Saturday, May 12, 2018

Remembering Mom and the trinket box...

Remembering Mom...

My sister and I get together regularly and we frequently go for a walk,
followed by a bite to eat and then we do some thrift shopping.

Mom told us, before she passed away,
that she wanted us to make time for each other...
it was her wish
that we both see each other weekly
just as we had done when Mom was alive.

We would all get together for an "outing."

Shop, then go for lunch, tea, or dinner...
it may have been a pot luck at mom's condo or a light meal out in one of Mom's favourite spots...
The Oak Bay Marina or The Oak Bay Beach Hotel.

Mom loved her jewelry and she had a large citrine ring that was designed by local jeweller Tony deGoutiere. Mom wore this ring a was a "signature piece" not unlike her opera length baroque pearl necklace that Dad had given her one Christmas.

My sister was given the ring by sister had it made into a pendant as she felt the stone was "too big" for her hands.

I cannot remember if I wrote,
that Mother,
before she went into Hospice,
asked us to go to her bedroom and get her jewel box?

She had us sit close to her chair in her living room and she alternately handed us an item from her jewellery collection until only costume pieces remained...
she said we could do "whatever we wanted" with them.
Some we kept, some we gave to family, and others we donated to charity.

My sister and I cried throughout the entire process...
we weren't really "ready" for this...and today as I look back,
I cannot help but think how much strength it must have taken Mom to do this...
she did not cry.

Mom was a very determined woman, a no nonsense kind of gal,
whose years of nursing had helped her come to terms with her cancer diagnosis and prepare her for death.

I miss mom,
I think of her fondly...everyday....many times in a day.

So when this wee trinket box caught my eye...
I knew at once I had to buy it.
The stone reminds me of the ring...

 Mother's Day 
is going to come and go
the second one without Mom.

Memories will keep me company.

 I will wear some of Mom's jewels
on Sunday in her honour.

Hope that you have a lovely Mother's Day!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I am very moved by these words today. I completely understand your need for this trinket box. I love all these old pieces, but none of them have the same significance as yours. So happy you found it. So happy you shared this lovely memories. I don't have a sister, and my mother left this Earth in 1981, so a long time ago. My strongest memories are of my beautiful grandmother, whom we all called Mom-Mom. She was like Auntie Mame and lived every single moment, often when I look in the mirror I see her. Keep your family close, always. Shower them with love no matter what they do !! Happy Mother's Day to YOU !!!

    1. Oh we share and rejoice in the memories of our grandmothers and moms....such influential women on our lives...important to keep them close to our hearts.

  2. Your words are a lovely tribute to your mom, Leslie. Mother's Day will likely always be bittersweet, as it will be for me. Thanks for all that you share with your readers.

    1. Thank you Jeannine for reading...and commenting...its readers like you that encourage me to continue with my writing.

  3. My mum is still here but I know that the time will come when she is no longer. I spend Sunday with her but when I wasn't working, we often used to go out for lunch on Thursday after her hair appointment. It is so hard for her since my dad died. Most of their "couple friends" are gone and she has no experience with making new friends. Tomorrow, mum, daughter and I will go to church and for lunch. I hope that you have a happy day with your family and your memories of your mother.

    1. I saw your pictures on nice to see you all enjoying a family gathering.
      Precious times...I have so many wonderful memories of mom and for that I am very grateful.

  4. Sending a virtual hug Leslie...

  5. You were so fortunate to have a mother like yours. I love reading your heartfelt words about her.

    1. She was a bright light in my life...the wonderful memories help keep her very much alive in my heart.

  6. what a beautiful box, even more so because it reminds you of your Mother.

    My Mother always said that the greatest gift she gave us was each other, and she was right. To have loving siblings is a real joy in life.

    I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.

    1. Your mother sounds like a wise woman...
      I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day Adrienne.

  7. Happy Mothers Day to you Hostess. That was a lovely post honoring your mum and I am sure she would love that you got a new jewelry box.


    1. I wore Mom's gold earrings yesterday, now mine, but they still feel like Mom's...I can picture her wearing them as we walked along the Esplanade and they glistened in the sunshine.
      You are right too, she would approve of the trinket box!

  8. This post made me cry. We used to visit my mother in-laws for coffee every Saturday morning and now, after 15 years of her passing, we still get together with my sister in-law for our Saturday morning coffee.
    Thank you Leslie; I wish you a lovely Mother's Day as well. 🌹
    Greetings Maria x

    1. I didn't mean to upset anyone with this post...but we do respond differently from our own experiences...often words move me to tears too.
      Great to hear that you continue to meet every Saturday...a lovely tradition.
      Hope you had a lovely day Maria.

  9. You are lucky to be close to your sister--geographically and emotionally.
    Mother's Day is hard because my mother's birthday falls on or near it. Three years ago, I was there for her birthday, not knowing it would be her last. It's funny how a loved one's belongings become totems when they are gone. As I type, I'm wearing my mom's sweater, and I swear I feel a connection. I hope you feel your mother, too, as you wear her jewelry.

    1. I have a sweater from Mom too...its like a cozy hug from her! I totally relate to how that makes you feel...we were fortunate to have had our mothers around as long as we did...many lose their mothers far too young...we have oodles of memories to sustain us.
      Take care

  10. Such a beautiful and unusual trinket box, I can see why you chose it. I imagine it makes you smile when it catches your eye... ��
    Enjoy a happy Mother’s Day Leslie. It’s wonderful that you have so many loving memories of your mum to reflect on.
    Rosie xx

    1. I have placed the trinket box on the top of my bureau Rosie, in the bedroom where I can see it..I wore a pair of mom's gold hoop earrings yesterday and will wear them again today.
      It is a sunny day here and the weather should be warm all week...
      Hope all is well with you,

  11. You have wonderful memories-your family (your Mom,you and your sister) seem so full of love and tenderness. It is such a treasure to have life foundations like this
    Have a lovely Mother's Day!

    1. My sister and I have become even closer since Mother's passing...we shared a lot of the estate work and it was an emotional and tiring experience, but one that we did as a team, which I think strengthened our bond.

  12. Happy Mother's Day to you dear Hostess...A bittersweet day I'm sure...I understand your feelings today as today is my 9th Mothers Day without my dear beloved Mother. Your Mother sounds like a lovely lady, and it sounds as if you were very close with her. Beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.....

    1. You are so right about the memories Patricia...they help us so much.
      Hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  13. Yes, you did tell us this story in a past post!
    I love what your MOTHER did passing OUT the family jewels!
    My Mother had a note in her jewelry box that said 'Elizabeth STAY OUT!"
    I was drawn to the glitter at an early AGE!
    Beautiful post.........XX

    1. Good I could not remember if I had...after mom passed I was so busy with her estate that its a bit of a blur!
      I love that note to you from your mother!!!
      She knew that you liked sparkly jewelry...

  14. I love that you're honest about these holidays and anniversaries. They're a bag of mixed feelings, and to ignore that doesn't serve any of us. Your mom sounds like she was an amazing woman and very strong.

    1. Kathy you are so right about holidays...they are a "mixed bag" of emotions and embracing my feelings is how I out it all into perspective.
      I feel so much gratitude for the years that I spent with my Mother...she was incrediby strong, she nursed my father thrugh many illnesses and was stalwart, rarely complained and was a wonderful role model. I am striving to be more like her....

  15. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt memories of your mother. I find it so interesting that others memories remind me of my own. Your beautiful trinket box (I love how you filled it with sparkly beauties), reminds me of my mother's jewelry box and the amethyst ring she gave me, along with others. My Mom was such a striking woman, tall, stately with long elegant fingers; brave and strong, with an incredible story. She's been gone 34 years and I miss her terribly. For some reason, I don't quite feel worthy to wear her jewelry. Maybe it's time to get beyond that and just do it anyway. Hope your Mother's Day was filled with good memories. And please keep writing... Your blog is such a peaceful and lovely place to visit. Thank you, Candi