Tuesday, July 19, 2016

France....Food and market memories...

Warm summer evenings are perfect for dining al fresco...
at home or in France.

Fresh harvest of home grown tomatoes and cucumbers...
 the flavours are truly incredible.

Eating freshly picked vegetables reminds me of my trip last year to France 
The markets are full of farm fresh produce and the display and array of food is so tantilizing, sumptuous and inviting. 
Shopping at the outdoor markets is a real pleasure
it is also a very social event.
One meets and greets the seller before embarking on a purchase.

Weekly Market day in Southwest France 
in the village of Valence-d'Agen on the Garonne river 
a town in the Midi Pyrenees 
across from the wee village of Auvillar where our good friends reside...

Cheeses that are rich and creamy ripe and tasty.

We arrived at the market early...

White asparagus is a delicacy here but in France it is quite common.

We are more accustomed to the green variety.

The radishes look so pretty...
we purchased a bundle and served them before our dinner.
We ate them raw dipped in delicious salty butter.

With our baskets filled with fruits, veggies, lamb and cheese...
we stopped at the bakery for a fresh brioche
then a last stop at wine merchants for a bottle of rose.

A glass of rose
 fresh grilled lamb 
fresh asparagus
assorted cheeses

which we ate outside in the sunny courtyard

Ah! the memories of French food are as fresh and crisp as ever...

Our backyard is an oasis on this sunny evening in July.
Not a breath of wind and perfect for dining outdoors.

Grilled steak, boiled new potatoes, and fresh veggies 
(which I drizzled with a balsamic reduction)

The Humble Bungalow Garden is such a peaceful spot on a sunny day...
the front porch is shady and overlooks the hydrangeas out front.
The side area has a stone patio surrounded by roses and hostas and hydrangeas with two comfy chairs just waiting for someone to sit in them.
The back deck looks down on the green grass a perennial border and the new greenhouse.

This may not be located in France but nevertheless is a lovely spot to relax.
A place where one can read and sip a well deserved cup of tea.

I read Michelle's previous book and am eager to start this story...
I read so many books these days since I have retired and think it is such a luxury.
There are so many things that call to me...
flowers, books, fashion, friends, family, events, food, art, scents
life is full to the brim.

The Attitude of Gratitude still rings loud and clear...

And as I draw a close to this post I would be remiss not to show you the 
the lime light hydrangeas that are really looking spectacular this year.

And as a side post Mr. HB and I spent a day with the grand children this weekend 
we wandered along the chip trail near their home and discovered a vintage tractor on a side street...
If this tractor actually works 
I am certain that there would be several eager drivers in our midst!

How is your summer going?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I enjoy the vivid colours of the fresh food at markets in France. When I was living in the 5th, I went 3 times as week to the market near my apartment and I got to know the vendors.
    Shopping at Safeway across the street is not the same. Today is an "at home" day so I am going to reserve books at the library. Michelle Gable might be fun because I've had a run of dysfunctional family novels and I need something more cheery. I'm finding that I have a lot of homework at my Alliance Française course, so I must use my time wisely.

    1. My walking partner takes French at Alliance Francais and has many hours of homework every week...it sounds pretty intense!

  2. Your market pictures bring back so many travel memories for me, although not from France. So many countries outside of North America have outdoor markets overflowing with food. They make a trip to our local grocery stores seem rather dull.

    A beautiful garden, a cup of tea and a good book, time with your grandchildren, and an attitude of gratitude - it sounds like a recipe for happiness!

    1. Shopping for everything in one store is convenient but definitely not as much fun...

  3. That tomato and cucumber salad looks good - I make a similar one with slices of tomato and red onions and fresh basil, with a home-made vinaigrette. With crusty bread this is totally delicious.
    Margaret P

    1. The crusty bread would make that a fabulous lunch or light summer time dinner.

  4. The market pictures are so wonderful, and you have those memories! So much white asparagus in one place made my heart skip! lol What a nice nice summer treat this post is.

    1. I sampled the white asparagus and it has a slightly different flavour than the green variety...delicious.

  5. TOO BUSY!I AM not getting enough READING DONE but after TOMORROW...MY BIRTHDAY I will see a SLOW DOWN in my TO DO lists!!!!!!!!YOU ENJOY ALL THE THINGS I ENJOY!!!!!!!HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

    1. Happy Birthday and I hope you can slow down and relax a bit more...