Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Thank you for your kind thoughts,
supportive comments
all of the lovely emails behind the scenes...
they have meant so much to me, they cheer me up and really make a difference.

Some of you are sharing pictures of your beautiful roses,
your gardens full of flowers
green verdant pastures
and beaches from continents far away.

There is so much beauty in our world...
not a day goes by that I do not find something beautiful to lift my spirits.

It could be the darling faces of our grandchildren,
the cheerful daffodils blooming in the garden,
or blue skies overhead dotted with puffy white clouds.

Thankfully these simple joys are not too hard to find in my daily round...
and for that I am very grateful.

These cheerful yellow Gerbera daisies were given to our lovely DIL when we took the "littles" out for lunch this week.

I planted up the urn at the bottom of the stairs of The Humble Bungalow
 New Zealand Flax and primulas.

They look good even sprinkled with raindrops...
I got soaked on my walk today.
The skies opened up and the rain pelted down and soaked right though my coat.
When I left home the skies were blue and the sun was out and in the matter of an hour the skies darkened and the clouds let go...

Friends from France sent me a birthday gift several weeks ago and I have been remiss in not sharing the lovely contents of the parcel.
Fragonard soaps and dotted French socks.

Do you love getting parcels in the mail?
I do, especially when they are filled with such beautiful surprises!

Yesterday I made pasta with spicy tomato and Italian sausage.
I cooked diced onions and red peppers in oil 
then I added slices of the hot Italian sausages and cooked them until they were no longer pink
popped in a jar of Italian passata sauce 
and added sliced black olives, some anchovies and spices.
The sauce tastes better if you leave it simmering on low for at least an hour.

Cook the pasta and when it is al dente
ladle the sauce over top and grate a bit of parmesan cheese on top.

Retail therapy today...

This spotted dress is called a swing dress for a reason...
it has a lovely weight to it and actually swings when you wear it!
I had thought I needed some colour and I still may...
but when I put this dress on I just KNEW it was a great choice for me.
I own a few other pieces by Gilmour and they are fabulous, 
made in Vancouver and reasonably priced.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow.

The attitude of gratitude is my mantra...
whats yours?
Hope you have a great week.



  1. I love this post, and I love your Attitude of Gratitude. We used to sing those words as a little round at our choir warm up. Your new top is stunning, and I know you will look fab in it too (maybe with the French sox simetimes?) I get soaked on my walks now and then, although I always check the skies before I set out. Amazing how rain or a storm can blow up in a matter of twenty minutes or so!

    1. I should have checked the weather as it happens the downpour was in the forecast! Lovely thought that you warm up to those wonderful words!

  2. Love your new dress and the pasta sauce looks delicious. I have never thought of adding anchovies, what an excellent idea.

    1. I love anchovies...especially in a caesar salad or on a pizza!

  3. I am glad that you are taking good care to be with the ones you love and to look at things that are beautiful during this time of loss, Hostess.
    Your urn must be beautiful - I love the idea of flax and primula.
    Your new dress is a keeper! Gilmour makes some lovely things, well worth adding to the closet!

    1. I love the Gilmour line...
      I am trying to be mindful of things that help nurture and heal.
      Hope you are well Pondside...let me know if you feel like a walk and a coffee sometime I'd love to see you.

  4. An attitude of gratitude is a great plan.
    Anchovies can deliver umami in some unexpected places. If you don't like little fishies, use filets or anchovy paste to get their effect with no little eyes looking at you.
    I have a white flower pot just like that. My grandma gave it to me with an enormous jade plant in it. Funny...
    Love your dress. Wearing something that swings can only put more swing in your step!

    1. I like the anchovy paste it is very handy and keeps for quite awhile in the fridge. The pots are really handy and I bet your jade plant looks amazing in it!

  5. Remembering what I am grateful for always improves my mood and my day! I'm glad to hear you're doing well and looking forward. Such a cute dress! xo

  6. Hello! I have tried finding where Gilmore clothing is sold online. No luck😩 Do they have an online retailer? I live in the states and can't find it.
    Thanks, mary

    1. I am sorry that you are having trouble finding the Gilmour line of clothing...I have not tried to find them online as we have several shops here in town that sell them.
      Maybe you misspelled it as Gilmore?

  7. I see it autocorrected in my post 😜But I did spell it correctly in my searches. I found info online telling all about the company in Vancouver, with great pics, but no retailers names. I guess they haven't seen a need for online sales. Too bad. I love their clothes!

    1. Try Tulipe Noire on Oak Bay Avenue in Victoria BC...Kari McLay the owner may be able to help you. She was able to facilitate the purchase of a dress that I showed on the blog a few years ago with a purchaser back east in Canada. Good Luck!

  8. I am glad to read that you are taking life slowly and treating yourself well. The Gilmour dress is lovely and will be very versatile come summer. The weather is uncertain these days, isn't it?

    1. The weather is a bit up and down...I do love to walk in the sunshine and to listen to the birdsong...hope you are enjoying Spring Break!

  9. My dear sweet Mother passed away in Dec. She was almost 98 years old. We lived far from one another but we spent a lot of time with Mom the last few years. I am missing her but happy for her release from pain and discomfort. No guilt, just the joy of knowing her, loving her and being loved by her. My sympathy to you all

    1. 98 is a good doesn't make it any easier though...grief is just part of the process of letting them go. It was difficult seeing Mom in so much pain so I understand a bit of what you felt.

  10. That is a wonderful dress -- I'll bet it lifts your spirits at every wearing -- it would mine.

    1. I love the is one of those dresses that the instant you put it on it makes you feel energetic and ready for fun!
      I am thinking of buying some red shoes to wear with it...and perhaps a red scarf to tie around the neck or the brim of a straw hat!

  11. I'm happy to read your post today You have such a reassuring attitude. And, I love your new dress!

    1. Susan this dress is a so many ways...I almost felt that Mother was urging me on as she loved shopping and beautiful clothes.

  12. Love, kindness, and friendship. That's my mantra.

  13. Having such beautiful surroundings must help in healing. And gentle, nourishing pursuits are balm for the soul. You are blessed to have both.

    Your dress is charming. I fondly remember my swing dresses from the 1960's. I was just beginning to embrace fashion and splurged my hard earned dollars on two mini swing dresses. I remember feeling wonderful when I wore them. I wonder where they went.

  14. Oh those days of the mini and the micro mini and then the maxis were such heady days of fashion. Mary Quant and the London Look were such fun!

  15. Oh, I love that dress! Isn't it wonderful when you put something on, and just know?
    Your pictures are so pretty, and make me long for Spring to do it's thing here. Our weather in the US Mid-Atlantic area has been up and down........almost summer like temps and then a few days later snow. It has confused the gardens, and we have actually lost a few things. As I look out my kitchen window, I see the forsythia starting to bloom, and that makes me happy.
    Take care.