookie recipe. I am making your rum balls, and I'll make the sugar cookies to take to a 90+ old friend in a seniors' residence. And I love the red Joseph Siebel shoes!

    1. I think its rather odd that the roses are still blooming too...hope your senior friend enjoyed the cookies!

  3. Lovely story about your tall vase!

    1. A classic memory which makes me smile just recalling the situation!

  4. I totally agree that colour can bring a touch of cheer to a day. Although, I must say, I just love that first photo of the clouds over the water. I am purposefully on the lookout for those lovely soft early evenings that are entirely in shades of blue. I saw one once and found it enchanting. Another evening it was all in golds. Just magical.

    I once found some lovely cloud photos on the site of The Cloud Appreciation Society.

    I can appreciate the dip in emotional equilibrium when the anniversary of a death (my husband died on November 16, 2011) comes around. Now I am prepared for the lower spirits. I try to do something to honour his memory. Go places we used to haunt. Perhaps just a getaway to do some reflection. This year I went to a Requiem. My first. I heard the Brahm's German Requiem with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. It was glorious. I came away so comforted and so uplifted.

    Enjoy those delightful little red shoes. I know you will.

    I'll look forward to your review of the new book by Jamie Cat Callan.

    I've just finished a book about music and healing. Awaking the Spirit by Andrew Schulman. It's a memoir and well worth reading.

    A very blessed Advent Season to you and yours.
    Honey Bee

    1. Honey Bee you sound very in tune to your feelings and it must be difficult during these months keeping your spirits up. The Symphonic production and music in general can lift us up...I know there are songs that instantly pick me up.
      Will start reading Jamie's book today...the sun is shining and we plan to go for a walk shortly...hope you find some other wonderful things to amuse yourself during the festive season.
      take care.

  5. So glad you didn't resist buying those red shoes -- they're perfect, and I suspect your mom would have approved! (and I, too, love the story about your tall vase -- that's a very sophisticated gift for a 17-year-old!)

    1. The bright red colour had me in its clutches the minute I spied the shoes...
      they will look great with jeans too so I will be walking with a smile when I wear them!

  6. How wonderful that you still have blooming roses in your garden ! Does that happen 'up' your way usually ? I live in Cleveland, Ohio, where we see nothing but grey gloomy sky from early November all the way through April, with lots of white snow all the while ! Your red shoes are beautiful and could not be passed up at 50% off ! That is a lovely story about the long stemmed red roses - I am so impressed with Mr. HB giving those beautiful roses at such a young age ! What a gentleman he is ! Last but hardly least, what a beautiful view you get to look at every day ! You are correct - so much to be thankful for.....

    1. No the roses are acting a bit out of character...they are usually dormant by now.
      Its usually a grey rainy gloomy time for us but the past two days have been sunny and crisp...with blue skies and such a tonic after the November weather.
      He spoiled me at a very early stage in our relationship...and now I love and grow roses in our garden...
      Best wishes to you for the festive season.

  7. Life is too short Hostess - buy the shoes as they say!
    Am identifying very much with you about your mother as I too lost my mother earlier this year after a very long battle with cancer and secondary issues, I have been unable to properly mourn my mother as my husband is very ill with cancer and I feel as though I need to keep his spirits up so can't let my feelings of sadness show, (very difficult times indeed).
    Best regards
    Cindy F

    1. You have a lot on your plate must be difficult putting on a brave face but I would do the same if I were in your shoes.
      When my husband had cancer I was a wreck inside but I managed to be "light" around him and kept my sadness for moments when I was alone...I hope that you are getting some support from your family and friends...
      Take care,

  8. That vase - like a chunk of ice - so beautiful. I am fascinated that you have roses blooming at this time of year, I know your climate is different than here in Wisconsin, but still it seems amazing - and so lovely. I do see the silver baubles. I hope you post another picture with the lights up. Your cute red shoes have reminded me that I want to be on the lookout for red shoes - just struck me one day that I need red shoes. I'm a very plain dresser and they would be a change of pace!

    1. The Finnish modernist glass is quite amazing...I will try to remember to take a picture of the lights and post them on the blog.
      I have been looking fro a new pair of red shoes for several years...I have been lusting after Ferragamo Varinas but they are a wee bit beyond my budget. These were really affordable so I could not pass them up!
      I am a plain dresser too so a pop of red is a wee bit of magic!

  9. I love your red shoes. Now you have to practice clicking your heels like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. The roses are wonderful. We are fortunate to live on the West Coast.

    1. Ah yes..."there's no place like home!"
      You must have returned to your lovely home and garden...hope that your time away in Provence was a delight...we are so fortunate to be enjoying a sunny few days this week.

  10. I often give myself a stern talking-to also, and it really does seem to help!

    Enjoy wearing the shoes, there's nothing quite as uplifting as looking down at one's feet and instantly feeling happy. Just purchased the same style Josef Seibel flats in black quilted leather with patent toe cap and they are heavenly -- your feet really will be happy.

    Finally, I haven't seen that Finnish icicle style in a very long time, but it was a favorite in my youth. And how romantic that roses have long been a part of your life with Mr. HB.

    Thank you, as always, for sharing.

    1. Yes a stern talking to is often all that is needed...
      I spied that quilted Siebel pair too and thought how very Chanel Chic they looked...
      I considered buying them too as they would be smart with my black outfits and mothers pearls!
      You'll love wearing your new shoes as they ARE so comfy!
      Now that you mention it maybe I should go back to the shoe shop....and see if they are still there!!!!

  11. I bet you grin every time you glimpse those shoes.
    I'm thinking your mom would be pleased with your attitude.

    1. Mom was a serious shopper well into her senior years...she loved clothes and fashion...much more so than I do. She would definitely be happy that I bought the shoes.

  12. I have a similar pair of Josef Seibel (in black). They are the most comfortable shoes I have. I can walk for miles in them. Maybe I should be looking for a pair in that beautiful red.

  13. A lovely post, Leslie. At this time of year, when our Island is so grey and when we are both looking at the first Christmas without a parent, a little bit of colour is good for the soul!

  14. I love your red shoes. A real pick me up. I too have a few roses blooming, of the rambling variety. I spy them from my kitchen window clinging round the gate my husband made and finished just before he died in August. He was so proud of it and the roses cheer me on those bad days. I'm going to buy a new rose next year to add to the memories.