Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Getting My Happy On continues ~ Grandchildren, a kind gesture, a gift in the mail and a win ~

Our darling Henry enjoyed exploring the "spare lot" on our street.
On this site we have some driftwood benches and a table,
a tire swing, rope swing and a wee lending library.
There are trees and a grassy meadow where children love to run.

Play is serious business...
first you need a plan
then you need to execute the plan
then organize all the pieces
sit back and discuss what will happen next.

Isla and Henry played together collaborating on the building of the tower
they decided on the roles of the players
and then they worked out the scenario...
meanwhile as I looked on
Mira sat on my lap and we played with the shape sorter.

The fellow who owns and operates the excavator that is working on the site next door
noticed that Grammy and three wee ones were at the window watching the action and the steady stream of trucks.

When we all went for a walk past the site he suggested that the grandchildren might like to sit in the cab of the machine...
he didn't have to wait long before he got an enthusiastic response!

My goodness that was a kind gesture and a wonderful highlight for our wee ones.
Smiles all round!

I received a thoughtful gift in the mail this week.
These will help muffle the noise...
love the shade of green too!

Thank you R!

In other "green news"...
I purchased this organic Physician's Formula mascara awhile back.
I love the formula but cannot get used to using the spiky plastic brush.
It has been a messy and frustrating experience 
so I decided that I would give up and move on...

 Dr. Hauschka mascara is back on the job 
with a bristle style brush for an easier application.

I made a yummy prime rib dinner with Yorkshire pudding on Sunday 
we ate the leftovers on Monday
 Mr. HB made some beef sandwiches to take to work.
Probably the last roast for the season.

My back has been stiff and sore since Mom passed away.
(I will book a massage when the bulk of mom's estate is settled)

 Yoga is really helping limber up the muscles and the back seems to be on the mend.
Plus I am sleeping better since going back to the Yoga Studio.
(I love a decent night of sleep)

My Yoga mat is falling apart...
wee bits of the mat are left behind after my practise so I must find another one asap!

This is the mat that the cat scratched a few years ago

Swimming fish amid the lily pads...

I wonder if any of you have had a similar experience with your cats...
any thoughts on a thick good quality replacement mat?

We won a strawberry planter from the Garden Centre!
These planters are quite expensive so I have never bought one but when one gets the call that one is waiting to be picked up you waste no time and start the car!

Our neighbour across the street put this plant pot on the boulevard...
free for the taking so I grabbed it and planted a white hydrangea in it.

How is your week going so far?


  1. Well, what a wonderful variety of life you're enjoying :)
    Beautiful children, charming pot, sweet friends...
    Isn't life good?

    1. We are very fortunate...feeling very grateful too.

  2. Yes! the little holes picked in my yoga mat look just like yours. It must be a texture thing. Your cats are lovely. Glad your life is starting to settle down again.

    1. I think the cats look at the mat and think "aha a scratching mat!"
      The Yoga is really helping me with stress and I feel much calmer and more like my usual self.

  3. I remember visiting my Nana and Papa and playing with wooden blocks that were housed in a wooden wagon. They were fun to play with because they stayed at N and P's. I have been "weeding" the Mystery section at the library and my back now gets stiff from going to the lower shelves, carrying the books to the Technical Services room and sitting at the computer. I will be doing yoga when I get back. They have Yoga on the Pier at Steveston.
    The ear plugs are a lovely gift.

  4. I do yoga at home on the carpet and have never used a mat, so no recommendation for you. Love the pots! How wonderful to win that lovely strawberry pot. I have two blue pots I recently planted with blue pansies. I love pansies in the spring and blue being my favorite color I was happy to find blue pansies!

  5. What a kind and thoughtful guy who let the little ones climb up into the machine. They would have loved that! Our grandsons were totally captivated by earth moving machines for several years, and loved the TV show Mighty Machines. I love those new pots, and what a lucky win with the strawberry pot. Easter Blessings to you and the family, Leslie.

  6. Hello Hostess,

    I recently bought a nice thick yoga mat in a lovely aqua colour from Winners at half the price others sell them for. I don't do Yoga but I hope to work through a new book, The New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand, and Move in the Modern World by Mary Bond. It is in the field of Structural Integration.

    What a wonderful experience for the children!

    We have no flowers yet in central Canada so I always enjoy the early taste of Spring in the lovely flower photos you feature in your posts.

    Hope your back feels better soon.

    Every blessing,
    Honey Bee

  7. Hi Leslie, I laughed when I saw your beaten up koi yoga mat. I have the same mat and it's in the same shape as yours! It's a little puffier than most mats and I slice it with my toenails.

    Thank you for your lovely blog. I spent my childhood in Victoria. The family had a small bungalow on Joseph Street. I visit your blog whenever I need a wee dose of home.

    Thank you again, happy Easter. Kerry

  8. My first yoga mat lasted ten years. It was from Winners. It was thicker than average, yet not one of those spongey things. I replaced it a couple of years ago with the same one. Sorry, I don't know the brand name. I wash them in the washing machine and hang to dry on a rack. It takes a few days so usually happens when I'm going on vacation.