Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend Paint In...

The Annual Art Gallery Moss Street Paint In was held this past weekend and Mr. HB and I wandered up the road to the Gallery perusing the artists stalls before enjoying a bite of lunch.

Of course we donated to the gallery's fund raising event.

The Victoria Art Gallery is located not far from our Humble Bungalow.

Over 35,000 people were in attendance 
and the street was full of people and dogs...
(almost) everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

This sign was situated just outside a very large pottery display
many people were lined up to get a closer look.
Two fellows were sitting here when I reached for my IPhone and when they saw what I was doing they made a quick exit!

There was another sign, 
one raising awareness of a possible site for a large sewage treatment facility...
it just happens to be on the waterfront at Clover Point Park.
IMO not the best possible site for this kind of facility...

This hydrangea was given to us when my father passed away in 2007.
The blooms are the largest that I have seen since we planted it.

With so many people parking on our street and wandering past The Humble Bungalow I decided that I needed to dress up the front porch a wee bit so I picked a bouquet and popped it on the table by the front door.

This week is going to be a very busy one 
so my computer time is going to be limited.

Hope you have a great week lined up and that you have set aside some time to stop and smell the flowers!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Wonderful story and pics from a lovely gallery. I can just see the two husbands vanishing....poof! And that hydrangea is simply magnificent. jen

    1. Oh it was too funny when I pulled out my IPhone...those two gents just knew they were going to be caught sitting by that sign!
      I have never picked a lime light hydrangea for a bouquet...I think they are fragile and might wilt quite quickly...

  2. What a marvellous event, and what glorious hydrangeas!
    Margaret P

    1. It was a gorgeous afternoon to ne able to wander about ad enjoy the art and meet with the artists...our neighbour across the street is an artist who participated and we never knew that she was a painter!

  3. Those hydrangeas are amazing! I was at the Annual Outdoor Art Exhibit here in Toronto couple of weeks ago and it was wonderful to wander about and see how talented some folks are! My friend and I got down there early - it was held at City Hall and managed to see quite a bit before it got too hot and crowded. There was one paper artist in particular whose work I really admired. He will be at The One of a Kind show before Christmas so I've taken his card and I'm going to save up a bit of money to purchase something for myself - so many talented people out there.

    1. Oh good for you to get there early and very wise of you to save and plan your purchase!