Friday, December 9, 2016

Scarf pattern, salad recipe and a few other snippets...

We have more snow...
this is the view from The Humble Bungalow dining room.

It looks frosty and cold out there.

The red Adirondack chairs are wearing another layer of the white stuff.

This week I have been indoors staying warm and cozy.
 So knitting has occupied a lot of my time
 the newest project is a scarf with an unusual rib effect.
I found a similar one online and modified it.

I plan to knit it until it is about 36 inches long.

I think it will require 2 balls of Drops Andes wool and alpaca blend yarn.
I plan to give this scarf away and I like it so much that I may make another one.

Besides knitting I have been tidying and straightening things here in our bungalow...this is a "before tidying up picture!"

With a cup of tea and a break from my knitting 
I sat and perused some cookbooks 
and discovered a wonderful new coleslaw recipe.

Mandarin Orange Slaw
1 bag shredded coleslaw
1/4 cup chopped green onions
1/4 cup dried cranberries
1 cup drained mandarin orange slices

1/4 cup light brown sugar
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons of the mandarin juice
1/2 cup oil

Mix together and chill in the fridge before serving.

It was refreshing and a nice change from the classic coleslaw.

Chester looks so cozy on his fleece blanket.
Pepper is on her perch staring out the window watching the birds.

Well I must get some household chores done now...

Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Your posts are always so refreshing and calming Leslie. Thank you for the cole slaw recipe! Stay warm!

    1. I am going to serve this coleslaw with a ham and can see it as a summer BBQ basic...hope you are keeping well Susan.

  2. Oh! It's still snowing here. I'm staying with my daughter who just had surgery. I'm tidying and straightening in her apartment as she wants to declutter. I should be an expert by now because it is an ongoing process. I will make that coleslaw. Do you think that it would be tasty if I used a vinaigrette to avoid the brown sugar? I wonder what weather the weekend will bring! I have not started The Nest but it might be a reading week-end.

    1. Hope your daughter is staying warm and cozy. She is lucky that you are able to stay with her and lend a hand....decluttering is never an easy job!
      I think the sugar is an important ingredient as it adds so much flavour to the mix but if you were wanting a sugarless dressing maybe stevia would work.
      If you do make it with the vinaigrette please et me know what you think.

  3. Thank you for the lovely scarf pattern - now if I could just learn to purl! The cole slaw looks delicious. We are to get a winter storm beginning tomorrow night. Forecast is for 6 - 9 inches.

    1. Try watching a you tube video on how to is easy once you practise a few.
      Good luck Jeannine the scarf looks so thick and is a great weight for cool winter weather.

  4. Tonight I made the Hoisin Chicken recipe you posted a while back. Yummy. Thanks.

    I'll try the coleslaw recipe too. I might try it just using peeled mandarins since we have lots around right now.

    1. Oh I love that recipe too! Hope the coleslaw is to your liking...
      it might even make an appearance with a ham or turkey this holiday season.

  5. Ah, more beautiful photos, ( I of course include Chester in that description!), thank you Hostess. Thank you also for the slaw recipe - I will use it in the next few days but with oranges instead. Love looking at your knitting - it is unfortunately something that I never really mastered although I adore all the magical things that people can make. I think that knitting needs a particular mindset and approach to the task - you can't be intimidated by the whole process, you need to take control of the needle action!
    The need for consistent stitch size is my undoing. I start of with a few good rows, then my concentration wanders and hey presto, the last few rows are at least 3 inches longer than the first few and getting longer! Now, crocheting suits my temperament more somehow, not sure why! Enjoy your time indoors :)

    1. The recipe calls for canned mandarins but fresh oranges are a much better choice and would be so much sweeter.
      I don't feel like I have any special gift when it comes to knitting...for me ir is more about having the time to sit and work on a project...I am not very good at watching TV and knitting like so many women that I know!
      Crocheting is something that I can do, but it is not my rows get all lopsided and wonky!
      Seasons greetings Ewka!

  6. Thanks for posting the scarf pattern and stitch. I love the texture.

    1. You are most welcome !
      I originally thought that I would make it 36 inches long but have decided that after knitting 42 inches, to go much longer as it is so very cozy...maybe it will be 55 or 70 inches long. I keep wrapping it around my neck to see what works...
      The pattern would make a lovely lap blanket or throw too.

  7. everything looks so cozy inside. that scarf is going to be gorgeous. you are so talented!!! x

    1. Thank you Janet...I enjoy knitting for the family.
      I am so impressed by your most recent home decor makeover and am looking forward to seeing more of the progress.
      Enjoy your weekend.

  8. That is a lovely stitch! I'd be doing a lot if knitting too! It looks cold up there! I love the recipe. I'll try it. My husband loves cabbage of all kinds. Stay warm! xo

    1. You are looking very cozy in your new scarf...
      I like to keep my neck warm when it is chilly outside and a pretty scarf can add a splash of colour to a basic outfit.
      The snow is melting this morning!

  9. This first photo is especially beautiful-real snow and coffee "snow"!
    The scarf looks nice,it must be soft and warm,welcome addition to snow conditions
    Coleslaw salad looks delicious- I think that maybe it could be made without sugar if mandarin oranges were very sweet-I will try it both way.,nice change indeed,thank you And I'll try to serve it also, adding pieces of cold roasted chicken-or warm maybe, as third variation
    Have a nice,cozy weekend

  10. I love your snippets, Hostess! I want to try that recipe and the scarf pattern both! I am working towards having more time in the new year. (That sentence being a bit of an oxymoron...) The ice last week was certainly treacherous but the snow lovely. Cheers.

    1. Time management is a fabulous tool...making room for more leisure and fun is well worth the effort. Good luck identifying areas where you can streamline chores and responsibilities and make time for more well earned "free time."
      It still feels cold outside but I see that the snow is quickly melting.

  11. Lovely photos as usual. No snow here luckily. I must get back to knitting, the scarf looks like a good place to start. I need to identify how to utilise my free time more positively.

    1. Free time is my idea of luxury!
      Some days I accomplish a lot and others not so depends on my energy level and what kind of mood I am in that day.
      Hope you enjoy the scarf and pattern if you make it.

  12. What a lovely cozy post, Leslie. I am going to bookmark this post for the scarf pattern. The chunky stitches make a lovely looking piece to wear during the cold weather we are having (and will have next week). And the stitches look easy enough for this beginning knitter to accomplish!

    1. I finished the scarf yesterday and after showing it to my knitting group I am going to deliver it to the recipient...I hope that she likes it and will wear it.
      I heard that our weather will continue to be cold this coming week.

  13. I really like that scarf! I bought yarn recently when I went to visit my daughter and her family in Germany. This would be a nice pattern to try with some of it.
    The slaw recipe sounds good. I have always loved mandarin oranges.

  14. Thanks for the coleslaw recipe! I made it for my book club holiday dinner party and it was gobbled up.