Tuesday, April 18, 2017

In the Pink...

These pretty pink Gerbera Daisies were under $5 at the market 
at that price it took very little convincing
 so I brought them home.

They last about a week in our bungalow and they add so much cheer.
Flowers really do elevate my spirits and are a wonderful way to add an element of beauty to our home.

Speaking of cheer we celebrated Easter with a wee gathering.
Brunch with the 3 littles and their parents.
Easter bags filled with stickers, chocolate bunnies, eggs and a small toy.

On the menu:
Strawberry and spinach salad
fruit salad
scrambled eggs
cottage cheese
smoked salmon cream cheese spread
cheese scones
orange juice 

Then it was off to the park and the spare lot for some running around
 time to ride on the merry go round  
(we all got dizzy)
slide and swings.

I had to empty my shoes of all the sand when I got home!

I purchased some new walking shoes recently...
Jungla and Merrell Vibram
Two different styles...
one casual and one slightly dressier.
Both were half price and my old walking shoes were in a sad and sorry state.

The Magnolias are blooming in our neighbourhood.
We have a white one but many of the neighbours have Magnolias in pink.

Ours is young and only a few feet tall but is putting on a lovely display.
I do so love a pure white flower...
Pink is the colour that has been standing out for me this Easter weekend.

Pink Lewisia plant new from the garden centre.
Mr. HB purchased tomato plants and cucumbers and they were planted.
We enjoyed our first harvest of asparagus from the Humble Bungalow Garden and it was tasty and oh so tender.

Love these pretty sweet blooms.

Started this fabulous book on the weekend...
almost 600 pages and I have read about 200 pages so far.

It is calling my name and the tea has steeped so I will close for now.

Thank you for stopping by the Humble Bungalow.
Hope your week is off to a great start...


  1. oh i've spent hours at the park too leslie! the swing mainly as that is the go to for our grandaughter. lord help us if someone is on "her" swing. lol

    1. Oh that is so funny that you mentioned it...
      we had to navigate a sharing issue too!
      But with a neighbour girl but we worked it out...all facilitated with the help of an aging Grammy!

  2. * beautiful table settings and menu (yUm).
    * beautiful flowers
    * beautiful shoes x2!
    * beautiful book .. she's quite the writer :)

    1. I have enjoyed all her books...she has such a talent for setting the stage and I do love a good mystery.

  3. Pink, my favorite color in the garden...and in the house too. These are lovely, I have tried without success to grow Gerbera daises but I have never tried in pots...maybe now after seeing these I will.

    1. I have never grown Gerbera daisies but now I may just try!

  4. Spring asparagus - the best!

    $5 for a week of pleasure, what a bargain.

    1. Harvesting our Asparagus signals that spring has arrived...
      The daisies were such a fabulous deal I could not resist! Love a cheap and cheerful bunch of blooms.

  5. All those pretty pink flowers gladden my heart too, thank you. We have a few gerbera plants and they are very hardy, and pop up years after year with a few blooms. Your family gathering sounds just perfect: family, plus a really good menu! And I love your new walking shoes; don't know those brands but they look Good.

    1. I wonder if they would grow locally? Your climate is so much warmer than ours so I have my doubts. Lucky you to be able to go outside and pick a posey of them!
      The Merrell's are quite common here but the Junglas are new to me too.

  6. Gorgeous flowers!
    I make a spinach salad with mandarin oranges, avocado and pecans (very '80s, but still so good), but your version with strawberries is calling my name. Will do that!

    1. Spinach is so versatile when it comes to salads...healthy too!
      If you like bacon it is a nice addition to the salad too but our DIL is a vegetarian so we make salads with her in mind.

  7. So glad to hear that you had a lovely weekend with the family.
    Pink is certainly the colour that I am channeling at the moment - I've switched to pink cushion covers and added some pink accessories for Spring and today I am going to be wearing my favourite pink cardigan.
    The magnolias have just popped out here in Toronto and the Cherry Blossom watch says they should be out by this weekend - a friend and I are planning an early morning walk in High Park to see them on Monday morning followed by breakfast at the Grenadier Cafe - a lovely little restaurant in the park - and located just across the road from the biggest stand of the Sakura trees! It's to be a rainy few days here for the rest of the week but looks as though it will improve by Monday so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    1. I love the idea of a pink cardigan for Spring...such a pretty shade and pink is a flattering shade especially to those of us who have some silver in our hair! Your outing sounds like a lovely excursion...walking among the flowering trees, their sweet scents and followed by a lunch...my idea of a perfect day! You must have enjoyed your Monday.

  8. Gosh you post such lovely pictures. Those flowers are all just beautiful. Your Easter menu sounds delicious. The shoes look great. I especially like those Merrells. It seems so many walking and running shoes are such garish colors - I really like the subdued colors of those you bought.

    1. Athletic shoes are very bright and colourful...perhaps the designers want to keep us motivated so they choose wild patterns and colours!
      When I was younger I only wore white sneakers...they were so difficult to keep clean but I insisted that they be white...I have branched out a bit since then as you can see!
      These lovely flowers really make it easy to capture their beauty.

  9. I'm loving pink right now too. I've been wanting the read The Lake House, as parts of it take place in Cornwall (I think I'm correct) -which is a place I recently visited and was very drawn to.

    1. The Lake House is set in Cornwall...
      I love and can imagine the setting as I watched the series on PBS called Doc Martin which is also set in Cornwall. Just a beautiful spot...you must have enjoyed your recent trip there.

  10. Looked like a lovely Easter. Spending time with children is such a joy. We arranged an Easter egg hunt for children in our little town. It was held at the garden of a friend. What a stunning garden. The best easter egg hunter was a 2 year old there with her grandmother and great grandmother. Such joy. How are you by the way. I keep meaning to ask. Hope you are feeling a whole lot brighter. Love your magnolias

    1. Easter egg hunts are such fun for the little ones...
      I am doing better...Thank you for asking.
      I find Yoga has really helped me and I plan to keep up the practice. Our list of things to do regarding the estate is shrinking which makes life a little less hectic. I think of Mom many times each day but do not cry as often.