Thursday, January 14, 2016

Inviting colour in small doses...

The dark days of January here in the Pacific Northwest are making me crave colour...

My minimal wardrobe could use a dose of energy... as could I!

The basic clothes that hang in my closet are functional and everything works together.
Planning and shopping with the basic shades makes it simple but with the dark days of January here in the Pacific Northwest I find that I crave an injection of colour.

Eileen Fisher would be the designer whose clothes I could exclusively wear and own...
and she works mostly in shades of grey, black and navy in winter.

I saw a sweater from her new spring and summer line made out of a loose linen weave in a soft grey and I absolutely loved it...but the price tag was almost $400. Yikes!

Oh but it would look fabulous with my white jeans...
perhaps...time will tell...I have a birthday coming up in March.

After shopping I came home I brewed a cup of hot tea and painted my living colour!
I am getting better at this.
The health and look of my cuticles are improving with the use of gloves and hand cream.

Here is that punch of colour that I am craving and at a price that I can afford!

I met darling daughter for a healthy lunch earlier in the week and tried on her newest cocktail ring.
If you are on Instagram please check out her site.
She has the most stunning collection of jewels and she has an etsy shop where she sells some of her gems.
(etsy shop link on her IG page)

I am going to a celebration of life which is coming up soon 
and I have been trying to decide what to wear.
I will be volunteering at this function.
I went to school with the woman who passed away at 61.
She was a successful lawyer, a court judge, wife and mother.
The volunteers are planning on wearing mostly black.

Vintage Leather vest Pamela McCoy which can be layered over any number of tops
paired with the versatile Lisa Campione skirt.

Lord and Taylor waffle knit sweater.
Pair this with tights and short boots.

Jeanne Beker poly sleeveless top adds some sheen.

Susan Bristol (ages old) knit sweater jacket.

Tweedy jacket
(Mother approved)

Assorted Pearl layer or wear alone.

Vintage bakelite clamper bracelet.

I may wear a LBD as I have several contenders in the closet.
What do you wear to funerals or celebrations of life?

New brighter lipstick by L'Oreal number 590 Blushing Berry.

The colour is actually darker and richer than it looks in this light.

I bought a new address book to replace the one that I had that was falling apart.
It took me over an hour this past weekend but I managed to update and  transfer all the addresses.

New fitness/workout wear from Costco.
Inexpensive and the fabrics are super cozy.

I just heard that Alan Rickman died...I loved his acting and enjoyed his films.
His passing came right on the heels of David Bowie's death, 
both 69 and both died of cancer.
So sad.

I must get out of my colourful Ralph Lauren PJ's...
I've been at the computer far too long but oh my
the coffee tastes good this morning...

Time to seize the day!


  1. I enjoyed this post so much, and love your vintage leather quilted vest. We are in the depths of winter here at the "other" Oak Bay, so I'm not ready for vibrant pinks yet. My "color boost" has been burgundy this year, and I made myself some garnet earrings and a necklace that go well with pearls. Love, love, love your skirt. It goes well with all the choices you show. You'll pick just the right one.

  2. Beautiful clothing pieces you have selected. Really like your nail polish and lipstick colors. The smallest things can be a boost.

  3. From Margie in Toronto - it has been very grey and cold here in Toronto and I've been starting to feel the same way - it's always a sea of grey and black on the subway. THE BAY had their costume jewellery on sale tonight so I bought myself a rope of "silver & red rhinestones" with matching earrings - very sparkly and it will perk up all my grey and black sweaters.
    I do love all your black clothing but I especially envy you that vest - very classy.
    I do still do go with black for funerals unless asked not to - this has come up for a couple of services where we were asked to come and celebrate the life and to wear something bright - my Go To is red in that case.
    I own that waffle weave Lord & Taylor sweater in pink - love it and its very cosy. L & T have some Spring tops in the shops already and along with a black and a white t-shirt - and a black cotton cardigan, I've also bought one in turquoise - couldn't resist. It looks like turquoise, pink and soft yellow are big colours for Spring - something to look forward to.

  4. It's been grey and chilly here in Marco Island Florida too, Leslie, and I've been wearing my Canadian wardrobe of black,navy, taupe and brown . My colour pops are various shades of pink,red,green, and orange.
    For funerals I wear navy, black ,taupe or brown; which is my everyday colour palette.

  5. Today I was in my closet looking for a black vest. I have several but all were either too sporty or too fancy. Yours would have been perfect. It pays to keep a quality item.

  6. Here in Greece eveyone wears black a funerals and most of the winter. I have a bright pink anorak which I wear to cheer myself up. I always say it is for my husband to see me when we get separated at the street market

  7. I have a really versatile navy dress that I wear for serious occasions. It works well with grey tights and short boots. I like that lipstick colour. I'm going to a 65th birthday gathering of former colleagues (teacher) party and I might pick up a bright pink to wear with my grey tunic. Your pjs are cute. I bought a similar print in Kerrisdale and I really enjoy wearing them.

  8. My wardrobe is mostly black and gray----due to Eileen Fisher's influence. I want to warn you to stay away from her lightweight knits/sweaters as they do NOT hold up well. They snag, the get holes in them--you would not be happy.

    1. Oh that is interesting and good advice...I would be very upset if I invested that much in a sweater that snagged and pulled...thank you!

  9. 61??? Do you mind if I ask what your schoolmate died of? Something hereditary? Something related to lifestyle? Accident or the unmentionable (self-choice)? I'm sure she will be greatly missed by family and friends. My condolences, Claire

    1. Claire it was a sudden...nothing sinister or violent...just one of those unexplained health events that leave us all wondering. She packed a lot of living into her life and was a bundle of energy and was joyful...she will be missed.

  10. As a knitter my first thought was maybe that linen sweater you like could be made by hand. There are some lovely linen yarns to work with.

    1. I have been thinking of picking up my bamboo needles...I will look and see if I can find a pattern that is simple and looks good. Thank you for inspiring me!

  11. Leslie, your nails look lovely. What is the color of the Essie polish?
    Thank you.

  12. I'd love to know how you purged your wardrobe down to your basic colours and go to items. Did you do this after you retired and have you ever done a tutorial on it.

    1. Hi Cate,
      The reason that I purged my wardrobe initially was because I lost over 30 pounds and had to start from scratch! I started with thrift and consignment garments while I was in the transitional weight loss stage and proceeded to buy new and better quality consignment and thrifted items...and after reading blogs I decided that I would keep my wardrobe to a minimum and the colours would all need to work together...and yes it happened after I retired...if you go to the blog sidebar and look at the "subject tags" you can click on wardrobe and clothing etc and it will take you to the other posts I wrote about this.

    2. Thanks for your reply. Now that I have retired I find I'm leading quite a different lifestyle. I live in a very active rural community and have no need for the many office clothes hanging in my closet. I need to purge .... why do we hang onto things that are no longer needed. I will definitely check your other posts for inspiration. Many thanks.

    3. Thanks for your reply. Now that I have retired I find I'm leading quite a different lifestyle. I live in a very active rural community and have no need for the many office clothes hanging in my closet. I need to purge .... why do we hang onto things that are no longer needed. I will definitely check your other posts for inspiration. Many thanks.

  13. Those are all lovely choices. I wear black and sombre unless the person being honoured was a real character and would insist we all wear bright yellow or some such thing.