Monday, May 7, 2018 shoes

I've been to several shops looking for some new sneakers...
Comfy, casual shoes to wear with my current spring and summer outfits.

I tried on maybe a dozen different styles...what a fabulous selection they have this Spring!
How does one decide?

With so much variety...
everything from a classic Keds sneaker,
to a Converse Chuck Taylor
and more...

I opted for a metallic slip on.

They are a bit bling-y

Will the "Fashion Police" give me a ticket when I wear them?
Do I really care?

 Is this the look of disapproval from Chester?

I plan to wear these with jeans, white linen pants and striped boyfriend cuffed ankle jeans.
They inject a little bit of fun
which I like when purchasing clothing.

A rainy day OOTD
Saint James raincoat
black tights with Chelsea boots
 V neck Black Goat cashmere sweater and a Jigsaw mini skirt.

I am in the process of putting my winter clothing downstairs into the guest room closet
then bringing up the summer clothes.

This process has been slowish because I check each item carefully,
launder and iron them
and discard anything that is pilled or looking tired.

I try all the summer things on to make sure they still fit
look decent
  that they are pieces that make me feel confident.

There are a couple of dresses
several pairs of white pants
(white NYDJ jeans, dressy white UPP pants, and a cropped linen pair)
a few tops, most are white and a couple are blue
 a longer white linen top with grey stripes 
shirt style with abalone buttons which I layer over tank tops.

White V neck Eileen Fisher sweater
grey short knit jacket
I keep my denim shirts, skirt, jeans and a jacket in rotation fall and summer.

I need to find a black skort as I do not like wearing shorts anymore.

Other than that I have very few things to buy.

My hair is undergoing a messy growing out stage...
as my frozen shoulder is in the thawing process 
I can now use the blow dryer 
 so with my hairdressers' help 
we will be teaming up and working through the tedious process.

My goal is to grow it back into a wavy bob...
it may take months but I am willing to put in the time.

Here's the Ann Taylor straw bag that I ordered from Etsy.
It is not exactly the same shade of red as my ballet flats but it works...

In order to kick up my exercise
I've been walking farther and in different areas of town.
Trying to increase the pace of my walk without exacerbating shin splints.
I think the change of scenery is energizing!

What have you been up to these days?
Are you enjoying the weather?

Thank you for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I too started the wardrobe switchover this weekend so my place looks like a bit of a tip at the moment as there are clothes everywhere - in various stages of coming or going! I'm trying to limit my colours to black, navy and grey with yellow, blue & pink accents, along with lots of white shirts & t-shirts. I have gained weight over the winter but I have some larger sized clothing that I'll use for the next month or two while I concentrate on losing it again! Like you, I'm doing more walking and trying to limit myself to two meals per day.

    I just had my hair cut a lot shorter for the summer - it's been a few years since I had it this short but I'm really enjoying how easy it is so I'll enjoy it for now.

    I have similar red ballet flats! They make me smile.

    1. Red shoes do have a happy vibe...the colours that you have chosen to be your core shades sound really smart and with those extra pretty accent shades will be lovely.
      Winter can be tough on us when it comes to keeping off the extra weight...I still wear all the same sizes but I can definiteley tone up and shed a few pounds...good goals for walking and mindful eating! Good luck!

  2. Isn't Grace Coddington supposed to be fond of wearing metallic Vans? So, if a revered creative director of Vogue likes metallic slip ons, I think the fashion police shouldn't mess with you. Grace Coddington is also a well known cat lover and her own perfume comes in a bottle shaped like a cat, if that makes any difference to Chester.

    1. It sounds like Grace has her own style...I watched a documentary with her in it a few years ago and she has had quite an interesting life and career.

  3. I haven't got my summer clothes out yet as spring barely arrived here. But then we went into full blown summer and I was caught out on the clothes front. I have just bought some red ballet flats . I wore them with red jeans at the weekend.

    1. Ooh I like the double red idea...I enjoy your Instagram posts!
      I wear my red shoes a lot.
      Wore white jeans and a sleeveless top today...was about 22 degrees...sunny and lovely!

  4. The new basket bag is adorable!...and so are the shoes. You will look great on your walks.
    Like you, I have been going through my wardrobe. I've been making piles for 'keep, donate, consign'. I'm surprised at the number of things I've kept and not worn at all. Time to free up wardrobe space for what really matters!

    1. Its a real eye opener when we edit out clothes...interesting how we gravitate to the same styles and wear them over and over again...even rebuy them in different colours.
      You'll find that only having what you absolutely love in your closet makes getting dressed so much easier.

  5. I really like your silver shoes, and have been looking for a similar pair for myself. However I want to be able to wear orthotics with them which makes the quest a little complicated! Your straw bag is very chic, and cute with the red flats. I can see Springtime is coming to your place :)

    1. I think that orthodics might work in this style but I do not wear them myself so I am no expert...I do have friends that have them and they mention that shoe shopping is not as easy as it used to be.

  6. Great silver sneakers-perfect for white and black combo ( actually they go with almost everything)
    Straw bag is amazing!

    1. Silver does feel like a neutral shade...will be able to mix them with many items in my closet...has your weather turned to Spring yet?

    2. Weather has skipped the spring and we've had a couple of summer weeks. Tomorrow (if the forecast was correct)we shoulg go back to spring

  7. I love your blingy shoes! I have a pair of blingy lace-up sneakers similar to yours -- they always make me feel happy when I wear them.

    1. I have a gold pair of lace ups from several seasons ago that I have for working in the garden...I could clean them up and wear them again...
      Shoes can make a difference in so many ways...happy comfortable feet and in a cheerful win!

  8. I applaud your shoe selection. I couldn't do it, but good for you! I'm a conservative dresser likely to a flaw! I probably could stand to break out a little! I love your purse/bag. And your red flats - I think that's as "wild" as I could go. Haha!

  9. Love your wicker bag, and I like that the reds are not the exact same. Makes the bag more "vintage". Love your sneakers, and I also bought a bling-y shoe (for me) - a pair of metallic gold sandals. I always like metallics on other people, but this will be a first for me. I think your hair will look great in a bob again.

    1. I have a gold mettalic sandal from several seasons ago...they are by Ecco.
      You'll love looking at your toes this summer with that hint of gold...and if you use nail polish you can add even more colour!

  10. Darling new bag! It blends beautifully with the shoes! I am turning over as well; it's time to start thinking about what from the spring capsule will transition into summer, and what needs to go. How do you like your NYDJeans? I was pondering a pair today...

    1. I really love the fit of the NYDJ...I have several pairs...the rolled up boyfriend, white jeand and a denim pair. They rarely go on sale here but I don't buy a lot of clothes so that is how I justify the cost and they launder well....I never put them in the dryer and wash them inside out.

  11. I love your shoes, they certainly will add a bit of zip to your wardrobe.

    I have been looking for a new straw summer bag for several years - I want a plain one, which they don't seem to make anymore...maybe this summer I will find just what I want.

    1. I love a little bit of energy and ZIP when getting dressed these days...there are lots of examples of straw bags out are sure to find one that you like.
      Happy Shopping!

  12. Your blingy shoes look great! And I'm enamored of your red ballet flats. I have black Joseph Siebel flats like that and would love to find red ones - they are such comfortable shoes. Did you find them in town?
    The wardrobe switchover is happening here, too. I can't quite let go of some warmer things quite yet.

    1. I found my shoes at the store in Oak Bay Avenue...the shop just closed but there is another one in Sidney...I think it is called The Shoe Place?

  13. Love your new shoes! I, too, love shoes and have been blessed to find two new-to-me brands that fit wonderfully and feel great on my arthritic feet. The first is Altra sneakers - unbelievably comfortable. The second are Olukai Pehuea Slip-On gray and are cute and comfy. Love finding new shoes!

    1. I am not familiar with either of those brands of shoes...but having a comfortable shoe is worth it...our feet need to be carefully tended...they are our common mode of transportation!

  14. I have been wearing bronze casual shoes as my pants tend to be natural coloured linen (sort of beige). Metallic shoes just seem to "lift" an outfit. Sidney is my goal this summer as the shops are great. Your hair will be cute in a wavy bob. Will you wear it chin-length? I just got mine cut shorter and I am wearing it very curly right now. I was glad to note that a summer blouse no longer gaped at the chest which is a good sign but I really need to watch my intake and exercise in the next few months. Oh, I just noticed that my bronze shoes are Joseph Seibel too. They are so comfortable that I wear them most days.Off today to organize more summer clothing.

    1. If you plan to make the pilgrimmage to Sidney I'd love to meet you for lunch or coffee....maybe even shop together if you are keen....I could always pick you up at the ferry...
      I am not sure how long I will grow my hair and will decide as it grows!
      Comfy shoes are so important....if I had sore feet I would never want to go far and would end up sitting too much!!!

    I have not been up to TOO MUCH LATELY.......SELF CARE basically.EXERCISE, ACUPUNCTURE,doctors..............
    ANOTHER LUNCHEON is on The HORIZON and I will be getting ready for that!

    1. The luncheons sound like such fun! Your guests must be delighted to be in your beautiful home and enchanting garden...Banksy in hid role as official greeter!
      Hope you are feeling better after the self care important as we age.