Friday, March 10, 2017

Week one....

It's been a week since Mom passed away.

Lots of things to do and little time for the blog
or for commenting 
on all your wonderful stories 
that you have so kindly shared
 about your experiences with death of loved ones...
mostly our Mothers.

a picture taken at Christmas 
on our annual visit to Laurel Point
to view the decorated gingerbread houses.
We are using this for her obituary 
which will be published in the newspaper this weekend.

Beautiful bouquets in The Humble Bungalow.

This one, is from our dear friends in France.
It brought tears to my eyes when I read the card.

Beauty abounds...
I adore green and white flowers.

I was home when these arrived and was able to sit and chat for a few minutes
with the special couple who brought them.

Tulips from the bridge ladies.

Members of our "adopted family" brought these!

The grandchildren...

The days are full and busy.
So many details to attend to and lots of phone calls to make.
Lawyers appointments
family to call

Trying to keep things simple means not stressing about the "little things"
like cooking and eating WW friendly foods right now!

Something has to go out the window...
time for some comfort food.

Croissant for breakfast...
flaky and buttery
eaten slowly...
the flakes fluttering down onto the plate moistened by tears.

A skinny latte
with a little heart to start the day...

I will post your comments as they come in and please know that I appreciate and read each and every one.

At this demanding time 
I am unable tor respond individually to your comments.
I humbly apologize
but I think you'll understand.

Hope that you have a lovely weekend.


  1. Such a beautiful photograph of your mother, and beautiful flowers to honor her life and soothe your soul. Thinking of you.

  2. lovely tribute to a beautiful momma..
    step softly through your days.
    we'll all be here when you're ready.....♥

  3. A beautiful picture of your mum.
    You look so much like her.
    Even in this difficult time.......
    I want to say, you are blessed.

  4. Oh such a beautiful and poignant post, which brought me to tears. Your mother and you were so alike, and her photo is just wonderful. You will treasure it forever. Flowers are the perfect solace at this time, and what lovely bouquets you have received. Absolutely no WW for you right now, and I bet you in fact lose weight over the next few weeks. Enjoy that latte and croissant! Hugs, P.

  5. Oh Hostess, your mother looks so elegant! What a lovely picture and I am sure she had such pride in her family! You all surrounded her with love and the things she taught you shine through in your writing and pictures. Take a few moments to rest when you can and know that your readers understand how busy you are. Jo

  6. Your mother looked a very composed and elegant lady. I think the time just after the event is so busy that it is easier but then of course everyone is different. I think grief will come in waves. Sometimes you are meant to feel sad on an anniversary but one feels ok and then sometimes out of nowhere like at a supermarket checkout - you get a sudden pang of grief. There is no rhyme nor reason. But it will get better with time for sure.

  7. What a beautiful photo of your mother. You look a lot like her! She looks so kind and spunky in this photo! Thinking of you every day Leslie.

  8. I'm so sorry for the loss of your mother. My mom is 91 so I know our time together is limited. I'm glad you have such wonderful memories of your mom to treasure.

  9. Leslie, the picture with the perfume bottle on Instagram is lovely? Is that your mother and father? Your mother looks beautiful in the photo here. I want to be a chic as she is at age 80. Such an inspiration! That scarf is draped "just so". I love her style. Please share her obituary..I would love to read about your elegant mother's life. My heart still goes out to you as you write about her so lovingly. You are a wonderful, wonderful daughter! How fortunate you are to know she loved you and that you loved her. xo

    1. The image on IG is of my Mother and Father...circa 1953, taken on Trial Island, where a lighthouse is located just off Oak Bay. If you want to read Mothers Obituary it is online at The Times Colonist newspaper site.

  10. We are here for you, and we will wait patiently until you're ready to re-engage. Take life at your own pace, grieve as you must, and hold the love of your friends in your heart... We all grieve with you, just a little bit...

  11. When I first saw the photo of your mom these are the words that came to mind: elegant, beautiful, lovely, refined .... a little more elegance in the world could serve us well and you look much like your mother and I can see where you acquired your elegance. Also it certainly appears to be that you are loved because of all the flowers and support that you have received. Although grieving is difficult - I believe it is better to have loved and lost and never to have loved at all. Based on your posts,your mother and you had a loving relationship. However, I am so sorry for the heartbreak you are going through. Lis

  12. Leslie, I remember how exhausting it was for me to make all the phone calls, both during my parents last days and after their deaths. For me, that was some of the worst, especially because I was an only child. But, you know, all that busyness is a good thing in a way. I think we would surely sink very quickly after the death of a beloved parent if we did not have so many things to keep our minds occupied. I am so glad that you had such a good relationship with your mother! My father has been gone for about ten years, and I can still shed tears because I miss him. I am glad you are able to care for yourself in little ways, and have such good family. Thinking of you. Mary Lou

  13. Of course we understand that you can't comment right now...You do look like your mother. I can see from where your elegance and graciousness was rooted. All our hearts are with you at this time. Carol in VT

  14. What a lovely photo of your mother. She looks a lovely, warm and kind lady. Take care of yourself.

  15. How lovely your mother looks. There is such a strong resemblance between the two of you. I am glad to read that you are being kind to yourself and not diving back into everyday life. There was a reason that people once wore black in mourning - it reminded others of the loss and that they should be gentle with the bereaved.
    I think of you daily and hope that you are comforted by your memories and your friendships. XO

    1. Pondside thank you so much for your card and those cheerful flowers!
      They greeted me after a long day working at mom's condo and brightened my day!

  16. Leslie, your mother was a beautiful, elegant woman. You look so much like her. Your local friends have honoured her by sending these thoughtfully considered flowers to you.

  17. What a lovely photo of your, dignity, and grace that we can all aspire to. Bridget

  18. What a lovely picture of your mother, you do favor her! You have been in my prayers.
    Grieving takes time, and grace.
    My mother died from cancer when I was 12, my father had ms and died 13 years ago.
    I feel I've seen some tough times in my life.
    Grief takes time, there is no right or wrong to it, and no time limits.
    Take care of yourself, celebrate your mom.
    Yes, don't be concerned doing things right or wrong.
    There will be a day when it will be better.

  19. So sorry about the passing of your mother. This is a time to be kind to yourself and to remember to take deep breaths so you're not overwhelmed by grief and the many responsibilities placed on you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  20. What a lovely picture of your mom - you look so much like her. Such a sharp lady! Thinking of you in these difficult days. Take it easy, take your time, be good to yourself.

  21. What a wonderful picture of such an elegant and lovely lady. She has left you all with such precious memories.

  22. Leslie, your mother looks lovely. I know well what you are going through, one of the most difficult times of our lives, losing our mother. You are in my thoughts.

    I think croissants should be considered calorie-free - definitely the perfect comfort food.

    Very cold here in Ottawa - coldest of the year. Shivering just looking out the window.


  23. Oh Leslie, my heartfelt love and sympathy at this time. The photo of your mother is beautiful and reading through the messages has brought back memories of when my own dear mother left, and tissues have been needed. We never stop missing our Darling mothers. This is such a surreal time, keeping your family in my prayers.

  24. What a beautiful photo of your lovely mother! The sweet smile...the gorgeous hair...the scarf and gloves ...and a little knee showing­čśŐ You look so much like her! I have always loved your stories of going shopping or to tea with her!! You have been blessed to have such closeness and time together.

  25. Well it is certainly easy to see who you got your sense of style from - what a beautiful photo of your mom. Today, March 11th would have been my mother's birthday - she too was lost to cancer at only 48 - I envy you the time you had with your mother.
    The flowers are beautiful and shows how you are both held in such high regard. Take some small comforts where you can - they are well deserved.

  26. Such an elegant lady.Just remember whilst ever you remember her she is still with you. Your stories of your mum from time to time were wonderful. My mother was gone from me with Alzheimers when I was quite young and as advised in a previous comment I cared for her. I have always thought how lucky you were to have your mum and such a wonderful presence she had that comes through in her photo. Be kind to yourself and remember the joyous times, of which there is a lifetime of such joy

  27. A beautiful photo of an elegant lady. Treat yourself gently while you grieve.

  28. What a beautiful photograph of your mom. She certainly was an elegant , poised woman and someone to emulate as we age. I'm sure she would warmly approve of your choice.

  29. Your mom's photo shows a beautiful and elegant woman. I see many resemblances between you. Hugs as you carry onward.

  30. You're in my thoughts Leslie ...such a beautiful picture of your mum're so much alike. All your memories will always stay close to your heart and as hard as it is not to have your mum with you she'll always be there in your heart. Its 15 years next month since my mum died ... suddenly, whilst on holiday with us but I think of her daily many things evoke a happy memory ...a perfume ..a song ..something I say that sounds so much like her :) as well as my reflection in the mirror. .
    Take care .... sending love and hugs

  31. What an elegant and beautiful woman. You look so like her. Blessings to you, dear blog friend. Glad to hear you are going gently and are surrounded by the love of friends and family. xo Deborah

  32. This is such a beautiful photo of your mom and a lovely post. Take good care of yourself.

  33. Please accept my sincere condolences. In my experience, grief takes as long as it takes. There is no time line, there is no right or wrong. There is simply your experience, your emotions, your journey. It takes as long as it takes.

  34. Hostess I have been away from my blogs and blog reading lately and have just learned of your mother's passing. I'm so very sorry for your loss. What an elegant and strong woman she is! I can't imagine she could have been more proud of you as her daughter and the woman you are. A lot of love and time goes into making a croissant so I say enjoy it if you can. Sending my best to you in this time.

  35. Such a lovely photo of your mum.
    You have beautiful and dear memories

  36. That's a lovely serene photo of your mum. You look very much like her.

  37. So, so sorry for your loss. She seems to have been a wonderful lady and thank goodness for blessed memories. Sending hugs your way from a Texas girl.