Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Victoria Orchid Show Pictures of the more exotic specimens...

The Victoria Orchid Show and Sale was held earlier this month and I volunteered at the admissions table on the first day. It was super busy and after seeing the beautiful displays you'll know why so many people stopped by to admire these unique and unusual plants.

The pictures speak for themselves so have a wee gander...

There were many varieties of orchids on sale 
 many require specific conditions...
a controlled environment, heat, moisture, fans...
 a green house !

I opted to purchase a yellow Paphiopedilum, the one most commonly sold at the florist and many grocery stores.
Also known as the windowsill orchid.

Curiously orchids are one plant that my mischievous cats will not eat!

So they do not need to survive under the cloche! 
Two recent finds are these Ojibwa Tamarack ducks...
I planned on selling them in my case at Vanity Fair Antique Mall but they are so endearing I might just have to leave them here on the dining room table.

I am working on another in the Starring You series on accessories and should have it ready to post soon.
Hope you've had a great weekend and that you are energized for the week to come.


  1. The orchids are beautiful! I have had a few successes....and a few failures. I agree, you should keep the ducks they are adorable. I hope you are having a bit of springlike weather. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Gorgeous orchids. They are so exotic looking! I've never had an orchid plant indoors. Have a great week, L.

  3. The colours are so vivid! I like to have an orchid on my desk at home. The windowsill variety bloom for a long time. Enjoy the new week.

  4. The orchids are all so beautiful! That's good to know that cats don't seem to like them. We don't have a single plant in our house because of our cat Emily. Maybe I will give an orchid a try.

  5. They are amazing. Some of them look like sea creatures. My luck with orchids has only lasted one blooming but my girlfiend keeps them going for years!

  6. O...m...g... those orchids are astonishing! Thank you for the photos. I used to have one of those ducks in a larger size, as have so many Canadians.