Thursday, July 6, 2017

Decorating ~ free, thrift shop finds and some luxurious habits.

I love using "found" or foraged things from Nature in our home and cottage decor.

Thrift shop finds also factor in when it comes to things I have added to our bungalow...often they are unusual or somewhat quirky.

I have also been known to pull the car over when I see a free pile on the boulevard.

I am not particularly talented when it comes to interior decorating.
 But I do know what styles I do like and what I feel comfortable adding to our surroundings here in The Humble Bungalow.

Sea shells in a vintage canning jar.

Big barnacle

Chunk of coral

Glass Fish floats

Large Shell

Coral and shells mixed together.

a vintage flag

vintage enamel ware

I love using basic whites...
so versatile 
vases, trays and dishes.

White vintage Ironstone

Potted orchids

Emma Bridgewater tray...I also use her bowls for my morning cafe creme

White beach glass in a Ball sealer jar.

Emma Bridgewater Black Toast Pattern

Fresh flowers in an icy modernist vase.

Simple beach stones inside a bowl to keep the soap dry.

Vintage ironstone soap dish with built in ribbing for drainage.
Lovely soap...a weakness of mine is to buy quality french scented soaps.

Silver accents are peppered throughout the house.

My all time favourite candles...a splurge I know but so worth it.

First Nations baskets.

I love this book
by Tricia Foley 

Her simple style inspires me and I like to pick this book up from time to time and get re-energized about culling and curating what we have in our home.

 Tricia's ideas help inspire me when I am out perusing the thrift shops.
I tend to look closer at the "qualities" or the "bones" of a piece and am able to evaluate whether it is something that could add interest in our home.

Do you have a certain style when it comes to your home decor?
Have you ever hired a professional interior decorator?
What style do you admire?

Hope you have a lovely weekend...
the sun is shining here this morning and the day is going to be hot!
I plan to mix up a batch of lemonade and keep hydrated.


  1. Loved everything about this post! My style is very much like yours, which is probably why I enjoy your blog so much. Like you, I don't feel particularly talented when it comes to interior decorating, but I do know what I like and don't like. I've never hired a professional for that reason. Also, like you, I have my favorite books that I go to for inspiration from time to time. Thank you for sharing your ideas and beautiful photos. Like my books, it's very inspiring.

  2. No, I've never hire a professional....
    I "know it" when I "see it"!
    What I like is influenced and/or confirmed by blogs and books.
    I, too, like white ironstone. And wood objects. Wooden bowls. Wooden candlesticks. Old wooden croquet balls IN wooden get the picture!

    1. These organic properties speak to me too...wood, and shells...I agree

  3. No professional... I want my place to look unique and reflect our lives. I live in a humble, comfortable ranch style home.

    1. We have to be honest and our decor should reflect who we are...

  4. Like you, I love anything French,white, old, an religious. I like designer Nina Hartmann when she was Vintage by Nina as France was her inspiration. Her style is now Swedish.


    1. I bought several of her books...loved that white shabby vibe...

  5. No decorator but me! I love shells and French touches. I do enjoy my decorating books.

    1. French touches remind us of Paris!

  6. A beautiful post, and your house looks very elegant indeed with your carefully curated choices. The stones under the soap really caught my eye, a simple but beautiful practice. Your silver pieces are always nice to see too. I have never hired a decorator, but have thought about it. Suspect I would be an undisciplined client, as I like a bright palette as much as I like white!

    1. It would feel odd with a decorator on site.... would need to take a back seat and I am not sure that suits me!

  7. I've never had a lot of money to spend on decorating but I think I've done pretty well with what I had - I invested in an expensive (for me) couch and large area rug and I don't do matchy/matchy.
    I do have a bit too much IKEA - but I do like the simple lines and the flexibility of many of their pieces. I also move furniture around a lot - something I'm doing at the moment. Friends always know that things may not look the same as the last time they visited.
    I like things with clean lines but I also like comfort and a bit of coziness. I like colour in my accessories and I'm not afraid to mix and match.
    If I won the lottery and was decorating from scratch I'd love to work with Cdn. Designer, Sarah Richardson. Her rooms make me smile and they look as though real people live in them rather than being designer perfect.

    1. Sarah Richardson is inspiring...IKEA has oodles of great gear!

  8. What a feel good post. Just what I needed as I had a tooth extracted today☹️.....
    Moss Street next?? I love the mix of art and people.


    1. Oh no!
      Ali I hope that you are on the mend...
      MOSS Street next!

  9. I have hired a professional interior designer---mainly to have access to their resources.

  10. Your home emanate peace and beauty,as well as your blog
    I've always decorated my places by myself,as mars said-I want for my places to have my touch
    I must admit that I was considering a decorator once,as Susan said above,mainly to get access to their sources,but I realized that I could do it better for us and our needs and am pretty pleased,as well as my family
    There was always an eternal question (as well as in fashion choices): do I live for "the others" to admire my places,or I live to make happy my family and me. Obviously,I choose the second and have never regretted ever since

  11. I admire the work of many of the professional interior designers and love perusing the glossy magazines like Veranda and Cote de Sud... how we decorate our homes should reflect our personal tastes and be an honest reflection of them.
    Your choices obviously work for you and your family...well done!