Monday, July 3, 2017

Canada Day, weekend stuff and a summer OOTD

A very grainy capture in the dark...
July 1st Canada's 150th celebration
the fireworks display watched from atop Moss Rocks.

Here's the view from on top of Moss Rocks 
a couple of blocks north of The Humble Bungalow.
The white condo building in the middle at the top was Mom's building.
I still have difficulty thinking that Mom has gone...
I see her in my daily round
and can still hear her voice...

My current book stack...
I picked up The Perfume Garden by Kate Lord Brown and sat for a few leisurely hours and have read the first 22 chapters... I do not want to stop reading!

Have you heard of the Cut Loose line of clothes?
I have tried on quite a few of their clothes over the years as I like their designs.
Many of their garments swamp my short stature...
I suppose they are designed for a taller woman.

Persistence over the years paid off and I have found a couple of Cut Loose things that I love and wear in the summer.

A simple dress with a texture that minimizes bumps and wobbly bits.
The dress dips in the front and there is a pocket on one side.

The pocket is large enough for a wallet or a cellphone.

The back detail also dips 
I wear this with a pair of black footless capri tights and sandals.

I purchased this top in the US at Roche Harbour several summers ago.
It is long enough to wear with yoga pants or leggings.
Another favourite that gets a lot of wear.
I tend to wear looser clothing in hotter weather.
These two items get worn a lot and they wash up easily and hang to dry.

(Happy 4th of July to our neighbours to the south!)

My newest knitting project is a chunky weight white and grey mix yarn blanket.
It is a standard "dishcloth" pattern using two strands of yarn and a size 10mm circular needle with a 60 inch wire.

Constance Spry
a fragrant pink rose that continues to delight.
She is a repeat bloomer and a reliable and hardy climber.

Hope your week is off to a great start.



  1. What good weather we've had! A lovely Canada Day with a refreshing breeze here! I have Cut Loose and Chalet pieces in my summer wardrobe. They are loose but I find them great for hot weather. I finished Jane Eyre and have book club on Wednesday. My next book is a Donna Leon mystery. I'll have to reserve some more books at the library. You have such a collection of roses! Your garden must be very fragrant.

    1. The weather is fabulous and it looks good for the next few weeks. I have seen Chalet pieces at several shops here too but have not tried any of their things on...the garden is lovely right now. I cut and bring in several roses for the house every few days. Love the fragrance that they offer...I am considering buying a jo Malone rose fragrance so I can wear it year round.

  2. Pretty tops. I find myself buying similar tops in boutiques.

    1. I prefer to shop in smaller boutiques where they offer different designs and clothing lines.

  3. A perfect pink rose, nothing more delightful. What a beautiful view your mother had from her condo, and yes, she is still with you every day. I'm sure she loved living there. Your dress and top really appeal to me too, and I know what you mean about those styles often swamping the petite woman. I have tried on similar items, often finding I look quite silly in them. But it is worth persevering, as you have found. Easy care for a casual Summer life.

    1. Mom had ocean views from one balcony and city views from the other one.
      Mom used to refer to baggy dresses as tent dresses. I like looser clothes for the heat but not super full as they don't flatter and make me look fatter!

  4. This is a beautiful view to your mother's apartement building-our dearest continue to live in our memories
    I've never heard about Cut Loose line of clothes-will check it,but this dress looks like a dress I would like to wear during the summer-I like to wear wide dresses or pants (prefer linen and silk,linen is the best-so difficult to find a fine linen dress)
    I've finished Elisabeth Strout's My Name is Lucy Burton (BuffaloGal recommendation),a poignant story about history of difficult family relations ,especcially Mother-Daughter, a sad one for me

    1. I love linen too...I have a pair of Capri pants in white which are loosely cut and a linen dress. Both are cool and wash up easily.
      I enjoyed Lucy Barton and have read a few other books by Emma and think her writing is top notch! She has great insight.

  5. It is nice that you can go to your vantage point that overlooks your mother's condo and even better you still hear her voice. Your photo of Constance Spry reminds me of my own mother as she tried growing it. When I am in my garden, which was hers, I feel her often and think she is smiling when she sees how some gardens have been expanded, all while retaining the plants she worked so hard to grow in her basement. I thought the other day that it is I who is benefitting from plants that she planted that are only now reaching their prime. I look at them and wish she could see them now –– but maybe after all she is looking at them. It is a gift to the future to start plants today. And now my garden is her vision of the future. A growing legacy. I'm sure your Mother takes delight even now in your beautiful roses!

    1. How lovely that you are continuing the tradition of your mother's garden. I find gardening very rewarding...which is good because it is hard work!
      We carry many wonderful memories with us and I have been focusing on the happy times that mom and I spent together over the years.

  6. I always look at the books you post, but this time cannot make out the name written byh Miriam toews! Even with a magnifying card - time for the eye dr!! Laura with thanks

    1. The photo is not the best to see titles. Miriam's book is The Flying Troutmans! BTW I just had my annual eye exam!

  7. Happy belated Canada Day and your blog has inspired my husband and me to visit Vancouver and the surrounding area.

  8. Sounds great! When are you planning your visit?
    If you need any ideas of things to see and do here in Victoria please send me an email.

  9. Love seeing your knitting. I'm making a baby blanket in the same pattern - very slowly. I have left it lay for a number of weeks now - wonder when I'll get back to it!