Friday, April 21, 2017

Yoga and Grief...

I am not at all surprised, at my age,
that there are still many things that I can learn...
or perhaps relearn
what I had thought I already knew.

In the quiet moments of reflection
sitting still

to absorb

new and healthy habits.

I do not hesitate or tarry
the desire to act is strong.
The rewards great...

Yoga has re-entered my life...
it has been a wonderful tool to help work through the grief.

Several women from the over 50 Yoga class have recently lost their Mothers.
I over heard them mention that have been also dealing with estate duties and is easy to strike up conversation and compare notes and share tips.

Physical flexibility is slowly returning
stalled by recent events
is coming back.

Sleep has been deeper and more restorative.

Yoga practice
"with intention"
spills over and permeates the daily round.

The benefits are well worth the time spent at the studio.

Feeling more energy with fewer aches and pains has been a welcome change.
One that has pleasantly surprised me.

Looking at life with positivity and Joy...

fewer tears
renewed faith

Letting go...

Maintaining peace and perspective in times of turmoil...
staying calm when all around you
life is noisy and speeding by at a rapid frenzy.

Breathing deeply and being totally aware 
living in the moment.

Being mindful of how stress can rob the body of its resilience.
You are at risk of getting sick in body, mind and spirit.

The regular practice of Yoga  
has re-energized and restored a sense of balance
in life
refreshed my lagging spirit.

is helping me through this journey of grieving.

While grief is not predictable
when it does show up 
I am better equipped to ride the emotional waves
allowing myself to feel the moments 
then move on...

The Humble Bungalow Blog
has been taking a back seat to real life.

Writing and publishing posts has been sporadic...
not much excitement to report

while life here has been routine...
some may even say dull
but that is exactly what I crave and need right now.

I hope you'll stay tuned...

 Spring is unfolding its beautiful wings
our humble bungalow garden is awakening
flowers are blooming
scents are wafting in the yard
birds are singing and building nests
the sun is shining
we sit and wait
for something to capture our attention 
something worthy of sharing.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.


  1. Absolutely lovely Leslie. I too have found yoga to be the key to my recovery from the trauma of my mother's multiple emergencies. xox.

    1. Thank you Lisa...
      It was a coincidence seeing you on Instagram in your Yoga gear as I had just written my blog post. Sorry about your mom's heath issues as I know how stressful these events can be.

  2. I think yoga makes just about anything better. A while back you mentioned looking for mascara, and I just thought I'd mention that I've been using Neutrogena Healthy Volume, which is made with olive oil and conditions the lashes. It stays put, and I like it. Regular brush!

    1. I recently purchased a new mascara, one that I have used in the past by Dr. Hauschkha. The "regular brushes" are the best!

  3. Such wonderful words - you always express yourself so beautifully and the photography adds so much. Thank you for taking the time to share with us.

    I am hoping to get back to yoga after next week (need an all clear from my physiotherapist) and I am surprised at how much I am looking forward to it.

    Take care and have a lovely relaxing weekend.

    1. I enjoy taking pictures and writing so when they are received with kind comments its even better!
      The Yoga studio where I go is a teaching studio and so they are very knowledgeable about the body and always ask if participants have any issues that they need addressed in that session and so we all are able to specify poses that help us. Good luck finding a class Margie...hope that you like it!

  4. Beautiful quiet thoughts here today, and a sense of peace. Lovely photos. Let life carry you along in its current these days.

    1. Lorrie Thank you.
      I feel at peace when I read your blog and I appreciate your sentiments and beautiful pictures.
      Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. So pleased to read you find yoga your key to coping with the grief and stress. Your blog is as lovely as ever, even if you feel differently about it. I really enjoy seeing your flowers and lovely home. For me walking and singing with a choir are key - I am rubbish when I neglect these two things :)

    1. You seem to know what you need to be happy and content which is so important...we all do better if we are in tune with our mind and our bodies.

  6. Yoga is the only thing I feel guilty about not doing as much as I used to. It is so good for you in every single way and am glad that it is helping you. Keep it up HH!

    1. Oh my I think we all feel guilt about certain things...I feel guilty that I have been eating too much and that I have gained weight since Mom passed away.
      Yoga will be still be there for you when you are ready for it!

  7. Such beautiful and wise words, Leslie.

    I am glad that you are healing and that yoga has been part of the process. The world is a funny place as is the way it sometimes work. I am glad that you found those ladies at class with similar recent life events to work through.

    Stay well and I think of you from way over here,

    SSG xxx

    1. I look at your blog and marvel at how busy you are and how fast your toddler is growing up! It seems like yesterday when you were expecting!
      Take care,

  8. Another devotee here....I have found a class nearby that's a great fit for me. Wonderful group of core students of all ages. The experience is spiritual in the same way attending synagogue is for me: a very personal practice performed within a community. Once in a while the instructor will cue us for a few collective breaths during the flow series and it's a powerful thing.
    Gorgeous photos, Leslie, to accompany your beautiful thoughts and feelings!

    1. The feeling I get when I practice is one of calm and peace...and although there are others in the studio it feels very private too.

  9. Spring seems to have arrived! I'm glad that yoga is helping you at this time. Lovely photos!

    1. Yes hooray Spring is here!
      Have you read the cozy mystery book The Curse of La Fontaine by M. L. Longworth? It was recommended to is set in Provence. I plan to get my hands on a copy as soon as I have finished The Lake House.

  10. Your post reminds me of the power of simplicity, yoga, being present and sharing emotional journeys. Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability.

    1. Upheaval and chaos are stressful and so simplifying life is one way of coping...

  11. You're anything but dull Leslie. Your blog is wonderful and authentic, which is why so many read it. I stopped yoga when my mother was ill as I just couldn't take the time for 90 mins classes (plus the drive, etc.) but have been doing other exercise since she died. Time for me to go back, and thanks for the gentle inspiration...

    1. It is my hope that my blog is honest and authentic...
      so hearing it from you means a lot. Thank you.
      I had started a new gym but cannot face going back right now...and the peace and calm that Yoga offers is so restorative that it is providing me with what I need and crave right now.

  12. This is beautifully written.
    When I was looking for assisted living options for my parents, I contacted everybody I could think of in my native city. I quickly realized that I was among the lucky few to have this problem; many of my friends had lost their parents years earlier. I lost them both within weeks of each other just over a year ago. Even when they live to be in their 90s, it's still hard to accept. Good luck. It takes time.

    1. 90 is a great was 6 months short of her 90th birthday...she live a full and good life and had no regrets so we are grateful.
      A couple of my friends lost a parent when they were in their teen years which must be extremely difficult...and sad.
      I hope to return to France in a year or so and explore the villages in Provence and perhaps revisit friends in the SW of would be lovely to meet you!

  13. Beautiful post, Leslie. Thank you.

  14. You know dear Hostess, that you do not have to have anything exciting to write about for all of your readers to enjoy your blog! I enjoy your blog so very much and one of the reasons is because you write about your every day life and how you cope with it. I have received so much inspiration from reading your blog - about living with intention and stopping to 'smell the roses'....Please don't ever think you have to come up with exciting info ! Your writing is delightful and I enjoy every word.

    1. You are most kind Patricia...thank you for those encouraging words.

  15. YOU ARE SO WELCOME............................HAPPY to hear you are SLOWLY coming back.Those GRANDCHILDREN NEED YOU!XX

  16. I love your gentle way with words Leslie. Doing yoga is a gift for your body....


    1. It IS a gentle practice...I like your comment "doing Yoga is a gift for your body!"

  17. Always enjoy your writing--exactly as it is.Nothing else required.Comforting to read about your journey and to appreciate how much we all share as we get older.
    Take care

    1. We do have many things in common as we get feels good to make connections and friendship is so important.

  18. Your post is like a prose poem-it is beautifully written indeed.
    It is a blessing to find things and people (at your yoga classes) you need in this very moment
    Posts and musings about your everyday life are never dull,together with your photos, they bring tranquility and joy

    1. It felt a bit like poetry when I was writing the post...the words flowed effortlessly.
      The photos were from the archives and they were chosen carefully to augment the words.

  19. Just lovely. You sound as though you are living gently . . . a wonderful gift to yourself.

    1. I have cut myself a lot of slack since Mother passed away...
      I am not trying to accomplish much except working on healing at the moment.

  20. Inspiring...imbued with thanks to the author...for sharing what I needed to hear...Bridget