Thursday, July 19, 2018

Summer sunshine in the Humble Bungalow Garden

Sunny yellow California poppies peeking out from under the Hostas.
These wee flowers pop up around the garden as they self sow like many poppies.
Their cheerful flowers add extra oomph to the greenery.

Romneya Coulteri
a poppy also know as the fried egg plant!

I think of the art of Georgia O'Keefe when this plant blooms...

crisp and crepe like white petals 
with the bold pop of yellow
are a brilliant contrast
that make for a wonderful showy bloom.

The petals are delicate almost like a tissue...

Daisies are so cheerful...
not growing in our garden 
they always look pretty in the summertime
they look very "at home" popped into a simple mason jar and set upon a table.

Pendulous flowers of the Himalayan Honeysuckle

The hummingbirds love this flowering plant!

Yellow roses

Jude the Obscure and William Shakespeare Rose bouquet.

Two hard working products that I love...
the gelee is especially good for gardener's hands
I use the Baume on my heels which keeps them soft and supple.

Abraham Darby a gorgeous David Austin rose
a lovely fragrance and frothy blooms.

How is your summer shaping up?

Thank you for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I have a spreadsheet with plants I see on various blogs that are good for butterflies or bees or hummingbirds. So thanks for the tip. I am getting rid of the stupid grass behind our house and planting whatever will please nature. Come fall. Right now, there isn't enough water to plant.
    I am so jealous of your hydrangea. Mine is lamentably wilted, despite an overnight downpour. Too hot and above all too dry for hydrangea here. I am SO disappointed.

  2. My favourite flower colour is yellow-single yellow rose in a narrow vase is sublime and immediately the reason for happiness to me! I've always subconsciously connected yellow flowers with joy-and your post brings it in abundance
    Georgia O'Keeffe-I agree...
    I've been to the open air concert-Beethoven and Brahms-another reason to be happy. The city is full of different happenings - I love it especially during the summer

  3. Lovely flowers - those little yellow poppies and the fried egg poppy are really something. Your roses are beautiful as always. I always enjoy hearing about your product recommendations.

  4. The photo you took of the Romneya Coulteri is so beautiful, it looks like wedding frock fabric. My bridal bouquet was a bunch of daisies.
    Greetings Maria x

  5. Summer flowers are so varied and prolific that it's difficult to choose favourite. I love them all. Your Abraham Darby rose is stunning.

  6. You really have an amazing garden and so many blooms!!!

  7. Beautiful blossoms! I believe the yellow poppy is a Welsh one though, not a California Poppy, going by the foliage. The California Poppy has very finely cut leaves.

    Susan in Pacific Northwest

  8. Beautiful! The matilija poppies are extraordinary - I can imagine you painting a series of them just as you do with roses.

  9. Your garden is beautiful. Such a delight to have flowering plants and lush greenery. The floral scent must be mesmerizing. A real retreat in your garden. It looks garden party and Pimms ready. Susan