Monday, January 4, 2016

Turning a page.....

New Years is a fresh start...
just by simply turning a page in my day timer it is 2016
blank and waiting...

You might be surprised in this day and age of IPhones and computers that I still use a day timer...
Mother gives me a new one every Christmas just like my Father did.
There is hope and newness in those blank pages...
waiting for a year of scribbled appointments, dates, lunches, dinners
opportunities offering new experiences.

both personal 
and in the garden.

A brave little pink rhododendron blooming in the frosty cold of January.
Putting a cheery face forward despite the weather.

Icy patches on my walking route 
hazards that have not yet been melted by the sun...
I must be mindful with my steps.

Sunlight warms 
the icy breeze...
that chills my face and hands.

The familiar route beckons...
the seafront and the cemetery.

there is a curve in the road up ahead
where will it lead?

It is so quiet
not even my footsteps make a noise.
Until stepping off the beaten path...

Frozen grassy patches offer resistance and crunch beneath my feet.

A mossy mosaic on a grave
reminds me of the intricate pieces of a puzzle.
Life can be complicated
there are surprises 
both good and bad.

Weathered patterns on stone...
keep your eyes open.
You do not want to miss anything!

Walk in peace


the possibilities that lay ahead 
as the year presents itself fresh and new.

What will the New Year bring?

As the sun sets on a cold New Years Day
I wonder and am in awe of Mother Nature and all her magical moments.

Looking forward
but no too far
what will 2016 bring besides blank pages?

Thank you for stopping by my humble blog...


  1. Hope your pages are filled with lovely things.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Happy 2016, what a beautiful cemetery, so peaceful.

  3. Hostess, I also keep a paper calendar. happy 2016 to you. I hope it is a great year for you--full of adventures and doing things you love.

  4. I love paper calendars! This is a most beautiful blog for starting the new year. Lovely photographs as always. Hope 2016 is full of wonder for you. jenmiller

  5. I enjoyed your walk in the clear, cold day.
    The flower photos are fantastic

  6. Loved this post and I also use a paper planner. I also like reading a real book too! The feel and smell of paper is divine. This looks like such a peaceful cemetery. Thank you for taking us on your wonderful walks!

  7. Lovely post! I also like a paper planner. It has room to doodle and places to keep loose notes... and it reminds me that penmanship is still important and fun.

  8. From Margie in Toronto - I too love a paper day-timer and bought myself a lovely new one for 2016. Also bought myself a new address book - got tired of fishing through bits of paper or trying to find where I'd saved the info on either my home or office computer - much easier to have it all in one spot!
    All the best for the New Year.

  9. Happy New Year! Another paper user-- Filofax refill for 2016 is here.

  10. Happy 2016, L! I don't use a paper planner, but I use a paper calendar (and my Outlook calendar). Lovely pictures! I wish I could have gone for a walk today - back to work!

  11. Looking forward to your artistic impressions, both through word and photos, for 2016.

  12. What a beautiful post, both the natural beauty and the beauty of your words! I use a paper planner, too. I have the one with the black and white photos of Ansel Adams facing each week's spread. May the new year bring you multiplied joys.

    Thank you for your lovely blog.
    Honey Bee

  13. I loved that post!! Yes indeed! I also love exploring ancient cemeteries and found a new one just yesterday

  14. It's beautiful weather on the West Coast! Chloe keeps sending me lovely photos of the house and garden from Vancouver to here in dreary England where we've had the sun for maybe 5 days over a month and half. So England once again upholds its Daytimers! Love them. I use the Quo Vadis Minister. Have for about a million years. My 23yr old has also had a Quo Vadis every year since high school. You know what? They build into a beautiful library of my life and happenings and appointments and phone numbers and doodles... Don't think that's possible with any electronic calendar. I started my 2016 already in December.

  15. Beautiful photos of our beautiful city. Opening a new calendar has much the same feeling as beginning a new journal - all those lovely blank pages to fill. I hope yours are filled with beauty and peaceful moments.

  16. Happy New Year! Beautiful pictures!

  17. Happy New Year! Beautiful pictures!

  18. Your purple berries are beautiful - I have never seen those before! It does look cold, but tranquil and lovely in the cemetery. Happy New Year to you, Hostess.

    1. The berries are on a Beauty Berry Bush...I bought one this fall and have it growing near our new greenhouse with purple alliums and purple crocus planted underneath...I like to think of it as my purple corner!

  19. Beautiful photos, what a great place to walk. A very Happy New Year to you and your family.

  20. Happy New Year. What beautiful photos to brighten another dull, wet English day. Though as I look out of the window I do spy a glimmer of sunshine.

  21. Happy New Year. What beautiful photos to brighten another dull, wet English day. Though as I look out of the window I do spy a glimmer of sunshine.

  22. Happy New Year and thank you for your comments...
    I am rushing to get out the door for my early morning bridge lesson and hope to publish another blog post before I go....

  23. I use a paper daytime too. I love a new year with all of those blank pages that need filling!