Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Mid May Musings...from Gardening to My "minimalist" approach to Style...


May is a very busy month here in The Humble Bungalow Garden.
We have all kinds of plants blooming and various plans for new beds and borders.

Mr. HB is digging up the wee front lawn which has been struggling to grow 
ever since the neighbour's Arbutus Tree grew tall and shaded our front garden.
We will build a small patio using old bricks.

I hope to relocate the black birdbath to the centre of the new patio
buy a black pot and plant a large Boxwood Globe.

I am so looking forward to sharing the new area and will do so in a future post! 

With my broken ankle I have been sitting more...

Tea, a good book on the porch in the sunshine listening to the birdsong
 is not a hardship!
In the wee library across the street I discovered a book by author Susie Steiner.

I really enjoyed her first book Missing, Presumed.
Quickly put the next 2 books in the series on Hold at my local library.

DSI Manon is an interesting and complex character, as are the rest of her team.
One feels that they are REAL people.

UK Crime Dramas fascinate me...

Was surprised to learn that Susie Steiner passed away at the age of 51 
 a glioblastoma brain tumour.

I know of a few people who have passed away recently from a glioblastoma

~ Pavement Series Rose ~

This reliable, vigorous, hardy, drought tolerant rose is VERY thorny.
It can be grown as a hedge.
The blooms are frilly, frothy and fragrant.

Mr. HB managed to grow a new one for our neighbour from a shoot.

Soon all of our roses will be in bloom...we have over 30 roses in our small garden.
It might sound excessive...but I am a passionate rose grower.

When our Olive Tree died in the cold snap this past winter I was sad.
Was so hopeful that we might have a wee bit of Italy in our backyard.
Alas it is not to be...

Mr. HB suggested I buy a new rose to fill the space :-))
It took me NO Time at all to find a new candidate...

Bathsheba, a David Austin Rose, is now growing in that space!

Made a Cheese Sourdough loaf of bread and it was surprisingly easy.
Recipe found online at Pantry Mama.

The sourdough exploratory journey continues!
Who knew that baking bread would ever be such a big part of my week?

Some thoughts and musings about clothes, style and fashion...
shoes are not shown
 Comprising of several pairs of loafers, sandals as well as white sneakers.

I have various pieces of outer wear which I have not included in this closet.

Eileen Fisher blue swing coat, Eileen Fisher Khaki jacket, 
distressed Old Navy denim jacket, 
black moto,
Ralph Lauren black quilted barn coat.

The Minimalist Wardrobe continues to be working...
I am constantly editing.

(Summer Wardrobe)

Black, white, grey neutrals and shades of denim blues
with a few POPS of Colour.

I much prefer a smaller wardrobe as it makes getting dressed so easy.
No more standing in front of the closet humming and hawing about what to wear!

In order for a small wardrobe to work, and be versatile,
I have found that I need to pay extra attention to texture and accessories.

This blouse is a great example...

Tiers of cool textured fabric ~ flow.
I have worn this with black pants and jeans.
Accessories are Key components in any outfit.
Big Baroque Pearls make an appearance frequently.

I consider these a "Statement Piece."
My smaller Akoya Pearls are much more subtle.
Both get equal wear.

Basic Players for Summer are :

Two Old Navy denim shirts, 
one a medium blue the other very soft and faded.
Gap sleeveless denim top with pin tucks.

A couple of white shirts, a few white Tees, a sleeveless linen tank.

Several pairs of black pants...2 are dressy.
A black pair of ankle length cuffed pants which have white flecks.
Tan and white striped pair of wider profile ankle pants (NEW) from Talbots
2 pairs of denim blue Jeans
one light the other dark
pair of white jeans

Black tunic top crinkled by Cut Loose wear with black capri tights.
Black sleeveless crinkled dress, black with white polka dots shift dress.

Denim dress, 
white and blue striped maxi length linen dress
bold yellow Italian linen maxi dress.

White and Black skirt with asymmetrical flounce.
White shift dress with pockets in cotton.

I no longer wear shorts...

Lacy socks add a bit of fun worn with my white sneakers and loafers.
The juxtaposition of the lace and the nacre of the pearls works.

Clothes are more than just coverings...
they are an expression of one's personal style.

Creativity definitely comes into PLAY :-))

This thrifted sequin top is a Wild Card in my wardrobe...
whimsical and totally surprising.

Think of wearing it with my white denim jeans...or polished black ponte knit pants.

Maybe even the San Tropez silk skirt I found at The House Of Savoy?

I have kitten heels with some sparkle on them that will be fun to wear...
these sandals are about 15 years old and they need to get some time out of their box!

~ Behind the Scenes ~

Not everything needs to be classic and conservative...
Prima Donna make such beautiful lingerie that I cannot resist
 A Pop of Colour

What really started me on the minimalist wardrobe edit 
was flying off to France in 2015 for 3 weeks with ALL my clothes in a carry on...

I am having FUN with fashion and am really enjoying a fresh new focus.

Clothes that work well with my retired lifestyle
are often found in consignment and thrift shops.


Are you a minimalist or a maximalist?

Do you have a wee closet like me 
or a walk in closet with built in drawers and shoe racks?

Well I must get off the computer and start some lunch for my husband who is toiling outside in the Humble Bungalow Garden!

Cheerio for Now...

Look forward to your comments on the subject.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.
~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


Anonymous said...

Love your style and simplicity

Bettemom said...

I envy your approach to fashion. I am a maximalist and have too many options in my closets. Yes, closets! Thank you for your inspirational posts.

francesray.substack.com said...

Your post was a treasure. I love the summer wardrobe you've assembled. It's so expressive and allows you to "play" with textures and fabrics. And those roses in your garden must be magnificent when blooming. This year I bought my first David Austin rose, a pale yellow rambler in memory of a dear friend who died recently.

Inez said...

Definitely your style really works for you, you always look crisp and pulled together! I love to experiment and try different combinations and enjoy creating my daily outfits based on mood, weather, activities. I know I have a lot of clothes. I will edit regularly if I see something that is worn or faded or doesn’t fit me right. I am retired also, but even before I retired, I loved finding clothes in consignment shops. I shop high end neighborhoods in my area. I find pieces that are well made and different from the run of the mill stuff that I see in stores all the time. I will blend these pieces with classic basics and that keeps me current but not too trendy.

Noelle said...

It always makes me smile when I see a new post from you.

Kelly L McKenzie said...

Such an inspiring post, Leslie.

You have over 30 roses? Oh my word. How glorious.

As to your wardrobe, I love your "behind the scenes" selection. Excellent choice. As are the other up front selections. I seriously need to tackle my closet ...

Ann said...

Hope your ankle is healing and you are feeling better. I cannot hold a book with my cast, and can't concentrate, so thankful for audiobooks. Love your fashion style! I have a very big walk in closet and that is dangerous because I love to shop. Trying to get a more basic wardrobe. Right now my wardrobe is robes and my husband's shirts - the only thing that fit over my splint. Waiting for better days!

tahoegirl.blog said...

Your house is so cute. I love the Craftsman style house. I'm definetely in the minimalist corner of clothes. I don't even own a dress or a skirt. Just levis and dark jeans for some dress up. I've been a bread maker for decades. Just this morning I made jalapeƱo cheddar sourdough baguettes and right now I'm doing a second rise on a sourdough rye bread. rye bread is a challenge so we'll see. The recipe is over on my blog if you want to try it.

Kathryn P said...

Looking forward to seeing the new paved area when it is finished. I enjoy the photos of your plantings and flowers. We sold our house last year and are renting for the moment. So I am gardening using pots for now. I need to curb the pots or moving them all will be epic. So hard to resist a beautifull flower or a beautifull green and to stop visiting garden centres. I enjoy your wardrobe posts. We are currently in Winter. I have my eye out for a light grey cardigan. No luck so far in my price range. My brightening contribution to the season has been a new lipstick. It's ridiculous how happy it makes me. All the best with your ankles healing.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree about the wardrobe. We are on the same plane!!

Bridget said...

Loved this post. I'm a minimalist - wanting to clean out my closet and redefine my style. I'll be thinking of texture and accessories now! And I'm definitely going to add some colorful lingerie too!

Adele said...

love, love, love your curated minimalist capsule wardrobe! it’s been fun following its evolution. we have similar tastes, but my fallback is always on the side of more casual and athleisure type wear for comfort…..it’s an effort for me to break out and wear what I consider to be ‘dressier’ clothes with structure. and I’ve long been an admirer of your baroque pearls (sigh, I wish I had splurged on some years ago). also adored all of Susie Steiner’s books and was crushed when I came to her last one.
re:roses — we have minimal areas to grow them at our condo, are there any varieties that can be grown in pots/containers??

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Bettemom ~ My mother was a fashion savvy maximalist when it came to clothes! I understand very well and having multiple closets well...one must fill them right?

Frances Ray ~ I hope your new rose grows fast and rewards you with many blooms in memory of your friend.

Inez ~ I have been shopping consignment for decades...we have such great shops here in Victoria. More now than ever before as it seems that many women are opting for quality and designer garments at a fraction of the retail price...happy shopping!!

Noelle ~ THank you I am happy to hear you enjoy my posts :-))

Kelly McKenzie ~ I am so enjoying your book...thank you so much for sending it to me. I cannot stop reading it...elevates my afternoon tea breaks.

Ann ~ Hoping that you will be on the mend soon and able to walk into your closet and find something fun to wear...although wearing a mens shirt is very chic!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Tahoe girl blog ~ I am rather late to the sourdough bread making...I know many people started during lockdown when yeast was difficult to find...but better late than never! Levi's and Tees are classics...just can always dress them up or down depending on your mood.

Kathryn P ~ I think that the plants in pots is a really great idea and when you relocate you can move them with relative ease...maybe they will fit in the back of a pick up truck? Lipstick can be a real mood lifter! I feel refreshed when I open a new tube!

Bridget ~ Have fun shopping for that new lingerie..so many wonderful styles and colours out for spring and summer!

Adele ~ I have several roses in large pots...all of them are from David Austin...just make sure that the pots are large and deep enough...keep them well watered as pots dry quicker than if the roses were planted in a bed. Also fertilize them! Good Luck!