Friday, August 23, 2019

Pretty in Pink ~ rosacea and skincare.

The Pink McCartney Rose

Long time readers will know that I suffer from a skin condition called rosacea...
there is no "cure" one needs to be proactive to manage the condition and deal with the occasional flare ups.

Some of the triggers for Rosacea are stress, sunshine, hot and cold temperatures, wind, red wine, spicy foods, and certain chemicals in skincare products.

One never knows when a bout of rosacea may occur.
I try my best to manage the condition.

I use the Avene line of products for sensitive skin.

My routine:

I wash my skin in the morning 
using Anti redness lotion
warm water
with a very a light touch 
then I gently pat my skin dry.

I apply 3 drops of IS Clinical serum 
followed by Avene Hydrance Intense.

I wait a few minutes to allow the products to be absorbed
before applying Bella Donna mineral powder.
It has an SPF of 50 which I use everyday all year long.
The powder covers most of the redness.

In the evening 
I remove all the powder with a cotton pad soaked in Micellar Water.
Then I wash my face with the Avene lotion, add the 3 drops of serum and apply  Fresh Rose Deep Hydration moisturizer.
( It smells wonderful!)

I occasionally go to a medical based Spa in Oak Bay Derma Spa 
 for laser treatments which target the broken capillaries and redness.
They are super knowledgable and provide many services 
to patients like myself who have skin conditions.
They also sell IS Clinical serums and Bella Donna mineral make up.

I have read a lot about Rocasea and there are many great sites online where you can find out more about the condition.

I hope that you have found this information helpful.

To those of you who have this condition I hope that you have found some ways to cope with the redness and the inevitable flare ups.

I welcome your thoughts and ideas on what works for you...

Jude the Obscure and McCartney roses.

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~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I too have rosacea and after many, many years of testing products I finally found Avene and now use it almost exclusively. It is such a relief to find a suitable product that keeps the condition under control.

    1. Great to hear that you are having positive results from the Avene line of products!

  2. I also have Rosacea. It actually became worse when I moved to North Coast NSW Australia. The hot summers and humidity, have made the condition worse. So I intend to try the Avene products. Thanks for info. June

    1. Those high temperatures and that extreme humidity would definitely exacerbate rocasea...the Avene thermal water mist would be a great thing to have with you when you go outside. It immediately cools...let me now what you think if you try it.

  3. Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion and Avene Skin Recovery Cream have made such a difference for my rosacea. The other thing that has helped is that, if I washed my face with water from the sink, after drying it, I then spritz my face and neck with Avene mineral water spray (or even basic distilled water put in a spritzer) and then gently wipe my face. I once spotted this recommendation from a dermatologist, noting that deposits in tap water can cause irritation, and that mineral water or distilled water can help dissolve any lingering tap water deposits on the skin.

    1. Water quality varies from city to city and some have flouride and chlorine added so I can see why you have opted for using distilled or the Avene thermal water.

  4. I too suffer from this condition and it got so bad that it was affecting my eyes - I kept thinking I had "pink eye"! I have had to be on a daily antibiotic for the past year. I tried coming off it for a couple of weeks last month but the welts, rash and the eye issues came back almost immediately so back on the pills. It is the same medications that they give to teenagers with really bad acne. I could have managed to rash and redness but the eyes were becoming a serious issue.
    I will have to try the Avene lotion - the foundation you recommended a year or so ago - Laroche Posay(?) has been really good - no irritation at all so I will try your latest one.

  5. The fragrance in your rose cream is probably the culprit.
    Watch dermatologist Dr. Dray on YouTube for skincare advice for this condition and general skincare. No fragrance---natural is just as bad as synthetic---is the first step to good skin.

    1. The rose cream is very gentle and has improved my rosacea since I started using it. Very emollient and rose soothes red irritated skin...will go and check out the video.


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