Friday, March 24, 2023

OOTD and I may have solved the problem with comments...


 ~ Walking ~
I love walking along the waterfront.
Fortunately we live close to the seafront but I frequently walk in Oak Bay.
The Esplanade near Willows Beach is a scenic spot for a stroll.

I spied this beaded bracelet on the arm of the blue Adirondack chair...

I stopped to take a closer look and noticed the card inside.
Oak Bay Trinket Fairy

I now follow this Instagram account and have learned 
that this bead artist makes and leaves them for people to find!
What a lovely idea...
similar to those painted rocks that were once popping up in our neighbourhood.

Friday ~ post published today 
as I am going to busy this Sunday...
I have been trying to keep the posts regular but a wee bit of a BLIP is fine.

On the heels of my denim jumper purchase I found a coat!

New Eileen Fisher blue coat...
a simple and classic choice for Spring and Summer.
Turns out that I really like Eileen Fisher coats as I now have 3 of them.

~ OOTD ~

Wore my big pearls from Hong Kong to tea at a friends home.
We sip tea ~ chat and knit together.
I paired it with a crisp white Old Navy shirt and a wool Lord and Taylor skirt.
Layered over Hue capri tights and my Josef Seibel Chelsea Boots.

Rather an "edgy" look but very comfortable :-))

Do you wear "edgy" fashion choices?
It is a wee bit of a stretch for me but after wearing this combo several times 
it feels honest and natural.

Let's have a quick chat about hair...
it is supposed to be our crowning glory.

my hair has been thinning this past year...
which has been a worry but I do have a thyroid condition and that is one of the issues.
I take medication for my thyroid but hair loss is a concern.
My hair used to be SO THICK!

Has your hair thinned?

On my last visit to my stylist I mentioned this to her she cut in more layers 
now it looks fuller and has more body
so I am happy with the results.

In other news...

I have been researching the blogger problem with comments.
Your emails have not gone unnoticed...
May have found an answer...
fingers crossed 
so please try now and see if it works.

Leave a comment and we'll see if it works.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


Latane Barton said...

I love the idea of leaving bracelets for people to find. Reminds me of the painted rock craze that was going on for awhile. It's always fun to find the unexpected.

Lorrie said...

Good morning, Leslie! Thinning hair can be a real problem. Mine is definitely thinner than 10 years ago, but still okay for now. I had a few more layers cut into it and that helps, as you've discovered.
Cute jacket, and your OOTD is classy and chic. So nice to spend time with a friend knitting and chatting.
Our house is a major disaster just now as we're having the ceilings replastered on the main floor. I'm just trying to stay calm and breathe through it.
Have a good weekend.

Poppy B. said...

Hi Hostess! Love your blue glasses frames! The pearls are amazing, too. And yes, my hair is thinner than it used to be. I’m working on a post about it that got so long, I decided to divide it into two. I’ll be posting Part I later today.

Becky said...

So lovely to see your ootd and cooking ideas.

KSL said...

Such a lovely idea to leave a piece of jewelry for someone to find. I also have some thyroid issues, so I take Nutrafol (I get on Amazon) and have for years. It's Biotin with some other supplements, all natural. My hair is now much thicker. Your pearls are so gorgeous!

LPC said...

Dare I hope that I can comment? And say YES to edgy?

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Hi all...
I figured out how to allow your comments but the response ability by me has changed...
I cannot share my thoughts on each individual comment
so more work must be required ~ "sigh"

Suz from Vancouver said...

Testing the comment fix, fingers crossed!
Suz from Vancouver

Patricia said...

You were meant to find that bracelet! It perfectly matches your lovely new coat. Your pearls are fantastic, and take outfits to a higher level every time. I like the idea of edgy, not sure I can do it but I wear a lot of fun sneakers now I cannot manage heels any longer. My hair is still very thick, to the point it is annoying and I get bad thin-outs from some hairdressers. I wonder what the future will bring me? said...

I am so happy that I can now leave a comment - I so enjoy reading your blog.
I look forward to it every week.
Hopefully, I can now thank you for always being so positive!

Kathy said...

Here's hoping this comment goes through! Love your OOTD and your new coat. I haven't noticed my hair thinning but it's texture has changed as I've gotten older. Yours looks lovely, but it always does.

Victoria gal said...

That navy EF coat is divine! Did you get it here in Victoria? Looks like the perfect west coast spring coat.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Latane Barton ~ Those rocks were really popular during Covid!
Lorrie ~ We had a fun weekend here at the cottage with the grandchildren! LOts of laughter and good times.
Poppy B ~ I will have to pop over and read your blog on thinning hair.
Becky ~ Thank you!
KSL ~ Kathy I will check online and do some research on that Biotin product...thank you.
Lisa ~ Great to see the comments but too bad that I am unable to respond individually anymore...oh well it is much better to hear from readers!

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Suz from Vancouver ~ Great to see that you were able to comment!
Patricia ~ I left the bracelet for someone else to pick up :-)) I need to up my sneaker least one pair!
Nancy ~ Positivity is so much better than the alternative! I suppose that I am optimistic by nature...
Kathy ~ My hairdresser is so clever...she cut in more layers to make my thinner hair look fuller...good to hear that you have a full many women my age don't and wish they did!
Victoria Gal ~ If you go to Eileen Fisher online they have the coat on their is quite quick. The Bay, Wilsons, and Tulipe Noire are carrying some EF fashions locally but not too many shops that I know of have her items.

Victoria gal said...

Thanks for the reply about the EF coat. I do find a smattering of her clothing around town but selection is limited.

The online store is in the US right? I worry about custom and duty. Her clothing is already very pricey.
It really looks lovely though and will give you years of pleasure I am sure.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Victoria Gal,
I frequently make a pilgrimage to the South Granville Eileen Fisher Store and they are wonderful about ordering things for me throughout Canada, no duty at required. You need to know the size you want and the item number, you pay with a credit card and several days later you have the item.

Inez said...

Hi! Was not able to post comments in the past, hope this one makes it! Love Eileen Fisher, her clothes are a bit pricey but last forever and are timeless! I love your slightly edgy OOTD look, it is unexpected and seems more energized and youthful! I don’t know if you would go for it, a pixie haircut does wonders for people with thin or thinning hair and can look very youthful after age 60.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Inez I see that you have been successful with your comment! I have had a pixie cut...before Covid and then I let it grow long because we were unable to go to the salon. I got it cut into a bob after we were able to return to in person services...I am always open to trying new things with my hair.
Eileen Fisher clothes do tend to be a bit more expensive than some brands but I really like her philosophy of fewer items worn all throughout the season and made to last years. Her CORE clothing is really great for a minimalist wardrobe or to get started on building a fresh new wardrobe from scratch. I have clothes from her line that I have had for about 10 years and I don't tire of them because they are not "trendy."

Sheila said...

Hi, Lesley! I saw your comment on my blog about your comment issue that you can't respond individually to your readers' comments (the way I do on my blog). This has to do with how your comments are set in your Settings.

Go to your dashboard (where your login takes you) - you should see a menu bar down the left side. If you don't see that, click the 3 horizontal lines beside the Blogger logo in the upper left corner, and that will bring up the menu (you can make it go away again by clicking that.

In Settings, scroll down until you see Comments, where you will see these headers:
- Comment location (yours says 'pop out window', I bet!),
- Who can comment?,
- Comment moderation,
- For posts older than, and
- Email moderation requests to.

Each of those titles is a clickable link (totally NOT intuitive!). Here's how mine are set:
- Comment location - Embedded. This allows you and other readers to respond directly to comments, so that your reply isn't down at the bottom of all of the comments.
- Who can comment? Mine is set to "Anyone (including anonymous)" - I check in daily and manage my comments through the Comments section.
- Comment moderation, Mine is set to "Sometimes"...because...
- For posts older than. Mine is set to "14 days." - any posts more than 2 weeks old automatically get moderated/not immediately published.
- Email moderation requests to. I don't put anything here, but you could enter your email if you wish (it's not visible to anyone but you).

Your comment location is the problem for you. Your readers will be able to respond at the end of your post, but will not get the pop-out window, which has never allowed us to reply to direct comments. I used to use that in the early days of my blog, and had the same frustration of not being able to respond directly.

Sorry for the long-winded reply - I hope this helped! <3 Sheila

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I had to change my embedded setting to allow for the comments from readers...that is when I realized that I could only comment in a general form not as a response...will do some further research! Thank you for your help :-))