Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday ~ Pictures and a few Words

5am ~ the mournful droning of a freighter's fog horn in the nearby Strait wakes me.
I toss and turn
the cat stirs
licks my face...

I am wide awake!

5:30 ~ Sleep eludes me so I tip toe out of our bedroom
close the door
go into the kitchen and make an espresso.

the jolt of caffeine is welcome

Am I too groggy to compose a post this early?

Oh but then I remember it is Wordless Wednesday 
maybe all I need to do is find a few images
post them pronto.

the sparkly Christmas bauble 
left lying in a tangle of twiggy branches

the pretty fuchsia blooms
clinging on for dear life 
in the winter chills of January on The Avenue

the novel that has threatened to shut down the domestic team of one
in The Humble Bungalow

L'Occitane Shea Butter
Hostess endorsed "star" performer
keeping my skin supple

(here's the silver star ~ my good housekeeping icon of approval)

Aveda helps keep my curls clean and soft...

I had my hair cut last Saturday.
It was driving me crazy.
Too long and limp and the weight pulled the hair down
so a few layers were added to allow the curls to spring back to life!

My hairdresser gave me some samples of Bumble and Bumble 
their newest products for curly hair.

I am excited about the new Primer...
it helps define the curl and refreshes curls without having to shampoo the next day.
(My hairdresser recommends shampooing every other day.)

On the same topic 

~ Advice from the experts ~
I booked an appointment for a Jane Iredale natural make up session at the Spa.
I am keen to see what products and colours they recommend for my skin tone.
Since I opt for the no make up look, it will be interesting to see the results.

Coffee consumed
cats fed
still dark outside
post finished
ready to publish

~ 7:00am ~

Good Morning from The Hostess of The Humble Bungalow!


  1. Good morning, Hostess. In from my early morning walk-in-the-dark on Willows. Boiled egg consumed, yogurt consumed but no post written! I am back to watching my WW posts and starting to feel the (wonderful!) effects. It's beautifully warm outside this morning - enjoy your eventual walk!

    1. All sounds well in Oak Bay...on the other side of The Tweed Curtain!

  2. Your curls look nice and bouncy now. I often have to "refresh" my curls and I don't like to wash my hair too frequently. Perhaps Bumble and Bumble is for me. I've been up since 5:30
    but I find that by mid-afternoon, I am tired. I have been minimalist with my makeup recently
    but it is fun to experiment a bit. In my frugality, I have resisted buying new product because
    retired life does not demand much other than moisturizer and lipstick. Happy Wednesday

    1. You might try a sample size of the primer..Bumble and Bumble have them free right now as it is the launch of their new curly line.

  3. I like the curls

  4. I just started using raw Shea butter as moisturizer and it works well. Simple one ingredient with no toxins. I wish I had discovered it sooner.

  5. That coffee looks AMAZING.

    I use the L'Occitane Shea Butter cream, too. Twinsies!

  6. You had an early, but good start to your morning, Hostess! Around here I've had my yogurt, nuts and apple, have made my husband's lunch and sent him off to work, composed a blog post, spoke to my daughter via skype, read a few blogs and soon I'll be off to school.

  7. I used to be a major fan of Jane Iredale. Do let us know how your session goes!

  8. Interesting! My stylist has an all-Aveda salon, and she was just showing me their product which similarly takes into account our curly-head need to wet the bounce back into our curls each morning without necessarily wanting a full shampoo. And that B&B defining creme looks worth checking out -- I've been using Curls Rock (a Toni and Guy product) forever, but it's good to have some options....

    1. My hairdresser was Aveda trained and she worked in a salon carrying ony Aveda products which I still buy...the new salon where she moved to is exclusively Bumble and Bumble...I am testing their new curly the primer and will report back on the rest in due course. Try the primer and see how it compares to your Toni and Guy Curls Rock.

  9. Love your new hair cut. I never use shampoo on my hair, I use conditioner to wash does my daughter. I know it might sound yucky but it works. Curly hair is dry and this really helps. The B&b defining cream looks interesting. I have been using a product from Unite but I am always looking for something better. LOL

    Enjoy you make=up session, those are always fun.

    1. I have read about using only hairdresser mentioned it might like the results from the primer, I do and have been an Aveda fan for many many years.

  10. Your hair is lovely. I am envious of your beautiful fuchsia. I have tried so many times. I convinced I am in the wrong climate. I hope your week is going well.

  11. I've never heard (off to google) of wordless Wednesday.
    I routinely use several Jane Iredale products. I love some of her lipsticks (Tokyo is my favourite)and her Mystikol set of smoky eye shadows are fabulous. I have a friend who was a "very" senior executive at Chanel, and he was impressed with the Mystikol formulation when it debuted.

    1. I did not see the Mystikol set yesterday but am going to look into it...thank you!

  12. I can't imagine what it would be like to have curly hair. Currently, I am engaged with learning to use hot rollers again--to give my fine straight hair some body and movement. Like you, I often wake up long before my husband and grope around in the dark before deciding to go downstairs, have some fruit for breakfast and turn on MSNBC's Morning Joe to provide some company.

    1. Our cats love it when I get up early!
      I find I am ready for bed by 9:30 when I get up at 5 ish...

  13. Were mental alarm clocks going off in the heads of a multitude of ladies this morning? I made the coffee and crawled up in a blanket to read.

    1. Quite possibly on any given day women will be waking long before the sun is up!

  14. I'm anxious to hear how you like the Jane Iredale. All my makeup is by her now. I love it! Show us how it looks please. Have a great day!

  15. The products are lovely and they are all mineral based and are "buildable" which offers more or less coverage depending on ones needs...drama for evening or less for daytime. Please check out my latest post just online now...