Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sunny daze...OOTD

We've been enjoying a sunny Saturday.

It started out quietly with the sun streaming in the windows.
I sat and leisurely sipped a mug of tea while I perused Sharon Santoni's newest book. I keep it on the coffee table in the Humble Bungalow living room so it's easy to pick up. If you haven't had an opportunity to browse through the book which features elegant homes and chateaus of Sharon's wonderful friends you might want to add it to your reading list.

We scurried off to Oak Bay Avenue for a coffee with our family...
our mission was shopping for Hunter boots for pink.(of course!)
Afterwards we went off to the park for some fun and games.

~ OOTD ~
Banana Republic skinny jeans
Cloudveil wool tee from Costco
Barbour vest
scarf in a Burberry style pattern
(Xmas gift from lovely daughter)

comfy leather loafers
new from Winners

I have never bought anything by Coach.
(My son and his lovely wife gave me a Coach silk scarf one Xmas)

They also gave me this J Crew Venus Flytrap necklace.

After our park play time we got into our gardening clothes...
that particular OOTD will not be seen on the blog!

We've been outside for hours prepping the site for our new greenhouse which is due sometime in the next week or so...very exciting to think that we will be able to extend our growing season and that we will be able to grow heirloom tomatoes!

I'm going to freshen up and rustle up some super quick (and easy) chicken burritos.

~ Chicken Burritos ~
Saute sliced onions, red and green pepper strips until soft, 
add 1 pound of ground or thinly sliced chicken to the pan and cook until soft and chicken is no longer pink.
Add a Tablespoon of chili powder and 2 teaspoons of cumin and stir
(Red chili flakes or a glug of Frank's Red Hot Sauce are optional)
stir in some regular ketchup, enough to make a sauce.

Grate some cheese, cube some tomatoes and shred some lettuce.
Arrange on a platter and the burritos are almost ready to assemble.

Heat burrito shells in microwave one at a time for about 60 seconds.
top with a small amount of the chicken mixture
garnish with veggies and top with cheese.
Roll up and eat!

Now how much easier could dinner be?
Quick and easy
clean up is a snap
~ then ~
it's time to hit the couch for some relaxation and Netflix .

Wishing you a Happy Weekend.


  1. My kind of day - except my three granddaughters live in France and I'm in NZ - I see them once a year and enjoy shopping for them too!
    Love your outfit especially the loafers - look so comfy!
    I read one of your older posts with the Jamie Oliver chicken, potatoes and tomato dish - a favourite in our house too!

    So pleased I found your blog again!
    Enjoy your Autumn as we battle the elements here with a most unusually cold and wet Spring - I can't even enjoy the garden!
    Shane x

    1. Your grandchildren must look forward to your visits! Do you Skype with them or use Facetime? MY friends that have grandchildren in other places find it's a great way to stay connected...we are very fortunate that ours are in town.
      I hope that your weather improves...

  2. Love Coach shoes, I have several pairs as they are so comfortable, can walk in them all day,
    Coach is expensive here in Australia. Our spring is very warm, lots of new growth on all of the camellias I planted in winter.

    1. They are comfy! I read many blogs from Australia and it sounds like a lot of things are expensive where you live. Coach is moderate to expensive here, depending on your budget.

  3. I had a lovely Saturday as well...first time babysitting our dear little Grandson!! Mummy got a well deserved time away for a mani & pedicure, I had him sitting across from the big bathroom mirror, and he started to giggle when I talked with him. He must think Oma is funny :) Such a fun time. Sounds like you had a fun time today with your Grandbabies, too. Did you find pink boots for Ilsa? What did you get for Hunter?

    1. I saw the picture of him on FB! He's adorable.
      Henry is our grandson..."Hunter" is the name of the boots that we bought for Isla.
      They both got "magic wands" they light up...we thought it wise to buy them both the same thing then there would be no problem sharing them!

  4. I I went with a friend to Abbotsford to see the Tenors. What a great show My daughter was lucky enough to find Coach loafers on sale. Your hair looks very pretty. do you have to do much with it? I'm more or less "wash and go" with mine but my curls are soft and easy to manage. I've been watching "How To Get Away with Murder" on Netflix. None of the characters are nice so I might skip Season 2. Bon Dimanche.

    1. Oh my hair is pretty low maintenance...I use Bumble and Bumble or Aveda products and I usually blow dry it but can leave it to air dry if I scrunch it as it dries to encourage the curls. I think your hair is much curlier than mine.

  5. Sounds like you're having a lovely weekend Hostess. I hope you found the pink Hunter boots for Isla. I really like your Coach loafers ...comfortable and stylish!

  6. I always enjoy your photography Hostess. I'm just starting to read The Little Paris Bookshop this afternoon.

    1. I hope you enjoy the book...the characters are really interesting and quirky.

  7. Just a recommendation based on someone saying that Coach shoes are very comfortable. The latest VERY comfortable shoe I've found is Gabor. I now own three pairs (one navy, one black and one gray and black) and I am very pleased.

    1. Thank you Susan...I'll have to look at that brand and see if they are available here in town.

  8. Love your blog. It is like an old friend you can visit everyday! Where I live I am surrounding by many outlet shopping centers within a 150 mile radius. Usually twice a year for a special shopping excursion. Coach, J Crew, Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer, Columbia, just to name a few.
    I have also recently retired from Government service and am enjoying my freedom after 45 years in the workforce.

    1. Congratulations on your retirement! You've earned this time off!
      The closest outlet malls are in Washington state which is a 2 hour ferry ride, a border wait and crossing followed by several hours of driving...I have not been to an outlet mall for many many years.

  9. Can't wait to see the greenhouse! So exciting! I want one, too! Especially this year as my Rosemary plants happened to grow in titanic proportion and I hate to lose them come winter!