Monday, July 16, 2018

"Getting my Happy On"

There are times when life tests us...
particularly when unexpected things occur
those things that are beyond our control...

I remind myself that "control is an illusion"...
the only things in life that one can control
are the reactions to the events themselves.

When these life events threaten to derail my day and drag me down
I need to dig deeper to cultivate and embrace the beauty that surrounds,
which in turn,
infuses positivity
encourages grace
which improves my outlook and ultimately is a mood changer.

Consciously choosing to focus on kindness, love, empathy, compassion
are the attitudes that I opt for when things go sideways.
I tend to focus on these things...

First and foremost....embracing the attitude of gratitude
followed by, but not necessarily in order...

arranging flowers
working in the garden
reading an inspiring book
chatting with a good friend
painting or a similar creative pursuit
going for a walk along the seafront
taking tea...using a lovely bone china teacup and loose tea
cooking a new recipe
soaking in the tub in some scented bath salts
watching a classic "chick flick"
tidying up an area of our home
tidying up a drawer or closet
doing something for someone who needs help
writing ( a blog post) or writing in a journal
cooking a pot of soup
beach combing
browsing in a book shop
thrift shopping
donating to charity

There are many positive nurturing habits to cultivate...
what are your favourites?

"Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, 
something to love, and something to hope for. "

~ Joseph Addison ~

Summertime BBQ's with best friends and family
sharing a simple meal
fresh produce and food of the season
sipping a crisp cool glass of Rose
dining outdoors in the hot sunshine
listening to the laughter 
the children playing in the garden
filling up my heart

Hope that your week is full of bright moments.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I'm cleaning the pantry today, going to buy flowers for the coffee table, reading my Paris mystery Murder in St-Germaine, and sitting by the pool. I may have enough points left to buy some rosé. Blog writing or reading magazines like Hello or Victoria, going to church (on Sunday), visiting the plant nursery, cuddling the dog....When I think of all the lovely things I can do, I am grateful for my life situation and my problems seem insignificant.

  2. For some reason, I find joy in crowds. Watching the fireworks on Bastille Day, in a crowd where everybody was so polite. No pushing. People stayed seated, which meant the little ones weren't blocked. Such nice atmosphere. I felt such warmth for all these strangers.
    I hope that whatever tested you is resolved soon.

    1. There is an energy in crowds...often times the enthusiasm is contagious! Good to hear that everyone was polite and respectful.

  3. I like your commitment to a positive attitude! I love a nice cup of hot tea- English style- very calming. And I love taking the dogs for a long walk- clears my head. Bridget

    1. Bridget I am brewing a pot of tea right's a habit that I associate with relaxation so I enjoy it often!
      having a pet really helps us in times of stress...dogs are so loyal and give unconditional love.

  4. My Grandad said when times were tough he found solace in reading, walking, sailing, watching the birds in the garden, helping someone and listening to music. My Dad found comfort in walking on a beach, watching documentaries about the sea and the company of his dog. Recently I've found organising my recipe folder and trying new recipes have been helpfull. I always wanted to be one of those people who had signature family recipes they were known for - so I brought some clearfile folders. This project gets my mind out of my worries or sorrows for awhile. Somehow I always feel guilty if I am doing something that is not productive - even hobbies and relaxing. Maybe something to be aware of for me.

    1. Kathryn your grandad was a wise fellow...and I like the image of your father walking on the beach with his dog...very soothing to the soul.
      The new recipe folders will keep the recipes clean and be easy to use.
      It took me awhile in my retirement to give myself permission to read for an hour every afternoon I kept thinking that I should be busy doing something productive and now that I have been doing this for several years its my daily reward!
      Try it for a few days and you'll discover how and when its best to fit it into your routine.

  5. Such wisdom in your words - if we could only and always stay true to living by them. Lots of good ideas for things to do when we need distraction, comfort, involvement, nurturing. Some of my favorites are walking, yoga, reading, quilting, browsing in a book shop or quilt store, pulling weeds, tidying an area of my home, talking with a good friend, and sometimes a good, stiff drink!

    1. Self care is really important and there are hundreds maybe thousands of books written on the subject...we need to take care of ourselves or we cannot take care of others...

  6. What an excellent list of pick-me-ups you have developed. I admire your discipline in being able to do this too. I use many of the same things, but at times, even finding one thing can be difficult. We are currently in a situation where my husband has broken a hip, immediately after returning from a lovely holiday in Europe. The shock of it, the hospitalisation, and the ongoing care at home while he cannot walk at all, has left us both feeling gloomy. I am blogging to cheer myself, but leaning towards food for him. We celebrated July 14 with French food, and had friends over to watch football. And I gained 500g!! :)

    1. Sorry to hear about your HB broken hip...hope you are able to get some help with the nursing and cooking...a wee bit of respite is important for you as the caregiver.
      It has taken me 63 years to be mindful and observant and know when I need to pull back and practise self care...I am a slow learner!

  7. Today I was sorting some of my boxes that had been in storage when I found a little packet of negatives. They are of my grandparents in their rose garden in Victoria. It brought back such lovely memories that I was forced to smile!

  8. Today I was sorting some of my boxes that had been in storage when I found a little packet of negatives. They are of my grandparents in their rose garden in Victoria. It brought back such lovely memories that I was forced to smile!

    1. Oh where in Victoria did your grandparents live?
      Is there home still standing? The roses may still be there!

  9. I love your blog for so many reasons and this is one of them; you remind us to LOVE life. I am so grateful to you for writing and illustrating such beautiful posts. I was a little down today and this post has lifted me - Thank you Leslie.
    Greetings Maria xx

    1. Thank you Maria..
      I am happy to have shared something that you were able to enjoy.

  10. Such very wise words today and so true about our control is how we react/feel. Some of my favorites are walking, cooking, entertaining, reading, gardening, socializing with good friends, beach picnics and sometimes a glass of wine! And of course reading your blog ;)
    Thank you, hope writing this post is as helpful to you as it is for us readers.
    Suz from Vancouver

    1. Writing things down does help...I frequently make lists when not sure about a situation...the positives and the negatives and reading through them can bring clarity and help me make a decision based on the points on the list.

  11. HA! I have this very list, I think. Lovely, every single thing. The only addition I would make is queue up the BeeGee's "Stayin' Alive" and dance with my very best disco moves! There's an extra bonus if somebody's in the room with you and they either laugh with you or at you. It then becomes a two-fer! Thanks for reminding us to stay strong and how to do it. I love your beautiful blog! xo

  12. Life is always ready to throw us a curve ball. This can be counted on. I view it as part of the human experience. Dealing with said curve ball can be easy or hard. It is entirely up to the individual. We do have a choice. Like you, I choose the high road. It is far more satisfying. To say nothing about the health benefits. Lists (as you suggest) clarify any situation and facilitate decision making. Susan

    1. A positive attitude is so has gotten me through lots of life's hiccups!