Thursday, July 21, 2016

Home Keeping in The Humble Bungalow

Home keeping is very much a top priority here in The Humble Bungalow.
Keeping house is an ongoing one else notices unless you neglect to keep things neat and tidy!

I have been emailing with a reader and we have been chatting about home keeping and exchanging tips on how we stay motivated and on top of the jobs required to keep the dirt and grime at bay.

I thought that this topic might be of interest to other readers so I quickly cobbled together this post...I hope you'll enjoy it.

Home keeping encompasses many aspects in the domestic arena...
laundry, ironing, dusting, vacuuming and tidying up keeping the clutter under control and out from under foot.

We have the luxury of having hired help every week.
In the two hours dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning of the bathrooms is accomplished.
This helps to keep our home looking spic and span and I take care of the rest.

When I see a mess it creates unwanted stress so I have a daily routine that takes very little time...
I make the bed right after I get up...
fluff the pillows and shake and smooth the duvet.

After showering and having my morning cafe creme
I will empty the dishwasher, put on a load of laundry and do some ironing.

I wander from room to room to look for anything that needs to be put away...
a pair of shoes by the front door, a sweater that hangs on the back of a chair, a magazine or mail that needs to be filed or recycled.

I will opt for one or two chores of a bigger nature if I have the energy...
polishing some silver, cleaning out a few drawers, mending, washing windows, wiping out the fridge, filing receipts etc.

I try to do all the cleaning jobs in the mornings and leave time in the afternoon to meet up with friends, go for a walk, run errands, or grocery shop.

Our kitchen is small and I prefer to see the counters 
not a jumble of appliances cluttering up the space.
Countertops and the sink and stove are wiped clean several times a day.
I keep a bottle of Method cleaner and a microfibre cloth tucked away in the cupboard by the sink.
(I am a messy cook!)

Dish soap, hand soap, lotion and scrubbers are kept on a tray beside the sink.

Dishes are white and I have mixed antique ironstone with new pieces.
Having glass cupboard doors makes one feel the need to keep the dishes tidy.

We keep a basket by the stairs where we put our recycling and take it down to the bins once or twice a day if it is full.
Storage is an issue in a small home so we try not to accumulate too much stuff.

Our main bathroom has a built in medicine chest but no other storage so we improvised by adding an arts and crafts wood shelf to store the towels.

The bathroom sink needs wiping daily 
which I do after putting on my make up and brushing my teeth.

The laundry room...
I spend a lot of time down stairs 
 it is so nice to have a clean and bright place to do my work. 

I have a small ironing board that fits on top of this counter for small things like linen napkins and dish towels.
The big ironing board is stored in a closet and I use it for shirts and sheets.

The handy drying rack is used a lot for delicate things like lingerie.
I also hang my tees and tops and yoga pants and find that they last longer when not subjected to the heat of the dryer.

I recommend that you read Fiona Ferris's book Thirty Chic Days 
for more hints and tips on home keeping and cultivating a rich and joyful life.

Isn't this a gorgeous flower?
It was swarming with bees and I had to step into the bed and stand on the dirt to capture this image...

I am going to take a blogging break.
I don't plan to be off line too long but I need some time to consider some new topics as I feel like my post are becoming a bit redundant.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. A good routine! It makes everything go smoother. Excellent hint about doing the daily walkabout to pick up the misplaced items.

    Have you ever wanted a built in ironing board? I always thought it would be so handy to have in your bedroom.

    Redundant is the last word I'd use to describe your posts. They're a delight to read and the photos always capture the moment. Taking a break is understandable. Enjoy.

  2. Never redundant; I always look forward to them. Enjoy your daughter's return from honeymoon and Enjoy your blogging break.

  3. I don't think I'd ever win any awards for housekeeping but I do try to stay on top of things - always make the bed and wipe down the bathroom after my morning use. I am out at the office every day so my routine is to do an hour of something as soon as I get home - I try to do it during the week so that I have the weekends more or less free. You certainly have a lovely home.
    I never find your posts redundant - they are one of the highlights of the day! But - everyone deserves a summer break so enjoy yours but don't be gone too long. :-)

  4. Enjoy your blogging break. Your photos are always so beautiful on your blog! It is so important to keep a smaller home tidy. I have a routine each morning and allow time each week for dusting and laundry. What kind of a flower is that? We want to add some pollinator friendly plants to our median garden. Enjoy!

  5. Don't ever feel your posts are redundant ! I look forward to them and am always excited when they appear in my email inbox.....Reading about everyday things - chores, home life, cooking, domestics, gardening - this is real life ! This is what we all do everyday - I love reading your tips and helpful hints. Please don't ever feel you have to come up with new subjects to write about - everyday life is so interesting ! I especially enjoy reading about how you do your 'domestics', your walks, your snazzy and classy way of dressing. Nothing boring about this blog ! I LOVE it !!

  6. Dear Hostess I adore your blog - apart from our mutual love of a proper pot of tea I regret to confess my domestic skills are non existent- I am the laziest most slovenly housekeeper and tend to rely on social events I am hosting to spur me on to tidy up and clean before guests arrive. I am a bit older than you but still working full time - when I retire I want to run my house like you / you are what I want to become so please don't stop blogging I need your guidance. Warm regards R

  7. Thanks for the tips. Enjoy your break. I add my voice to the others: I never find your blog redundant. Always good tips, great pictures, interesting ideas and recipes, kind thoughts, and wonderful inspiration.

  8. I look so forward to your blog posts, Leslie, but of course am happy you are taking a bit of a break to enjoy the summer and your daughter's return! I have learned so much from your posts and always feel like we are kindred spirits!

  9. Enjoy your break, but come back soon! I love your blog and never get tired of the everyday-ness.

  10. I laughed when I saw your bathroom sink, it looks just like mine and I have the same liquid soap. My cottage was built in 1895... This is a great blog post with really good tips!

  11. After much soul-searching I opted out of quite a few of the blogs I had been following due to time constraints. I absolutely refused to give up yours. I want you to know that your posts are never redundant, your photographs are exquisite and you bring calm and order to my sometimes stressful days. In a world that is hectic and at times tumultuous, your words bring beauty, peace and comfort. Enjoy your time off, recharge your creative batteries. I await your return with pleasurable anticipation.

  12. I never get tired of your everyday posts! I could not agree more with the last comment made..your blog brings me peace and order in this hectic season of life that I am now in! Your posts are a breath of fresh air and I admire your pride in caring for you home!


  13. Your house looks spic and span Leslie!
    I'm a bit of a housekeeping know (not really) it all. lol As I have mentioned before; I took a Housekeeping course at a Butler School several years ago.
    I'm so happy that my old housekeeper is moving back to Ontario next week to live with us again.
    Now I have some hope of getting my house organised.

  14. I only recently discovered your blog. Never apologize. Your blog is beautiful and soothing.

  15. I love all of your posts--and especially the posts about your home and your wardrobe. Your recipes are wonderful too.

  16. I enjoyed this! I like the idea of the kitchen sink needs on a tray. Wonder if I can get my hubby to go along with that. He gets so used to where things are that when I move things, it seems to take a good while to re-educate. :) How do you do your shirts? We send my husband's office shirts to the cleaners, but I have several buttondowns myself, and struggle to get the pressing how I like.
    Enjoy your break. Happy planning.
    Mary Lou

  17. I love your blog. The flowers, the lovely bungalow, your recipes, make-up and clothing advice ... everything. Your posts spur me on - just finished cleaning my bathroom and kitchen sinks.

    I hope you enjoy your break and look forward to your new blog ideas. Don't feel you need to change but new is fun.


  18. I really enjoyed this post, Lesley. I have certainly noticed how organised you are, and your house reflects this beautifully. There are lots of useful tips in this post, and you have inspired me to try placing my orchids in the kitchen window. Your laundry room is fantastic, just what I would love, but alas mine is just big enough for the washer and dryer.! Maybe in my next life.... Enjoy your break but do come back, please :)

  19. Your home is just lovely. I hope you don't stay away too long, I'll miss your posts.

  20. I love your blog Leslie,it is always interesting,with beautiful photos
    I just started to read Bill Bryson's At Home-The Short History of Private Life (slowly,I read it on the beach-with a lot interesting things to do-like swimming,watching the horizon and the sea or drinking coffee with my friends :-))
    It is so interesting and it is about things connected with homes. So,you see?
    Clean and nice home is always so soothing and tranquiĺl ,don't you think?
    I have hired help once a week for things like windows washing and vacuum cleaning-the rest I try to do every day to have weekends free
    I don't like dryers- the quality of natural fibres clothes is better without it (and we can still dry them at the balconies)
    When,and if,I would move to the apartment couple of years from now,I would like to have build-in nice ironing board,like Julie
    Have a nice blogging break and enjoy the freedom

  21. You have the most beautiful and well-organized home I know! I love your kitchen and your laundry room - oh for such things here, to have a dedicated laundry room would be wonderful. This is a rarity in a British home ... yes, some have 'utility' rooms but that is usually just a small space between the kitchen and back door and houses a fridge/freezer and washing machine. I love the black/white/grey/silver and red colour scheme - much like the clothes you wear!
    Margaret P

  22. PS And I endorse the words of others: your posts are not redundant! Far from it, I look forward to seeing your beautiful photos and hearing about your outfits and where you go, your meals and everything else you post about.
    Margaret P

  23. I love your blog!! Adore your calming presence and sweet little tidbits. I try all of your recipes- wish you would post more recipes as all are delicious. Love to see how you put together a classy outfit and always enjoy your book recommendations. Enjoy your break but come back soon!!!!

  24. Hello hostess,
    Enjoy your break, but don't leave us waiting too long!
    I am interested in your opinions on the method products? I am all for green and clean products, but I need them to perform too.
    Thank you,
    L xx

    1. I use and love the Method products...they are a bit more expensive than many others on the market but I think they are worth the cost as a little goes a long way. I also use Bon is a cruelty and guilt free scrub.

  25. ENJOY your break and come back soon because i enjoy your posts no matter what you write about!

  26. I love a clean home and find it an absolute haven of comfort. The best hint I can give is to have things that don’t take too much time or effort to keep looking nice and clean. Make your bed before leaving the bedroom. Do a quick tidy before bed. Hang washing carefully and pull things into shape for effortless ironing. Fold your clean washing at the clothesline as you take it off too. Clean as you go so that it doesn’t get beyond you. Have a routine, use products that smell nice, put on some music and think of it all as exercise ! Enjoy the break Hostess and hope to see you posting again soon.

  27. Dear Hostess, your posts are definitely not redundant! They bring calm and serenity to my evenings after busy or stressful days. Please continue just as you are!! I also love a clean and well-ordered house but not actually putting the elbow grease into making it happen! It’s lucky that my hubby and I are fairly tidy people. We thoroughly clean our bathrooms and kitchen and do the dusting and vacuuming each week (as well as the daily wipe downs etc). In fact, we have a bit of a routine going where I dust and he vacuums after which, if we have time, we treat ourselves to a coffee and snack at our favourite café close to home! Every few months, I hire someone to go through the whole house and clean it from top to bottom, that's when all the heavy furniture gets moved around, windows and screens get washed well inside and out, and cupboards get a good going over as well. We don’t have time to do lot of things ourselves so I am partial to this type of outsourcing. I am very interested in the cleaning products that you’ve been featuring, particularly the Method brand - does it work well? Hope you have a good break, but please come back soon, warmest regards, Ewa

  28. I also enjoy a tidy, organized home. Am ejoying reading all of your posts, take a break if you need, but please don't stop!

  29. Let's HOPE you NEVER STEP FOOT in MY I would NOT MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS!YOU have a VERY GOOD ROUTINE!I need to GET A ROUTINE!!!!I spend the first 20 minutes FEEDING the animals and getting a coffee down.......then I hit the COMPUTER to see what ALL of you are UP TOO!That takes a GOOD part of my morning!!!!!!Thank You for your Birthday Wishes.........and enjoy your little ESCAPE from this screen!I think it is a GOOD IDEA TOO!!!!!!!XX

  30. Not meaning YOU BORE ME........MEANING it's good for US in general to STEP AWAY!

  31. My hubby and I joke that if it wasn't for people coming to visit, our house would never get cleaned!
    Leslie, yours was one of the first few blogs I found. And stuck with! You write about what we readers want to read and you write about it in a beautifully calm and peaceful style. That's why we read you and why you always have such great feedback, comments and rapport with your readers. So, redundant - never.
    Enjoy your break. I'll subscribe again so's I know when you're back!

  32. please please don't stop your style of blog!! Have only found you a while ago and totally enjoy your posts! I can see by reading other comments that a lot of people feel the same as I do. Your blog is not only interesting its informative and comforting! Your peaceful life your fashion makeup recipes and book reviews are so very much interesting but also soothing in this crazy world. tou are so appreciated!!!!

  33. A blogging break, like any break, can be a good thing. I hope this one means that you will be enjoying some time on the waves!
    Redundant? I don't think so. Your posts are always well-thought out and obviously attractive to many readers!

  34. Enjoy your break but come back soon. Your blog is a place of serenity and friendship in what is at present a very worrying world. A bientôt.

  35. I'm glad to know other women have cleaning routines because the younger set seems to think this is strange and compulsive. I find it helps me do all that I want and then have time for leisure. My mom always said, "Work before play" and with that I have managed to work, run a home, raise kids and still have time to enjoy my husband, friends and community events.

    Enjoy your break and I hope your contemplation doesn't lead to your stopping your blogging. In a world of chaos, vitriol and strident voices, we need our Humble Hostess and her calm, kind viewpoint that celebrates family and home in the blogging world of older adult women.

  36. It sounds like you have the perfect routine. Your home always looks beautiful. I, too, enjoy your blog and look forward to posts. Thank you for sharing. Susan

  37. Your post is an inspiration to me today. I just retired and one of my first priorities is to get my house in order. I don't have the luxury of hired help, and several household tasks and fixes have been postponed 'until I have time'. Now that I'm home I'm enjoying having the time to declutter and deep clean. The gardens are getting some attention too. Very satisfying, especially since I had let things get so bad that I can make a big improvement with a little concentrated effort.

  38. Happy blogging break hostess! I hope you're enjoying happy family times.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this post ...Some useful advice and tips, given kindly,as always. As others have mentioned the tone of your posts is always gentle and relaxing times uplifting! I so look forward to them.
    Take care ...