Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Shopping and a surprise!


Lilies are blooming in the parks.

Like many women I've been wearing black Yoga pants for most of the past year.
They work well for cleaning house and my daily walks...

They are not as dressy as I would like for running errands or patio dining.
So, I went shopping at Tulipe Noire, a small boutique on Oak Bay Avenue.

Canadian made Lisette capris

After buying the capris I decided shoes would be a good idea.
(Aren't they always a good idea?)

I popped up to Walk in Comfort where I always can find a great pair of shoes.
Black leather loafers made in Spain by Bueno...
 Oh so comfy!

Imagine my surprise yesterday 
when a parcel arrived in the post!

The brown envelope was from a wonderful woman who lives in Vancouver 
She sends me gifts from time to time...

cute polka dot sox
sunflower seeds 
(in memory of my mother)

Inside the package was a sumptuous silk scarf
by Ralph Lauren!!!

This scarf goes perfectly with my new capris
most of my core wardrobe which is black.

I use scarves as my go to accessory.

Thank you Rosemarie!
You are such a kind and thoughtful woman.

also known as "money plant"
blooming in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

Our garden is bursting forth with flowers.
May is such a lovely month in our garden...
bright pops of colour in the perennial borders.

Hope that you are staying well and enjoying the first days of May.

We are feeling so encouraged since getting our first vaccinations.
The Covid cases here on Vancouver Island are slowly moving down.
Many people are in hospital with many in ICU.

We hope that all who want the vaccination will be able to get it.
Community Immunity is imperative for our future safety.

Good Luck.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. So happy to hear that you've had your first vaccination!

    1. It does give one a sense of safety knowing that we are protected from covid by 85% hope for the second dose in a few months.

  2. Those Bueno shoes inspire me. Rosemarie is such a kind and supportive women. I’ve only met her once but I marvel at her talents for haiku and at her awareness of so many local events (virtual).

    1. The shoes are super comfy. Rosemarie is a very lovely kind and generous.

  3. The Bueno shoes look stylish and comfortable. What a lovely parcel to receive in the mail, with items that fit your wardrobe and style so very well.

    1. The parcel took me quite by surprise! What a lovely scarf and it is soft and the colours are perfect for my wardrobe!

  4. What a lovely scarf, and I know it will work so well in your wardrobe. What a generous friend. Your knew capris and shoes are just right for the times, in fact I am looking for a pair of similar shoes here in Australia, black with the white edge. I am glad you have had your first vaccine with apparently no ill-effects, and it is great to know cases are going down on the island. Sadly Ontario is still having a really bad time of it, so I know we will not be passing through your area anytime soon :( Enjoy your Springtime of beautiful flowers.

    1. Ontarios is having a tough time with Covid. Our numbers are trending down now and we hope that we will be permitted to gather with our small family outdoors soon. At the moment we are only allowed to gather with people that live under our own my husband and I have been walking and occasionally going out for a bite to eat on an outdoor patio.

  5. Your purchases and gifts are lovely! I am very envious as we are still under a "Stay at Home" order and shopping is only via pickup or delivery. I need Summer shoes but I need to try them on as I have very awkward feet so not sure when that will happen! I'm really happy that I didn't throw out the Converse sneakers I've worn for the past two Summers. They are grubbier than I would like but may just have to do for this year.

    1. We are allowed to shop and walk but not gather with people who don't live under the same roof. I hope we can see our family outdoors safely soon. Shoe shopping really must be done at the store...comfort and fit are key factors when purchasing new shoes.
      Take care and stay safe.


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