Saturday, February 24, 2018

Snippets from Quarter Deck Cottage

Our week at Quarter Deck Cottage has rolled around again and despite the snowy weather we decided that we would go...

We can look up from our books and (me with my knitting)
gaze out upon The Salish Sea between the flurries...

There was a weather warning which made us sit up and take notice but we were easily able to drive on the roads, visit the florist to grab our flowers and provision at the Driftwood Centre.

The snow is not as deep as we were led to believe by the forecast...
it's just a dusting here on Pender Island.

Easy Peasy dinner
Homemade Chicken wings and deli salads

I love to cook but at the cottage our life takes on a slower pace and a relaxed rhythm.
We indulge in our books, go for walks, watch the boat traffic... 
 I knit.

You can see the snow on the hills across The Salish Sea on Vancouver Island.

The ferries run regularly...

Plying the waters to and from 
Salt Spring

The tulips have opened up quite quickly in the warmth of the cottage.

The Lacy Batkus scarf...
this is a free pattern on Ravelry.
I used the Shoppel sock yarn from Germany.
Such cheerful colours!

This is the same yarn that I knit the socks out of...
the socks that turned out to be too big so I ripped them out!
I didn't want to waste such pretty wool.

Waste Not Want Not!

We are loathe to waste a sunny afternoon so we are going to head out for our walk.
I must close for now.

What are you up to this weekend?

Are you reading a great book?
Knitting a fabulous project?
Cooking up a storm?

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Went to our public library’s book store where they sell old books from their shelves. Most books are $3 and it is the best book store in town. May not have books that are hot off the press, but they have a fabulous selection of favorites. So I am reading right now.

    1. That’s my kind of sale! Books and bargains best friends!!!

  2. I think I have dreamed about your cottage since you have started posting about it. It is truly idyllic. I find myself wondering if the owners of the quarter times ever lease out that time. But mostly I am just so happy that you are enjoying it.

    1. They do rent out! Many owners buy them solely as investments and never use them personally! You can book online. I can assure you it is a little piece of paradise 💗

  3. It must be lovely and soothing to spend your weeks at Quarterdeck cottage. The views are always beautiful whatever the weather. I enjoy seeing your shells and other marine decor. The scarf is gorgeous, and that wool is definitely not to be wasted!

    1. Patricia your family would love it! The children would enjoy their time in the pools...only open in the Spring and summer but so much fun...winter visits are much quieter and we often find ourselves cocooning with our books. The views never get old. 👍

  4. Oh! Your new scarf is beautiful. It has been unusually cool down here too. For the first time that I can remember my first daffodils are not being fried by a hot spell. It's wonderful.

    1. I heard that California is having some cooler weather...a reader, Sandra mentioned that there was snow in Beverly Hills!

  5. So nice to spend some quiet time reading,knitting (beautiful colours indeed)and watching the sea. What are you reading?
    We are homebound:after the heavy snow falling,temperatures are falling and there is ice on pavements,although it is a wonderful sunny day. I did my shopping for groceries during the snow fall- in a shopping mall.
    I've started to read An American Marriage by Tayari Jones-it is a good book but I need something lighter and more fun right now, to cheer me up (a new Louise Penny or something similar would be just perfect but we have to wait till November)
    Enjoy your holidays

    1. I am reading The Trouble with Goats and Sheep...halfway through and its a page turner! This is a light read and I recommend careful on those icy streets. It is a sunny day here and looking forward to our walk and perhaps some beach combing.

  6. Such an idyllic spot. Your scarf looks great and looking forward to seeing it on you. Still knitting that blanket for my daughter, and about to start a new book.

    1. Oh I remember how long the bulky blanket took me to finish...I commend you for taking on another one! What is the name of the new book?

  7. Beautiful scarf! I love those candlesticks you have in the tray with the balls.

  8. What beautiful views! I remember being surprised at how large the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria was when we first rolled up - I had no idea!
    The scarf is lovely - those colours are amazing.
    The weather has finally turned almost Spring like here in Toronto (although we aren't putting away the boots or parkas just yet) and I finally seem to have recovered from this cold/flu bug so I was able to get out for a bit. Went to class on Saturday and out to lunch with friends. I was tired by the time I got home but managed. Sunday I went to church and then enjoyed a bit of a walk around downtown as the sun was shining and it actually felt almost warm! Just a quick stop at the shops for a few things and then home as I didn't want to overdo it. I have 3 new books from Amazon so I will report on them once I get fully back into reading - had no powers of concentration during my illness so watched the Olympics rather than read. It will be nice to get back to my books.
    It is a sunny Monday morning and above 0 so I am going to get out for another walk and then see if I can start to get some housework done this afternoon - things have been a bit neglected these past few weeks so it is time to start getting things back in order! Enjoy your week at the cottage.

    1. The new Vancouver Victoria ferries are really large...our Gulf Island ferries are quite small by comparison...soujnd slike your weather is mild and if you feel that Spring is in the air that will inject you with new energy! Trying not to overdue the walks after being laid up at home with the flu is a challenge...good to hear that you are felling much better. Suuny and 1 degree here this morning...we are about to head out for our walk.


  10. Hope you’re having a wonderful week Leslie....
    Looking forward to seeing you wearing your scarf ... such perfect colours to wear by the sea! Having problems posting so I’m trying as anonymous!